here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓


Heeeyyy what’s this, some cc from me? That’s right y’all. I’ve got a cute little sailor dress and hat for your toddler sims!

The dress is categorized as female, but obviously you can use it on male sims. The hat is categorized as male and female. The hat and the sailor collar are also NEW MESHES by me, which means they probably look meh so pls be nice to me. It also has all lods, categorized (for the most part), and thumbnails.

Big shout out to @lumialoversims for helping me bc im suddenly a noob who can’t figure out weights anymore!

download: sfs (1.3 mb zipped)


Paradise Pier Sunset 3_24_2017 by Dominick Tabon

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please show a scenario where the tsukinami bros go against shu and reiji in a brothers only team competition for their school festival. would reiji and shu show teamwork vs the tsukinami bros? and what kind if trashtalk will they do

[MTK: Eeeeh, I’m sorry, but I’m already doing my worst best with the roleplays, so I don’t think I can do scenarios… they’d take too much time…

I’ll tell you what could happen, though!

So… I think the Tsukinami’s themselves would challenge the Sakamaki older brothers, to show them how incapable they are compared with the First Bloods.

At first, Reiji-san wouldn’t really like to collaborate with Shuu-san (who’s just gonna complain at how boring and annoying this team competion is), but I do think they would work together later on…

… but, they would start fighting very soon, too. Like, talking about their flaws and insulting each other. A brotherly fight which the First Blood are gonna enjoy, and they’ll all forget the competion.]

sugarsakamaki replied to your post “Headcanon  vs Headcannon Please. There is a huge difference. ��”

Im guilty of this to the point I don’t even know which one is correct anymore. OTL

When I see someone say “My headcannon is __” It just makes me want to pull them aside and ask them where on earth did they get to build a cannon for heads. 

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Hello! I was wondering wcif the suspenders and shirt that Alex is wearing in the most recent pics of her? SHE LOOKS SO CUTE

ty! the mesh is this one but sadly it doesn’t work for feminine framed sims… I somehow managed to do that by messing in s4s though so you might be able to do so too haha