• Hamilton:I can't wait to meet Mr. Jefferson
  • Madison:word of warning, he's a bit of a Francophile. And prefers the title Monsieur Jefferson
  • Hamilton:ce qu'il veut
  • Madison:don't speak French around him. He doesn't understand the language and I don't want to embarrass him
Let’s Talk Shit About QT

Django Unchained was pretty disturbing on many levels, but this is what irritates me the most.

No female house slave in antebellum America dressed like this. Period.

And assuming we’ve all watched Kill Bill and puked the shit out of our stomachs, it should be clear that Tarantino’s pathetic sex fantasy includes wide range of skin tones, not just black.

Japanese high school assassin is supposed to get you turned on?

Quentin Tarantino: “Well she’s half Chinese and half Japanese, so we should narrate her story in anime style!”

So if the house slave’s costume in Django Unchained is historically inaccurate, where lies the source of his inspiration?

This, right here.

And I’m tired of calling it politically incorrect. Because assholes don’t mind being incorrect.

I’d rather call him lame and pathetic.This is what a seventeen year old virgin boy would look at while jerking off. Seriously. This isn’t even perverted. Perverted is cool.It means you have creative sex fantasies. But this has nothing to do with creativity. It’s a sex fantasy at its most unoriginal state.

See a guy being insecure about his manhood enough to let it out on a helpless house slave in pseudo-Victorian Japanese maids costume, you can’t even come up with a rational argument to dismantle his ego. Because his ego has already been broken into pieces.