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11-18-17 || Huevember Day 18

“TAAKO!” Lup skid to a halt, flames already licking her hands… she was ready to fight– even though she should run. She should get away…

“Shit, no–” Barry could see what was about to happen before it came to pass. He rushed forward, and before Lup could respond, he slapped a hand over her eyes. She didn’t need to see what was about to happen to Taako, to her brother.

Barry, Lup, and Lucretia based on @thelastkurta‘s NaNoRiMo prompt- a year cut short, linked in the above quote from the fic!

Listen maybe TMI here but does anyone else not necessarily get more emotional or upset when The Blood happens but they DO cry more easily?

Like shit that is Bothersome is on the same ranking of Bothersom Feeling that it would usually be except now it triggers completely unwarranted waterworks so i end up continiously cleaning my face and legit SIGHING at my cry-response like “ok brenda are we fucking done here because this really isnt as bad as youre making it and i got shit i gotta do???”

So I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter books for the first time in about 6/7 years, and it got me thinking about the “if you could prevent any of the deaths, which would you choose” question.

Usually, I pick Lupin or Tonks, so Teddy doesn’t have to grow up an orphan, but I’ve just finished book 4 again and I’ve changed my mind.

I would save Cedric.

Everyone else who dies (with the exception of Hedwig because she’s an owl) dies fighting Voldemort. They go down with a wand in their hand, facing their opponent. Cedric gets no such opportunity. He is killed, literally because he is “spare” - he doesn’t even know who he’s facing before he is murdered.

Cedric would have wanted to go down fighting. Standing alongside his father and his friends. Instead, he gets tossed aside as an inconvenience.

All the other deaths are tragic, sure, but at least they died with the opportunity to do some good with it. They were made martyrs, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Cedric gets no such honour.

Oh maaaan so for the first time in ages I had a dream that I think makes an awesome story idea with a little modification. I’ve been lying here trying to lodge the details in my head…and making it coherent…and turning it into an SPN AU. Here it is…

Ships: Cas/Benny, Dean/Cas/Benny, Cas/Dick Roman (extremely dubious consent!)

Warnings: ABO, dub con, fantasy AU, omega Cas, beta Dean, alpha Benny. Story itself would have more but those are the big ones for this outline.

While small kingdoms are suffered to exist, no one can pretend that Purgatory is the dominant force in the world. Eve, queen of Purgatory, has numerous alpha sons and daughters who vie for dominance and control in her kingdom. Once a year, she opens her doors to the eligible young omegas of the lesser kingdoms and allows them to try to court her alpha children. The suitors must be omegas and must be virginal. Invasive tests are used to confirm eligibility and violators are subject to summary execution. It’s not a fair system, not a happy one, but it’s what the lesser kingdoms must do. Sending a satisfactory mate to Purgatory protects them, and if their child can produce an alpha grand child for Eve, there’s even a chance for great influence. The grand courtship starts with a suitors ball, and then a week of planned activities supposedly as “get to know each other” but mostly so Eve’ s children can find their favorites and coerce them into marriage.

In an effort to ensure their continued existence, Heaven sends their young, just of age son Castiel to the suitors ball. He’s terrified, and has no interest in marriage, but what choice does he have? He’s as prepared as he can be, and he’s hoping he can make a good match. He knows nothing of Purgatory’s internal politics, nothing of their battles. His concern is all for protecting and furthering his own people.

To his surprise, he hits it off immediately with the guard who greets him and escort him. Purgatory is infamous for the cutthroat competition between people at all levels of the social milieu but the guard, Dean, is polite, courteous, and kindly tells Castiel what unpleasantness to expect when they part ways - the virginity tests, the display before the nobles, and finally the introduction to the alphas, all handled more like a slave market than a courtship between supposed equals. No one really thinks the royalty of other kingdoms are the equals of Eve’s family anyway. Deans alpha scent is soothing, and Castiel is sorry to see him go.

The examination before the leading nobles of the kingdom, and Eve herself, is as intimidating and humiliating as Castiel feared. Blood pools on the floor, those before him who proved unchaste, as he strips and allows all and sundry to examine him, touch him, question him, in the most invasive ways. They deliberately push him,test his calm - also part of the test, he realizes, an omega who grows upset isn’t suited to the royal family - and with Deans scent lingering in his nose, he keeps cool and passes. He is a virgin, his trained on proper behavior, is a suitable match for a royal of Purgatory.

Dean greets him after and walks him to his room. The beta smells unhappy, but he remains polite, friendly, kind. Castiel isn’t an idiot - Dean must have done terrible things to be a guard of rank in the palace, everyone in Purgatory has done terrible things to succeed - but at least Dean is personable and respectful. Idly, Castiel wonders if the beta is one of Eve’s children, born from her omega harem. Idly, Castiel wishes that Dean were an alpha, and part of the courtship. This isn’t a fairy tale - there’s no scent compatibility, no true mates - but Dean smells nice and treats him with respect and if Castiel has to marry someone there it might as well be…

But it’s not an option, and Castiel is left alone by Dean - who shoots him wistful looks as if the attraction is mutual - to prepare for the ball.

The ball is…overwhelming. Castiel is glad he’s got experience of royal functions or else he’d be lost. As it is, he drills names in his head and struggles to retain all the most important information. Most of the omegas cluster around Richard, Eve’s most favored son. He’s an alpha, older, powerful in every way. Within an hour of seeing him in action, Castiel is also convinced he’s cruel, capricious, selfish. He’s got several omega spouses already but his harem is yet small, he’ll need many more if he’s to be monarch, and the omega suitors flock in an effort to gain his favor.

Castiel doesn’t flock.

Castiel doesn’t want his favor.

Somehow, he gets it anyway. Richard follows him around, drags him into dances, pursues him, seems baffled and then angry that Castiel doesn’t reciprocate. He smells noxious to Castiel, though, and all Castiel wants is a quiet match, some safety for his kingdom, maybe someone he can be himself with for just an hour a day instead of having to pretend 24/7 that he believes in everything Purgatory stands for.

Roman finally backs off, thankfully, beguiled by more willing omegas - they started as virgins but many won’t be by the end of the night - and Castiel goes to meet others. The alpha children vary widely from quiet and introspective to brazen like Roman, but even the most apparently kind…well, alpha children who don’t compete for Eve’s dubious affections die, killed by their siblings or by others in the palace and beyond, so Castiel knows full well who he’s dealing with.

His biggest shock, though, is when, after only three dances, a bear of an alpha son named Benny asks Castiel to marry him.

Castiel requests the evening to think it over, but Benny - with a meaningful look towards Richard - suggests Castiel not delay too long. Subtle querying commences and Castiel learns that Benny is middle-of-the-road, not bottom of Eve’s favor but not top either. In their interactions he seems nice enough, and unobtrusive. Compared to the others Castiel has met…well, at least he likes Benny, and can tolerate his scent. With a wide range of shitty options…

…well, he’s better than Richard.

Castiel says yes.

They’re married that night, as are many other couples, settling before the formal courtship is concluded.

Dean escorts him to their marriage chamber, looking forlorn, and before the door tells him in hurried undertones that Benny is alright but Richard isn’t so easily deterred. It wouldnt be the first time Richard - whom Dean calls Dick - had a sibling killed to claim an omega he wanted, and that Castiel was now neck deep in local politics and would have to be careful. Benny is one of the good ones, and Castiel is his first and only spouse, but they’re in grave danger until Dick gets distracted by a new toy.

“I wish you were one of those I could wed,” Castiel blurts as they part ways.

“So do I,” Dean replies, his longing, forlorn expression impossible to misinterpret. But he turns and leaves.

Castiel loses his virginity to Benny that night.

And its alright. Benny is alright. Things will be alright, he supposes.

The next day, Castiel is neck deep in politics more complex than anything he’s ever imagined. And things are definitely not alright.

I don’t have it all thought through after that but…

- Dean, who continues assigned as Castiel’s personal guard, is head over heels for Castiel

- Castiel falls pretty hard for him as well

- but Castiel is also increasingly fond of his husband. Beneath an easy going attitude Benny is brilliant, tough, and at least attempts to do good in little ways. Castiel could have done much worse.

- Dick Roman is obsessed with Cas and wants him

- Dean, Castiel will learn, was once the most favored guard in the palace but he did…something (saved a baby that kind of thing) that pissed eve off which is why he’s now on babysitting duty. He is one of Eve’s children but is a beta so can’t participate in the competition for supremacy.

- Cas suspects Dean and Benny have “had a thing.” He also suspects that Benny solicited Castiels hand so quickly - which seemed out of character from the stolid, single alpha - because Dean suggested it. Though they’d barely met…Castiel doesn’t really get why.

- Roman realizes that Dean is a lot of why Benny keeps surviving Romans murder attempts so he plans an ambush for Dean while he and Cas are walking through the palace - he offers an alpha non-family member family status if he’ll kill Dean (a tall order, Deans the best warrior in the kingdom, and that’s saying something) and bring Castiel to Roman. Dean loses the fight, mostly because the asshole alpha keeps targeting Cas, recognizing that Cas is Deans weakness. Cas thinks Dean is dead and is dragged off to Romans quarters. (This is the end of my dream, when I woke up)

- Roman is nuts. Happily shares all his sadistic plans for Benny while promising Cas that Roman will be a kind, loving husband once Castiel concedes to be his. He’ll even spare Benny’ s life is Cas cooperates… extremely dubious consent smut happens.

- afterwards, while Roman sleeps off his debauchery, Cas escapes and returns to his and Benny’s quarters. There he’s surprised to find Benny arming for battle and a gravely injured Dean lying in their bed. Apparently, Dean dragged himself all the way across the palace to warn Benny what had happened but it took too long for Benny to try for an immediate rescue so instead he as gonna try stealth while everyone slept.

- Dean thinks Benny and Cas should flee immediately. They both refuse because if they leave Dean he’ll die. Cas suggests he could tolerate Roman until Dean heals enough to depart but Benny and Dean refuse to consider that a viable option. Ultimately they can only agree to stick together so they barricade the rooms and decide to linger even a could days so Dean can travel.

- next morning is a disaster and they have to leave immediately. Out the window. Dean nearly dies.

- long difficult journey fleeing with all the authorities of Purgatory after them and Dean unconscious.

- rescued by Sam, who has been leading a resistance against Eve’s reign.

- endgame is something like Cas killing Roman, Dean killing eve, and them all leaving Purgatory in chaos for nicer climes. And of course Dean/Cas/Benny. :)

…I love this idea and wish I had time to write all the things, sigh.

Okay, healthy tumblr I have a favor - my nieces, who are in the prime of teenhood, are practically vegan (they eat very little meat), lactose and gluten free, and are sick 90% of the time.

Sis and I have done some research and we think that it might be because they’re not getting the vitamins and proteins they need (14 & 16 years old, and they’re both competitive dancers), and as they are afraid of processed foods and pills (they dislike taking a paracetamol pill if they have a headache)…

Well, let’s just say I have no idea how we’re supposed to help them get what they actually need to grow up.

I don’t want them to not be vegan/lactose/gluten free anymore, I just want them to be healthy rather than sick all the time.

Do you guys have any tips, whether they be foods they should eat or Wise Things™ me and sis can tell them so they understand that processed foods are not their enemy or something similar? :(

I’ve been looking for a room to rent, and it’s pissing me off how many people stop responding once you mention your disability. I think it’s dishonest of me not to mention it, you know what I mean? I’m not going to “hide” it from someone. It’s a big part of my life that affects how I live in many ways, so I need it to be disclosed. 

Anyway, I just saw a room in my budget and sent a text to the person letting it. They were friendly, right up until I mentioned that I have a disability. I just got a response that said “it’s probably best you look somewhere else”. I couldn’t help but respond “wow”, to which they replied that it was clear “I had an attitude problem”. Actually, no... you’re an ableist piece of trash? You were nice as pie until that moment? And I mean, if you had other concerns (like perhaps they are loud tenants), you could have at least politely said that?

I have enough to afford this place. That is not an issue. I’m quiet, and tidy. But this added thing of having chronic illness makes it so damn hard for people to take you seriously? They just assume you must be a “burden”. And all of this - these terrible attitudes from people - it adds to that pressure to try and “fit in” and force yourself to act as “normal” as possible, just to be given the time of day. 

I can gaurentee if I hadn’t disclosed that information with this guy, that I would have at least been invited for an inspection, and likely gotten the place (seems pretty first come first serve), but I was written off immediately. So, back to the drawing board. 

It shouldn’t be so hard to find somewhere to live. 

guys      ——      can   i   ask   a   question   ?      a   serious   question .   and   i’d   really   value   proper   responses   from   anyone ,   including   people   who   blocked   me   over   precious   comments   on   the   whole   mybigfatcock   situation .      i’ve   seen   it   being   said   that   once   an   abuser ,   a   person   can   not   be   anything   else .   and   is   nothing   else .   i’ve   seen   it   said   that   there   is   no   redemption   for   mybigfatcock .      &   individually ,   that’s   up   to   each   person .   but   on   a   whole      ——      i’m  sorta’   wondering .      do   you   believe   that   ?      do   you   believe   that   what   this   person   has   done   is   so   horrific   it   takes   away   their   humanity   &   there   is   no   opportunity   for   change   and   /   or   genuine   apology   and   or   redemption   ?      

&   please   don’t   think   that   i   am   trying   to   guide   you .      i   want   genuine   feedback   &   i   shall   respect   each   &   every   person’s   thoughts .      &   if   you   don’t   feel   comfy   sharing   in   replies   feel   free   to   inbox   or   im   me .

The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 


IT (2017) dir. Andrés Muschietti

You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.

“Captain, the sail!”

Victor snapped around and swore when he saw it. The edge of the storm sail thrashed viciously, the line tethering it snapped. “Hold her steady!” The sky raged above, near black with the swirling of hurricane clouds.

Wood strained beneath his feet. Victor clutched onto the starboard railing as he staggered his way down the deck, keeping low as the ship lurched forward. The icy spray of the sea showered over him, stinging at his eyes and biting his skin.

As the ship dropped with crash of the wave beneath, Victor leapt across, seizing onto the rope whipping in the harsh storm winds. The muscles in his arms screamed as he fought the power of the elements, rope burning his palms as he heaved himself up, quickly rethreading the sail. A moment later and one of the deckhands slammed against his side, yelling as he grabbed at the rope to help secure it.

The swell of the waves rose over the height of their masts, but the wind caught the storm sail, sending them over before it crested.

All around them, the ocean stormed, rain cutting like daggers across his skin. Behind the helm, Victor could see Georgi attempting to keep the ship steady, driving them over the top of the waves. They climbed slow and dropped fast, at the mercy of the sea’s violent temper.

Victor heard the thunder before he could attempt to maneuver back to the wheel. The dark sky was void of the flash of lightening, but the thunder kept sounding, booming over the bow of the ship. It struck straight through his chest, the vibrations clamoring through his ribcage and Victor knew what it was before he saw them.


His warning was mute against roar of the storm, the thunder of their wings. The wind filling the sails went still, the ship’s momentum ceasing. A wave crashed against them the same moment that they descended, piercing through the black of the storm clouds. A murder of harpies, circling the ship like the swirl of the hurricane.

Their screeches flooded the ship, ear-splitting. Half-human, half-birds, and unlike the allure born by sirens, they were repulsive. Legs of a vulture, arms absent for wings. The stench of their feathers fouled the air, warning of the death they brought with them.

The first struck his shoulder and sent him reeling, falling fast to the deck. Victor rolled before it could grab him, its claws smashing into the wood beside his head. His pistol was drawn and fired into its chest without aim, harpy’s harsh shriek exploding with a spray of feathers and blood.

The second seized onto his arm, bared teeth flashing in his eyes in the moment before he ducked his head. The knife strapped on the inside of his boot was in his palm as its nails sunk into his flesh, the sea-soaked fabric of his clothing staining red. Victor yelled as he sliced through its claw, pitching forward to slam the creature against mast rigging, sword driven through its heart.

At the helm, he glimpsed Georgi firing on more, one arm attempting to keep the ship steady from the pounding of the waves. At the stern, a harpy hurled one of his crewmen off the side of the ship, body limp like a rag and lost to the sea. Victor shouted, the second pistol off his sash useless as the shot missed, hardly clipping a bloodied wing.

The harpy’s angry screech ripped at his ears, its force making him stumble. Another wave sent him off balance, tripping into the grip of the harpy swooping in.

Victor threw up his arms to protect himself, but he never collided with it. Right before his eyes, the harpy’s face twisted with a scream, spine arching as Yuuri tore the wings off its back. The siren’s eyes were as red as the splash of blood coating his claws, dripping as he tossed the harpy aside.

Yuuri’s wings were full and bold, spread grand in battle. His skin was stained near completely black, feathers bristling from his arms and legs.

Three more harpies fell to his hands as easily as if they had been gulls, others fleeing when they glimpsed the siren. Yuuri’s wings cut through the air, through the harpies still spiraling above the ship, before his voice pierced through the deafening roar of the storm.

Time itself seemed to stand still, the wind dead, waves calmed until the moment in which Yuuri’s cry disbursed. Fierce faces contoured, the harpies’ eyes settled on the siren as the thunderous beat of the wings bore down.

Yuuri spoke no command, spreading his wingspan over the center of the ship. The harpies scattered.

Then the sea slammed against the ship and Yuuri’s arm wrapped around Victor before he could be thrown into it, holding him tight to the siren’s side as he flew. Victor buried himself into Yuuri and the silk of feathers all around him.

Yuuri set Victor back behind the helm, wings encircling him in a brief embrace. Victor did not miss the brush of Yuuri’s hand through his hair, lips catching against the side of his face. The siren was gone again in the second that followed, leaving Victor to fight the fading of the storm with two words whispered sweet to his captain.

“Safe stay.”