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i see a lot of fatal sprites so i decided to make my own. the fatal_error sprites to end all fatal_error sprites. i’ll be taking my trophy & probable dishonor now.

love your ideas!

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callout post: @me
  • spends hours every day worrying about Emily Kaldwin’s girlfriend
  • worries about what the whalers did after Daud retired and Thomas disbanded the gang
  • googles “dishonored 2″ every five minutes
  • lies awake at night hoping Samuel died peacefully, surrounded by friends
  • hopes Emily’s head scarf is bulletproof
  • wonders where the Outsider got that new jacket
  • pretends the whales are alright
  • wishes for Corvo to have nap time in his busy schedule


We are now at the finish line of Low Chaos Week 2016!! Make sure to tag your contributions as #low chaos week 2016 somewhere in the first five tags so it can be reblogged!

Low Chaos Week is here! Once again, great job with 2016′s High Chaos Week! If you were here for last year’s High Chaos Week, you know that it is followed with Low Chaos Week (July 24th-30th)!  The purpose of this event is to create and share fanfics, fanmixes, artwork, meta, etc. that focuses around the Low Chaos theme. This is also a great way to share the works from fellow fans and meet fellow fans! Check out Low Chaos Week 2015′s tag, for last year’s contributions!

The theme is Low Chaos! This can be from characters under the influence of Low Chaos, Low Chaos environments, Low Chaos ending, etc. It must have some sort of element/influence/aspect that revolves around the Low Chaos theme.Low Chaos can be finding Emily’s doll, Mrs. Pilsen. Low Chaos can be sparing Billie and looking over her notes on places to retire to. Low Chaos can, also, be handing Lady Boyle over to a stranger in a mask. It can be giving the Heretic’s Brand and watching the ex-High Overseer end as a Weeper. It’s the Pendleton twins being shaved, tongues cut and working in their own mines. Low Chaos takes on different forms and it doesn’t always mean a happy ending.


Dishonored 2 poll results

The results are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Dishonored 2 poll, “Who are you going to play through Dishonored
2 first as - Emily or Corvo?” =)

I have a confession to make. I HAVE DECEIVED YOU ALL - THERE IS AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE FOR THIS POLL. Which is that I couldn’t
fully decide which one of Emily or Corvo I wanted to play as, so I decided to conduct this poll to help me decide. (I will probably play as Corvo first, but there are justifications for either - see the next post!)

There were 244 responses in total which is just more than 10% (of 2,339) of all of you, which I’m quite happy with. 191 people indicated they would TAKE BACK WHAT’S YOURS as Emily first, while 53 people chose Corvo as REVENGE SOLVES EVERYTHING.

The first graph shows the total results. I made it into a pie graph, cos who doesn’t like pie? And also because the new mana and health bars in Dishonored 2 are circular (or more precisely crescent shaped) - at least for Emily anyway.

Figure 1: Total poll results.

The second graph shows approximately the results as a function of time. What I’ve done here is sorted responses chronologically and then into groups of ten, to get 24 ‘bars’ or divisions. (”But 25 x 10 = 250!!! not 244!” I hear you say. Yes, you’re completely right, and that’s because I skipped six votes around the middle intentionally, to make counting easier.)

Figure 2: Cumulative poll results.

I’m putting the written responses in a separate post so as to avoid having one really long post. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed, and do let me know what you think of this poll =)

in·car·nate | FatHobbitlover | Dishonored
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/6

Relationships: Corvo Attano/The Outsider

Characters: Corvo Attano, The Outsider, Emily Kaldwin, Callista Curnow, Granny Rags | Vera Moray, Geoff Curnow

Additional Tags: Temporarily Unrequited Love, Mutual Pining, First Time, Miscommunication, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, Low Chaos, Slow Burn

Summary: How many times will you find yourself chasing after him? How many times will he leave you, how many times will you be too late to beg him to stay?

Didn’t you swear you would never try to cage him?

He is not of this world, Corvo.

Did you forget?

i thought i’d stick it up here as well. it feels strange to have it finished…thanks to everyone who’s stayed with me for this x 

St. Peter Chrysologous on God’s love for you

“Why then, man, are you so worthless in your own eyes and yet so precious to God? Why render yourself such dishonor when you are honored by him? Why do you ask how you were created and do not seek to know why you were made? Was not this entire visible universe made for your dwelling? It was for you that the light dispelled the overshadowing gloom; for your sake was the night regulated and the day measured, and for you were the heavens embellished with the varying brilliance of the sun, the moon and the stars. The earth was adorned with flowers, groves and fruit; and the constant marvellous variety of lovely living things was created in the air, the fields, and the seas for you, lest sad solitude destroy the joy of God’s new creation. And the Creator still works to devise things that can add to your glory. He has made you in his image that you might in your person make the invisible Creator present on earth; he has made you his legate, so that the vast empire of the world might have the Lord’s representative. Then in his mercy God assumed what he made in you; he wanted now to be truly manifest in man, just as he had wished to be revealed in man as in an image. Now he would be in reality what he had submitted to be in symbol." 

From the office of readings for the saint day of Saint Peter Chrysologus, bishop and doctor of the Church (Sermo 148: PL 52, 596-598) 

For when you feel worthless, or even suicidal–think of all God does because he loves you! 

“Emily or Corvo first?” poll responses

Replies and reblogs are indented; my reactions are directly under each reply. I have grouped together a few replies which were similar but otherwise these are in chronological order. Thanks to everyone who wrote something!

I didn’t even know you could play as one or the other. Def gonna play as Corvo first.

I’m glad that this blog could be helpful! Imagine if Arkane had decided
players would only be able to play Corvo after completing the game once as Emily. You could call it “Nostalgia” or “Dunwall 1830’s” or “Old Man Corvo” mode.

emily cause NEW POWERS like dunno that looks badass

ABSOLUTELY! The new powers are the MOST exciting thing about the new game =)

Corvo because of Steven Russell’s awesome voice.

Next thing you know Corvo will go around doing Batman impressions all night =P

Definitely playing Emily first. She has all new powers that I can’t wait to try out and seeing as she was Delilah’s target in the original Dishonored’s DLCs it’ll be great to get some personal payback as well as see how she has developed as a character in the 14 years that have passed.

Emily Kaldwin wants YOU for Dishonored 2!

Corvo Because I have to see my favorite sad mad assassin dad again.
He’s been my friend for years and once you cosplay someone you can’t not pick them first.

“Sad mad assassin dad” is my new favourite phrase =P

I want to go with Corvo because I know his powers, but if he or Emily dies/gets captured at the start I want to be Emily because of Reasons.

This is what I feel as well. I’m at best a very average Dishonored player and I reckon I want to play Corvo first as I’ll know his abilities better and I’ll first try out the ‘power trees’ while I pay through the storyline for the first time.
Then I’ll play a second time as Emily, so that I’m more familiar with the levels, environments and enemies, and it will only be Emily’s powers which are a surprise.

I’m still choosing Oldman Corvo because he began to fascinate me (no, I’m not the Outsider) since I first saw that in game scene with him and Emily walking through the throne room. I think I’ve said it before, but this one little conversation gave him so much depth, even compared to the first game (where we had to look harder to find bits and pieces of him).
I cannot wait to see how they develop this character further. At first I feared that the developers might choose a direction that won’t appeal to me, but now I believe they know what they’re doing and trust them to make our favourite Dadassin (dad+assassin) even more awesome.

I totally agree!

I will definitely start with Corvo even though I’m quite curious about Emily,
and I’m excited to see her kick-ass.

Who doesn’t love watching their daughter all grown up and stabby =)

First with Emily because of an all new expeirence, then with Corvo because of even stronger nostalgia

There’s a really strong appeal to playing Emily first. The developers have given her an almost entirely different power set, with boldly-named powers and a different feel, and that’s a great thing to have in such a sequel as Dishonored 2.

Corvo, cause I’m planning on doing a play through of the first one just before to remind myself of stuff as it’s been ages and I want to keep on the Corvo train after that, but I’ll do Emily straight after, and then Corvo again to do the other chaos rating, and then Emily again, and then Corvo again to do the overseer/gang choice I didn’t make, and then…

^^ Right here, this is gonna be the plan, this is how it’s going down.



E-MI-LY! E-MI-LY! You can face our e-ne-mies! Is she shadow, is she death, she’s the legit Em-per-ess! Goooooooooo EMILY!!!!!

Corvo, absolutely. even though Emily’s perspective on the current world would be far more interesting and I’d love to see where that little girl has arrived in all these years, he’s the original angry dad. I just can’t start angry dad sim 2 without him. and look at that beard! that means ‘I’m too old for this kind of sh*t’. It’s gonna be amazing!!!

Everybody loves the beard! We here at the Retired Whalers Association have been saying that for years! Daud doesn’t get it. =(

I really want to play as Corvo first but I think I’ll pick Emily. Not for a new experience but because I want to hopefully learn more about her and her experiences instead of being a spectator from Corvo’s POV

Gonna play Emily first- always loved her in the first and wanted to see more of her- now i can!

More Emily is always good! We recommend 1-2 hours of Emily daily for a healthy and balanced diet.

Probably going to pick Corvo because I want to see how much he’s changed in skill. And because he finally talks - ought to be interesting =)

I gotta say, I’m really glad that the developers decided to experiment with the depth, extent and content of voice work with Daud in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. From what they’ve been saying, they reckon they’ve found a good balance between hinting at possible mission paths by having Corvo or Emily comment on the situation, and letting the player discover things on their own.

Emily for me. [SPOILER MAYBE IDK I’M BEING SAFE] From what I saw from the E3 presentation I think the game is *nudging* players to pick her by starting the game from her perspective. And I’m just a sucker for doing what I’m told. Apart from playing as a kickass Empress I also wanna see Corvo’s face in the game :)

I’d play Emily first because it feels like it’d be the “canon” choice

Absolutely! Dishonored 2 is Emily’s story, and although you can play as Corvo,
it’s Emily who’s been nudged off her throne by Delilah, and Emily is the one who should be reclaiming her place as Empress.

Emily first bc I want to see the game first from a new perspective, then my second run is gonna be Corvo bc I want his older worldview and the view of Serkonos from a native of Serkonos

I’m hoping part of the game will go through some canals, secret passageways and old abandoned sewers in Karnaca. Imagine old Sokolov quietly steering his little boat with Corvo in the stern. Sokolov’s not saying much as he’s concentrating on navigating, but Corvo’s saying “I remember this place! I got beat up in that alley… and that parking lot…  and behind that diner.”

I’m going to start with Corvo first

I think corvo first

The mental image I have is of a gamer, dressed in a Hatter top hat, Piero’s glasses, one of Sokolov’s monocles, purple plaid trousers and a Dead Eels vest worn over one of Corvo’s “vests”, sitting at a long polished mahogany table filled with rolls of Serkonan sausages, freshly baked apricot tartlets, platters piled high with jellied eels, bowls of apples and pears, and two or three bottles each of Gristol cider, King Street Brandy and Tyvian wine. This bounty of Dishonored vittles dominates the table, but the gamer has a laptop and is paused on the Dishonored 2 character selection screen (Corvo and Emily back to back as seen in the E3 walk through). “Yes….” says the gamer. “I think some Corvo first, that will do quite nicely…”

maramahan  asked:

I'd like to thank you. It's hard to articulate exactly what for, but it needs to be said: your posts make me happy. When you post about writing, it makes me want to write. When you post about Discworld, it illuminates everything I love about those books. When you post about Dishonored... I went and bought the game and fell in love. (I just finished my first playthrough, and oh my gosh.) I guess what I'm trying to say... For me, your posts awaken that feeling of iridescence. So... Thank you.

I’m particularly fragile from pain at the moment, but the tears in my eyes right now are so happy. Thank you for saying such an incredibly wonderful and heartfelt thing, you’ve no idea how happy and touched I am, happy, touched and unbelievably humbled.

Also sorry-not-sorry about Dishonored. Prepare to lose your heart and soul as I get hyped for the second game and plunge headlong into absolute emotional chaos haha <3