Drew this on my little 3ds screen since my graphics tablet broke…
And I won’t be able to replace it soon it seems. 

We can’t afford the rent for our apartment, after dad passed away. State has denied me any help.
I guess I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday coming friday, at least on family side… friends are really the only thing keeping me afloat right now, thank you so much guys, if you read it.

So, I’m sorry for not posting as much art recently. A lot happened.
And I hope I will be getting some money soonish. If not… I guess art is coming to a halt for now.

Still, I hope you enjoy this little drabble of Vergil.

- Anni

'Get Your Black Ass Outta There' Rock Playlist

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

NAO - Fool to Love

Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Beyonce - Don’t Hurt Yourself

Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

Childish Gambino - Redbone

Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game

RUN-DMC - Walk This Way

Michael and Janet Jackson - Scream

Beyoncé - Sex On Fire

Glass Animals - Hazey

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Prince - This Could Be Us 

Feel free to add!