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Can you do a reaction for Dino, Jun, Jimin, and Yugyeom when their significant other asks them to wear panties?

YAAAAASSSS okay I don’t know if you know this - but I’ve probably mentioned it 10,000 times before on this blog - I love me a good pantyboy so this is gonna be a fun one 

Dino/Chan (Seventeen): he isn’t really versed in the world of kinks, so at first he doesn’t at all understand why you want him to wear panties. Maybe it’s a joke? Maybe the hyungs put you up to it as a dare? But when the situation is fully explained to him (with him being beet red, embarrassed for not understanding and because of the sexual context that’s now coming to light) he will say he’s willing to try it, even if he’s a little nervous and uncomfortable because he’s never done anything like this before. But he trusts you, with his life, and he can’t deny the stirring in his stomach at your words of praise, how ‘pretty’ he’ll look in them and how good it will feel. 

Jun (Seventeen): he would probably scoff about it at first. He is an insufferable top, and thinks if anybody here is wearing the pretty panties, it’s you. But after a little bit of pouting and eyelash batting, maybe some well-placed aegyo, he might agree to try it. It would have to be something ‘cool’, like black lace, perfectly suited and too small to fit his huge cock. 

Jimin (BTS): he would be so into it. Deep down he’s always had the desire to be a cute sub, your perfect little boy, and when you mention panties it makes his stomach flip. He would tread carefully in conversation, but when he knows for sure this is what you want - then he will pick a lovely pink frilly pair with a little bow, and maybe even a pair of knee socks to match, and model them proudly with his best chubby-cheeked smile on his face. (And collars and princess plugs and sparkling vibrators wouldn’t be long to cum.)

Yugyeom (Got7): he would be hesitant as well. In the back of his mind somewhere, he might consider that cross-dressing could be sexual, but he’d never think that would be something you’re into. But with the lustful sparkle in your eyes and the way your hand is gently petting his thigh, he would admit he doesn’t hate the idea. It would just take all your caring and guidance for him not to feel insecure when you see him hard and leaking over the silky material for the first time. 

(I love pantyboys so much I’m droooooling)

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A Cafe Crush

Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1,617

Genre: Fluff

“Hyung! Just let me work here!” Chan begged, as he followed Seungcheol around the cafe. 

Seungcheol impatiently sighed. “For the last time, your mom told me that she wants you to focus on school instead of working.”

Chan looked defeated as ever, a pout forming on his pink lips. 

“Chan, don’t be so sad. Why do you even want to work anyway?” Seungcheol placed a hand on the younger boy’s shoulder. 

Chan diverted his gaze to you, he dramatically exhaled as he saw you work the cash register. Seeing you was like breathing fresh air, like he just whiffed a field of flowers, like he was looking right into the sun. 

Seungcheol’s face immediately morphed into a wolfish expression as he saw what little Chan meant to convey with his loving gaze. 

Seungcheol nodded his head in acknowledgement. “Ahh… So it’s about a special someone, eh?”

Chan resembled a lost puppy that just wanted to find his way home. He nodded solemnly. Slowly, Chan turned to look at Seungcheol.

“My mom doesn’t have to know about this.” Chan said causing Seungcheol to exhale a defeated breath. 

Seungcheol looked understandingly at Chan. With one regretful breath, Seungcheol answered. “No.”

Chan threw his hands up in despair, whining like a 5 year old. “AhHH, whyyy?”

“Because I don’t want you to disrupt Y/N working, and I don’t want Y/N to accidentally be the causation of why you might flunk in school.”

Chan huffed out a long exasperated sigh. “Fine.”

“You don’t have to work here to be closer to Y/N. Just go up there and talk to them.” Seungcheol nudged his head towards.

Chan hyped himself up as if he was getting ready for a boxing match. “You’re right.”

He confidently strode over to the front counter, his mouth was open and ready to speak yet he froze. 

Your pretty sparkling eyes gazing back at his made him completely stunned. Chan felt like a snail stuck in a wad of gum, utterly struggling in an awkward but magical situation.

“Can I get you something?” You asked him with a helpful smile.

Chan, quick, think of something he whispered to himself. “Yeah, your number.” 

Once he had realized what he had said, he immediately regretted it. Stupid, stupid, he silently muttered. Chan still had some nerve in himself to meet your eyes, awaiting some sort of response. 

To his surprise and relief, you broke out into a soft laughter. Chan nervously chuckled along with you.

“Very funny. I see you here a lot, do you know the staff?” You curiously inquired, trying to make conversation.

Chan rubbed the nape of his neck. “Yeah. I do, I guess you can say that I’m friends with them. We’re pretty close. My name is Chan by the way.”

“Ahh, I see. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.”  

“Well, actually, I wanted Seungcheol to give me a job here.” Chan further explained.

“Oh, we do need someone to handle the cash register since it gets a little hectic sometimes. I’m sure he’d give you a job.” You warmly smiled at him.

Chan melted at how kind you were being to him, his expression was soft as if he was daydreaming. 

“I can talk to him if you want.” You offered causing his face to light up in excitement. He nodded his head enthusiastically. 

“I’ll be right back.” You smiled at him before finding your boss. Normally, you wouldn’t leave your shift but it wasn’t a busy day, and it was for a good cause plus he was really cute. 

You found your boss outside, trying to hand out flyers to people passing by for tonight’s Music Monday. When he questioned what you were doing, you explained Chan’s situation to your manager. 

“Chan had already asked me, and I told him no. But you did make some good points about needing another person to work the cash register. I’ll talk to him later.” Seungcheol replied. 

With that, you walked back inside to tell Chan the good news. After you informed him on what Seungcheol said, Chan walked back to his table that he had occupied with his books and backpack but not before thanking you. You returned to your spot behind the counter. Little did you know, Chan was stealing glances at you.

Soon enough Seungcheol walked into the cafe, and headed towards Chan’s table. The two chatted for a bit, the conversation ended with a handshake and Seungcheol pointing at you.

Chan quickly packed up his things into his backpack, and happily walked over to you once again. 

“How did it go?” You asked. 

“Great!” Chan grinned. “He’s letting me start today, and he said to ask you to show me the ropes?” 

Ah, that was just what you had wanted to hear, it gave you a chance to talk to Chan a bit more. “Happy to do so, come around here and I’ll get you started.” 

Chan was told to put his backpack in the break room which he did. When you saw him return you held out an apron for him. Although hesitantly, Chan accepted the cloth and wore it. 

As you were teaching him the basics of the cash register, and the simple formula to remembering the prices of the drinks, Chan kept his eyes on your face. He smiled as he realized how close you were to him.

“Got it?” You looked up at him, not expecting to meet his eyes so abruptly. 

“Huh? Yeah, I got it.” Chan grinned a bit nervously. 

“I’ll handle making the drinks. You think you can handle being cashier for today?” 

Chan seemed a bit unsure of himself by the expression he had on his face. 

To encourage him you said, “I know you can do it, you seem like a smart guy. And if anything happens, I’ll tell Seungcheol that it was my fault okay?” 

Y/N thinks I’m smart. Chan couldn’t help feeling giddy at the small compliment, and he didn’t notice that you noticed his cheeks growing red. 

How cute, you thought.

Chan shyly nodded at your question. “Okay.”

“Look there’s our first customer!” You said in an excited yet hushed voice.

An elderly lady slowly walked up to the counter. She ordered her drink, to which you immediately started making. Chan calmly took her money, and gave her the appropriate change. 

Since it was a simple drink, you got done with making it fairly quickly. You handed it to the elder. 

“Thank you, dear.” The elderly lady said, taking a sip of her cappuccino. She was about to get ready to leave to find a seat but stopped to say, “You two make a fine couple.” 

Before you could open your mouth to protest, Chan had beat you to it.

“Thank you, Ma’am. My girlfriend here makes up all of the beauty and the brains in our relationship.” Chan charismatically stated with a tint of blush on his cheeks. 

The lady giggled and went on her way. 

You looked at him with questioning eyes, to which his eyes were crescent shaped from his nervous yet endearing grinning. 

“Coming through,” A voice you recognized to be Mingyu’s as he’s carrying a tray of cheesecake to stock in the glass display. 

“Oh you work here now, Chan?” Mingyu asked as he realized Chan was wearing the apron.


“Hm, don’t tell me you wanted to work here because of Y/N.” Mingyu teased, putting in the last cheesecake on the tray. 

You coughed awkwardly, your cheeks were starting to heat up but you couldn’t resist the smile that was forming on your lips. 

“Chan, you don’t have to look so nervous. I was just kidding,” Mingyu ruffled Chan’s hair. “…Unless. That was really the case?” 

Chan swatted away Mingyu’s hand. He tried to mask his whining tone yet it still seeped through. “No, hyung.” 

Mingyu gave Chan the side eye, wiggling his eyebrows before walking back to the kitchen.

Chan now refused to look at you in the eye, embarrassment had enveloped the young boy like a bear hug. 

“You’re a really bad liar.” You accused him with your arms crossed. 

“W-what?” No, he couldn’t look at you. You were too cute in that dumb apron. 

“About what Mingyu said, you’re a really bad liar.” You giggled slightly at his dumbfounded appearance. 

Chan sighed, his cover has been blown. “I may or may have not been asking Seungcheol to let me work here because of you.”

“Why?” You amusedly questioned. Clearly, you were enjoying this more than he was. 

Chan rubbed his nape, looking at the ceiling and then to the floor and back to the ceiling subsequently finally at you. “You’re just really cute, and I love your smile and you’re so sweet when you talk to customers. I just wanted to get to know you more, I guess.” 

You acknowledged his answer, now you were full out beaming at his confession. 

“Me too.” 

“Me too?” Chan asked.

“I’ve noticed you too. When you would come to the cafe and not order anything. You always studied which I thought was cute of you, you know being so studious and all. I just really hoped you would order something, so I could have the chance to talk to you.” You bit your lip to stop your smiling from getting any wider but you were happy you got to tell him how you felt. 

“I’m really glad you work here now.” You added.

“I’m really glad I work with someone as beautiful as you.” Chan said with the utmost certainty. 

You both noticed something in the corner of your guys’ eyes, you both turned around to find the adorable elderly lady happily clutching her cup. “Ahh. Young love.”

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With S.Coups, Woozi, Vernon, Seungkwan & Dino | Stupid Liar | Big Bang

Because the official version isn’t full, have the full version here.

Another Real Life Convo W/ My Older Brother: Seventeen
  • <p><b>Me:</b> *watching Seventeen perform Mansae*<p/><b>Him:</b> that's Seventeen, right?<p/><b>Me:</b> HOW'D YOU KNOW?!<p/><b>Him:</b> there's like 20 people on the stage<p/><b>Me:</b> i'm...what...your logic is just...wHAT<p/><b>Him:</b> they're cool though. I like them. At least they're not trying to give a girl a water park like that other band you listen too.<p/><b>Me:</b> THOSE AREN'T THE LYRICS!!! 😂 they're saying "she needs a wild heart" not "she needs a water park"<p/><b>Him:</b> same thing. Anyway, back to this twenty member group. Why are there so many members?<p/><b>Me:</b> THERE'S ONLY 13!!<p/><b>Him:</b> ONLY?!<p/><b>Me:</b> I can't do this right now lmaooo<p/></p>

Wonwoo: now that I’m back we should be low key about us

Mingyu: Of course! That makes total sense

Mingyu: *rests head of Wonwoo’s shoulder*

Mingyu: *dosen’t stop smiling*

Mingyu: *doesn’t leave Wonwoo’s side*

Mingyu: What do you mean we’re totally being low key??

Wonwoo: *gives a Jim Halpert look into the camera*