Imagine Woozi subconsciously patting Dino’s head during an interview.

BONUS: Because he know it was a habit of Woozi’s to subconsciously do that, Dino just kept quiet and let the older continue patting his head.

Seventeen (Performance Unit) Reaction to their s/o giving them a hickey.

Can you please do a preform unit reaction to their hickey like the hip hop on and vocal unit? Thank you so very berry much

The final part is here! I hope you enjoy it :D Thank you for the request, anon!


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“Oh well,” Hoshi would poke all of his hickeys as he looked in the mirror. “How did you bite me this much?!” He’d be astounded by how many hickeys you had managed to leave on him during one makeout session. He really wouldn’t care who saw them since he was one of the older members in the groups and he could just whack anyone who laughed at him.

He’d turn around and wrap his arms around you from behind, pulling you back into his chest. “I’m just glad I left a few on you,” Smiling, he’d dip his head and begin peppering light kisses all over your neck where he had left marks of his own, laughing as you giggled and squirmed at the tickly feeling.

But Hoshi was a lot of false confidence. The moment he was around the other members and they pointed out the hickeys his face would light up in that beautiful huge smile of his and he’d hunch his shoulders and giggle. “Don’t look at them, they’re private!”


Jun would brag. A lot. Of all the members, he’d probably be the worst. After making out in his empty dorm bedroom the two of you would rejoin the rest of the members in the living room. Jun would be lay on the sofa and he’d glance around and wince, gasping audibly.

“Ah, my neck,” He’d stroke his neck as he continued to whine and make noises of complaints, he’d keep going until everyone in the room had seen the marks littering his skin. Even if you were blushing, curled up in a corner, wanting to run away because they were all staring at you, he’d keep going. 

 You’d have to forget your shyness and just throw yourself at him, it’s the only chance to get him to shut up.

“I leave pretty marks on you, baby,” You’d have to start kissing his neck in front of the others to finally get him to shut up. He’d wrap one arm around you and push your head away from him with the other hand.

“Come on baby, others are around! Leave some of my skin its natural colour!”


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If Minghao noticed the marks on his skin, you wouldn’t know about it. He would act completely unaware, even with the other guys making jokes and comments about them, he’d just look at them with a blank expression and just say “What?”

But BOY would he know about them. When you first gave them to him he would have a panic just looking at them in the mirror, but he’d quickly settle his mind since he knew they would fade pretty quickly and that it was nothing to be embarrassed about. He wouldn’t talk to you about them for a while, not wanting to embarrass you.

But the next time you got into a heated makeout session I think he’d pull away before you could give him any more. “Maybe this time you could put them places others can’t see?” “I didn’t think you cared about what they said?” “I don’t care about them, but I don’t want any drama from the fans, you know.” He’d of course be lying, and I think he’d be smiling and a little blushy. Knowing he was just hiding his embarrassment would just be too cute.


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You would actually have to drag him out of bed and you’d probably have to cover the hickeys yourself. He would be sort of paralysed in fear, being the youngest member he knew he could not survive seeing the other members with the hickeys all over his neck. As you tried to cover them up with makeup he’d just be mumbling to himself.

“I don’t think I’ll even be able to hold your hand in public…”

“I feel like there is a big neon sign over my head pointing at them…”

“Did they double in size since last night…”

You’d spend so much time laughing at him as you covered them up, watching the changing emotions on his face. First he’d be worried the members would laugh at him, then you saw him blush at the thought of all the things the members could say, but then he seemed to feel more comfortable and proud about his hickeys, but it’d quickly unravel to nerves again and you’d have to give him a long hug to make him feel better.


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You Fall While Trying To Fix A Lightbulb

This doesn’t really relate to the mafia but I don’t want to deny any requests, so it can’t hurt to post small things like this.

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S. Coups, Jeonghan, and The8 would sigh as they helped you up, saying that they could not leave you by yourself for a few hours with something like this happening.

Hoshi and Dokyeom would be laughing at your failed attempt to do something so simple but still appreciate that you tried, while also appreciating the outfit you were wearing.

Joshua, Mingyu, and Jun would tell you that you look great but it would be even more great if you never did this again.

Seungkwan and Vernon wouldn’t notice what you were wearing and would show a lot of concern for you, while showing you how to actually fix the lightbulb.

Woozi and Dino would be very concerned with you but quickly become flustered when they notice your revealing outfit.