Dante is like a Cat
  1. Dante is always hungry for the same food.
  2. Dante would sometimes do something stupid on purpose.
  3. Dante has no problem on pissing anybody off.
  4. Dante does the same thing as in #3 with Nero, Lady, Vergil and Trish.
  5. Dante can be all lovey dovey on anyone he comes in contact with.
  6. Dante once became lovey dovey with Lady. It really backfired him.
  7. Dante once did the same with Trish. That even backfired him.
  8. Dante can easily get pissed by you trying to piss him off.
  9. Dante likes strawberries.
  10. Dante is okay with people showing him respect in case he does the same thing back.
  11. Dante sleeps a lot.
  12. Dante is a light sleeper.
  13. Dante would pretend that he is sleeping.
  14. Dante is tired of life.