tagged by my buddy and sunshine @xliaxtasadako

1. What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2016? got my keyboard fixed. it got me so happy. i no longer have to use on-screen keyboard when i’m writing, because seriously, it was a damn nightmare.

2. What’s one fandom you’ve always kind of been curious about but never got around to joining? maybe dishonored.

3. What is your favorite character class when gaming (whatever kind of gaming you do, FPS, RPG, tabletop, etc.)? i always loved playing with sword-wielders, whatever class they are (warriors, rogues… etc), just as long as they use swords. idk, it’s just so fun, especially in the hack ‘n slash genre (the fun i used to have whenever i played dmc3 is obscene). 

4. Where’s a place you like to hang out? i want to hang out in a coffee shop… but i never had enough money to do it. aside from that, maybe gardens?

5. What piece of jewelry / clothing do you wear most often? bracelets and bangles. skirts and dresses. 

6. What’s a fanfic you really want to read but doesn’t exist? i want a multichapter fic with nothing but AVALANCHE shenanigans. detailing the slow build of their friendship, the awkward/hilarious situations they got in on their quests. what each of them would do in the gold saucer. how they feel about each member of their group. 

7. What artistic skill (the loosest definition of artistic skill ever - could be writing, could be dancing, could be coordinating a nice outfit, could be successfully swirling a soft-serve icecream cone, whatever) are you most proud of? maybe arranging musical tracks. like, i think of a theme and just bust out with humming an original track. sometimes i make additions to short soundtracks i liked and give them a spin. it’s kinda weird, and it’s something i do in private.

8. What is your favorite mode of transportation? cars, because they’re the most comfortable and private. you won’t be forced to ride along like +70 ppl like in a train or a plane.

9. What is your favorite kind of alcohol (if you don’t drink, keep in mind most perfumes and hand sanitizers would also count)? i don’t drink. but i love fruit-scented perfumes/products. 

10. If you could pick only one, non-social media website (counting youtube as a social media website) to survive the destruction of the internet, which website would you choose? Wikipedia. it deserves it.  

11. What question do you really want to answer?  I think people like to do these things partially because there’s something they’re really hoping to get asked so they won’t have to just talk about it without being prompted to.  Write the question you wanted to get asked here and then answer it. can’t think of something tbh.