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Hey! I'm a new Chris Evans fan. And I often come up to some phrases like "left boob", "meatball", "language" what's the meanning of those and what key things I need to know about him as a fan that i can't easily find on wiki or some source like that.


so the left boob thing, he always grabs his left boob when he laughs. “the left boob grab” i was going to post gifs but someone made a compilation video of his left boob grabs.

Meatbeall comes from when he called himself a fucking meatball in this interview

Language” comes from a line in The Avengers Age of Ultron 

some other things…

Chris has an adorable dog named Dodger who he adopted while he was on set filming the movie Gifted

he is obsessed with the patriots…

and also space/nasa

and all things disney

he likes his beard

he is passionate and active about politics 

and supporting Christopher’s Haven which offers apartments for families of children with cancer 

he did a series of videos called “Getting Inside Chris Evans’ Head” where he spoke openly about anxiety 

he’s just pretty great


bold - 200+ notes
bold** - 500+ notes

ashton’s journal entry
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little girl’s first concert (dad!5sos)**
he goes running by your house
scared of thunder (dad!5sos)
haunted house (spooky!5sos)    -   (part two)
you talk about life on a rooftop
new place (werewolf!calum) - fall series day 3
“can i pet your dog?” - fall series day 7

he complains about the heat
dad takes a nap with his bub (dad!5sos)
nail polish (dad!5sos)
from flower crowns to weddings**
you okay?     (part two)
he tries to cheer you up with disney

he comes home and you’re crying    (part two)
road trips
it’s the great pumpkin, luke hemmings - fall series day 2
pumpkin spice latte - fall series day 6

no tears (dad!5sos)
he takes you trick or treating
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ashton traces calum’s tattoos

the coffee shop chalkboard and adventures in flirting (sterek) - fall series day 9
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Stop waiting for that ‘perfect’ boy. He’s not out there. There’s no such thing as fairy tales. Your life isn’t an 80’s movie. If you push that boy away, he;s gonna come back and comfort you. He’s gonna leave. Life isn’t like a movie. Stop expecting it to be. But there is such a thing as love. So find it, just with your hopes not as high.