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hello may i request svt's reaction to you reading a lot? like you have a legit library and almost always reading books in your free time and stuff? thanks!

This is adorable! Thank you, anon!


  • always ready to help carry books around and delights in your heavy bag or those stacks of hardcovers you need moved to another room because he loves feeling like he’s doing something for you
  • when he’s had a rough time leadering lately, he loves to curl up with you while you read and just watch you with his heart in his eyes while he feels himself finally relaxing


  • favorite thing to do is ask you “Y/N, if you had to pick reading or me, which do you like better? and is delighted by you always choosing him (except when he’s too annoying, in which case you pick reading and he sulks long enough to give you a break)
  • jeonghan is so happy to discover that you’re perfectly fine to stay in and read while he naps some evenings, because he feels like going out is sometimes too much work, and plus your concentrating reading face is the best thing to wake up to


  • this boy likes a good romance so if you ever give him a recommendation for those kinds of books (and you know exactly how to pick what he likes) he takes it very seriously and is so happy to discuss what he reads with you after
  • almost certainly plucks away at his guitar while you read and makes sure to considerately ask you what mood to go with 


  • always reading the blurbs of your books and if there’s even a HINT of a good looking character he’s saying “ah, yes, so this one reminds you of me, right?” until it’s hard to imagine the characters without at least some of his features
  • he reads every day, so you often find the time to sit together and get lost in a book, just casual and cozy in the same room 


  • this hyper boy is amazed by your very different hobby from his wild physical activities, but very enchanted by it, especially seeing your face as you react to things while you read
  • loves to borrow your books for pretty u performances to feel connected to you on stage and it’s the one time he makes sure the books are taken care of and not left lying on the ground to be kicked around in practice


  • this reader would be so happy and comfortable to have found a fellow book nerd, and since his tastes are very specific maybe your full library would encourage him to branch out and try lots of different books 
  • loves nothing more than the days where he comes home from practice and you’re already reading so he gives you a quick kiss and lies down, head in your lap, and opens whatever novel he’s in the middle of, no words needed but just smiles


  • woozi is in awe of your library like book collection and he’s undoubtedly gone through tracing each spine and reading the names of every book you own, noting which seem more worn down, and feeling closer to you from knowing
  • when he’s meant to be working he invites you to come read and keep him company while he composes, and hey, maybe watching your face helps his ideas flow faster


  • would think it was amazing and literally would not stop talking about how smart you are to the point when people would groan if he ever caught sight of a book because most likely he would say “hey! Y/N read that last week and…”
  • would love watching you read but he would distract you a LOT because he can’t resist kissing you when he sees your focused face


  • tells you proudly about how he reads graphic novels and comic books and you tease him a little because it’s different from some of the enormous books you read, but still you like reading together (even if he makes very distracting reaction noises to whatever he’s reading)
  • he loves to surprise you with snacks when you get really absorbed in a book, and makes sure you never go hungry


  • he’s impressed by your connection to reading, and he loves noting what books you enjoy the most and reading along to help himself improve with language learning
  • seems to be very thoughtful with gifts so often when you meet up he has some new book that caught his eye so he just HAD to buy it for you, and he’s always happy with your pleased reactions


  • so annoying when you’re trying to read sometimes, but in the most sweet way, because every single time you react to something he wants you to tell him what you just read, since he’s so fascinated by anything that interests you
  • other times he’s the sweetest thing ever because he’s so tired from his busy loud days that he curls up beside you with his headphones in and you gently play with his hair or hold his hand as he finally relaxes


  • absolutely loves that you have such a thoughtful hobby and will have really really long conversations about any kinds of topics that occur to you while you’re reading. even if you finish a book at midnight he’s still willing to chat about it!
  • sometimes when extra stressed he will request that you read out loud to him for a while and nothing is more comforting than the sound of your voice 


  • dino is very drawn to intelligence and so he can’t stop raving about how fast you read and how much (probably talks more about you than he talks about MJ, which is impressive)
  • loves your library of books and goes through them one by one and helps you arrange them nicely and most importantly of all carefully selects a new one to borrow as often as he has time to read them. he returns them in perfect condition of course
[ kittens ]

pairing; seventeen wonwoo x reader

genre; fluff

synopsis; raising kittens with wonwoo ;; and he gets just a littleee bit jealous about your obsession with them. just a little.

word count; 454 words 

✎a/n; this req is adorable yall HAHAHA i’ve received tons and tons of wonwoo requests and honestly i’m wrecking my own bias list omg wonwoo !!1!!!1! but hope yall enjoy this scenario c: a super short one, though! 

“You’re such a small baby,” you cooed as you sat cross-legged on your bed, using your finger to caress the little kitten’s tummy while it stretched, laid down on its back and its paws reaching up. That one was Kel — the one who was usually sleeping, but when she’s awake, she’s just a really fluffy, brown, round ball of cuteness. She does almost anything to get someone to pet her.

Leo, on the contrary, is the super hyped-up kitten. He prances around all the time, jumping here and there, forming some mini scratches on your couch. Not that you’d do anything to punish him for it. The last time you chided him for peeing on your carpet, he became horribly sulky, and was really, really, really moody for two whole days. He stayed at his own corner, head hung low, not wanting to play with you, because he was apparently afraid of making you mad again. 

Your heart couldn’t bear seeing him like this, so you gave him an hour long pep talk of how you didn’t mean to scold him, and that you love him, blah blah blah. He returned to his original preppy, cheery self again after that. 

And Wonwoo just stares at you while you do all these, thoughts of how you had never done that for him running through his mind. 

Wonwoo got some food for Leo and fed him some, before climbing onto your bed and his arms sneaked around your waist from the back. You turned around to give him a glance, shooting him a smile small before turning back to Kel and picking her up, who was still half-asleep from her afternoon nap.

Wonwoo rolled his eyes. 

“Babee,” he whined, resting his chin on your shoulder. 

“Hmm?” you hummed in response.

“I’m bored,” he said, and your reply was a laughter as you saw Leo trip over his own feet as he jumped around. 

“Seriously, love,” Wonwoo grumbles, and you look at him, confused.

“Let Kel go back to sleep and let’s talk,” he says, picking Leo up and putting him into his little house beside your bed. 

You turn back to Kel, whose eyes were fluttering close again, and nodded. You put her into the little house, and turned to Wonwoo. 


Wonwoo crushes you in a hug, making you fall back onto the bed with him above you. 

“You spend too much time with them, babe,” Wonwoo groans, and you laugh.

“Are you jealous?” you tease, ruffling his hair. “They’re kittens, Wonwoo!”

“But still!”

You can’t help but giggle. 

“No one will replace you, Wonwoo, you don’t have to worry,” you told him. “You’ll be #1, alright?” 

He breaks out in a smile. 

“I’d better be,” he chuckled, pressing his lips onto yours. 

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