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I'd seen Cillian Murphy in a few movies but when I watched Peaky Blinders I totally fell in love with his skill as an actor. I searched out movies he's done and found he's made some eclectic choices in his movie roles. I know he's 40, married, and has 2 sons. From his comments about Harry it seems like he's a lovely gentle soul. Can you tell me anything I should know about Cillian's personality? What were his most important movie roles that shaped his career as an actor?

Oh I could talk about Cillian forever but I’m on mobile and can’t type properly on this damn phone!!!

As you already know, he’s an incredible actor. Not just on screen but on stage too. I’ve been lucky enough to see him on stage a couple of times and he is extraordinary. I mean that sincerely. Search out some reviews of his theatre work and you will read such ecstatically rapturous reviews that it’ll make my stanning of him (15 years and counting) pale in comparison.

Cillian grew up in Co Cork in Ireland and when he was still a teenager he was in an indie band with his younger brother. They got offered a record deal with a major label but his parents made them turn it down cos his brother was still at school; and by then he was already getting hooked on theatre.

He starred in a production of a new Irish play called Disco Pigs which did really well and he toured with that internationally and got amazing reviews. It’s a dark twisted headfuck of a play and when it was adapted into a feature film Cillian reprised his role. He’d been in a few shorts and a few small parts in Irish films til then but Disco Pigs made critics sit up. I’d definitely recommend you see it - not an easy watch but really unique and he’s amazing in it (check out his super strong Cork accent too, tricky for non-Irish listeners!).

His big break came with the Danny Boyle zombie movie 28 Days Later. That was a huge critical and cult hit and Cillian had the lead. Definitely watch this too. This was his big international break and he’s so damn good in it. He still did loads of Irish work which is why he’s considered a legend in Ireland. Although he and his gf (now wife) moved to London for work he never lost his roots or became Hollywood-ised. He moved back home last year. Intermission is a good Irish indie film from this era.

He started getting support roles in big international films and then Chris Nolan came along and suddenly Mr Indie Darling Cillian Murphy was appearing on Batman movies (the Dark Knight trilogy)!! Obviously he was brilliant cos he’s a goddamn genius (obsessed? Moi?) but he didn’t really lead a Hollywood film until Red Eye which is worth a watch. He’s really creepy and evil in it.

He still did indie Irish films and I’d recommend Breakfast On Pluto, because as Kitten he will break your heart into tiny pieces. There’s a scene in a hallway near the end of the film…just watch it, look out for that scene and you’ll see this man can break your heart with a look :( I’ve never been able to watch it since. I didn’t think the film was perfect (it’s based on a book that I’d read before the film and loved so I think I was biased) but Cillian is incredible. I wish I wasn’t on mobile so I could add an image…but here’s Cillian as you may not have expected to see him…


His next film was probably my favourite - The Wind That Shakes The Barley, the Palme d'Or winning Irish Civil War film by the mighty Ken Loach. Honestly one of my favourite films ever and excellent if you like historical, political films

He did the Danny Boyle space epic Sunshine after that. I went to a special preview screening and he did a Q&A with the director and Dr Brian Cox (yep the physics guy from UK telly, Brit followers). I liked it - Cillian is excellent and it looks incredibly beautiful, but it didn’t stick with me like some of his other films.

He was still doing theatre and has done two more plays by Enda Walsh, the Irish writer of Disco Pigs; Misterman and, last year, Ballyturk. Really challenging physical roles. It’s funny because he’s a really small man - very thin, quite short and boylike- and still seems immense on stage. You literally can’t take your eyes off him.

….holy crap did I start off saying I couldn’t type about Cillian forever cos I’m on mobile?? Ok I’ll wrap this up….from his films since then I’d really recommend Chris Nolan’s Inception and the 2012 indie film Broken which was a small film that also broke my heart, it’s absolutely beautiful and everyone should see it. And of course Peaky Blinders which has opened up a whole new audience.

Another thing to know about Cillian is he’s obsessed with music. He’s a total fanboy, he’s got amazing taste, he DJ’s, he’s done loads of playlists for radio and he’s interviewed bands for music mags (he & one of my fave Canadian bands Broken Social Scene had a mutual love-in going for years). He did a great dj session on BBC recently inspired by the soundtrack of Peaky Blinders, I’ll post when I go back home tomorrow.

And also, from all accounts, he is a lovely, down to earth, humble man. I’ve never met him other than to say a brief hello, but I know loads of people who’ve worked with him and people outside the industry who were friends with him long before he became The Cillian Murphy. He’s extremely private, stays away from publicity outside his work and is still with the same woman he’s been with since his mid 20s [edit: since their teens, actually! They met at college].

So now that I’ve embarrassed myself with my fangirling I will finish while I still have some dignity left…! :)


Cillian Murphy’s filmography Pt ¼, 1998-2003

“In terms of looking back, nostalgia is death, man,” says Cillian. But with his birthday coming up, we thought it would be fun to look back at his on-screen roles. It took 40 gifs that we’ll post over the next week or so — 3 sets for feature films & TV and 1 for shorts & music videos.

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