I really like this cg because it looks like Subaru’s in the middle of explaining why they don’t need a sixth brother 

“All I’m saying is that he was never any good at basketball anyway.”

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Uhm I don't know if someone already asked this but...how would the Pet!AU boys react if their owner (who is always kind and loving) would be attacked? How or from whom doesn't matter ^^ You two are awesome!!

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-Vampires are still stronger than humans by quite a bit, but they’ve all be programmed to never attack. The best he can force himself to do for you is find help, and even then, there’s not much a pet can possibly do. 


-He despises the idea of any harm coming to you, but can see little he can actually do to help you in that situation. Beyond getting help, what could a weak house pet ever do to save you?


-There’s nothing he wants to do more than attack whoever’s hurting you and keep you safe, but he has little idea what a pet could do. He’s been programmed not to hurt humans, no matter what happens. 


-From the moment things start getting violent, he’s hiding somewhere and hoping not to be found. Angry humans trigger every instinct to shut down and behave, and there’s little he can force himself to do. 


-He’s learned well what it means to hurt a human, and even to save you, there’s a chance he could be put down for it. If things get bad he might do something, but otherwise, the most he’ll do is seek help. 


-In a fit of rage, he’ll lash out at whoever’s hurting you, most likely doing them some fairly severe harm. Even if it saves you, he’ll  be convinced you’re going to get rid of him for hurting a human and being bad again. 


-He knows very well what would happen if he ever dared to lash out against a human, and while he will do everything in his power to help you, physically harming the attacker is absolutely unthinkable. 


-As soon as the attacker starts acting aggressive, he absolutely shuts down. He’s honestly hardly aware that you’re being attacked, and will hide in sheer panic for as long as a potential threat is there. 


-Despite knowing that he could be put down for harming a human, even under circumstances like these, he’s acting before he can think. As powerful as he is, there likely won’t be much less of the attacker. 


-He’d never dare hurt a human, but he’d happily take any pain for you. He’ll put himself between you and the attacker immediately, taking anything that the person would have done to you instead. 


-It takes every bit of strength his ailing body has, but in a moment of sheer rage, he attacks the person hurting you. Considering the inherent power of a First Blood, that is not going to end well for them. 


-Since he’s worth enough that you probably won’t have him killed for hurting a human, he takes this chance to do something vicious to the person. There’s no way he’d sit there and let something bad happen to you. 

Husband!Sakamaki Headcanons

• Shu enjoys watching you fold your clothes and inhaling the scent of it when you’re not looking. It helps him relax.
• Some shared evenings include him playing a lovely piece on the violin for you.
• In public, Shu doesn’t mind holding your hand. He wants to make sure you’re at his side in crowded places.
• He tends to spill his thoughts to you whenever you ask him what’s wrong. You’re his ear to lend.
• He has developed a strange habit of patting your head affectionately at random times.
• “For a troublesome woman, you are good at entertaining me.”

• Still scolds you at times, BUT he’s learned to take it down a notch.
• Refuses to let you do any housework. He always reminds you that his familiars or the servants can do it.
• Reiji likes to send you to the local nail salon every two weeks. Beauty is essential for a proper lover of his.
• Or if he’s feeling pretty generous, he will give you a manicure and pedicure himself. (He’s so good at it too!)
• Reiji will often send a familiar after you whenever you’re out and about, much to your chagrin.
“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s only so that I can keep an eye on you. I won’t let you out of my sight from now on.“

• Ore-sama’s favorite dates with you include watching basketball games. From high school to the professional ones, he’s always ecstatic!
• Praising him for being/doing the best will always cheer him up after a bad day.
• Ayato tends to glare quickly at others who give you a lingering look in public. He doesn’t like it at all, and will pull you closer as a result.
• This boy will do anything to make you proud of him. He wants to give you the best quality of life.
• Ayato likes to wrap his arms around your shoulders and pull you tightly to his body in private times. It’s his way of confirming his presence to you.
• "Chichinashi, say that you will stay with Ore-sama. You have no right to say otherwise.”

• Kanato doesn’t like outdoor dates that much unless you both visit tea shops or cafes. It helps persuade him out of the mansion.
• He often wants to help choose your outfits for the day; it’s become an obsessive hobby of his.
• On rare occasions, he likes to give you sweets when you’ve been a good doll to him.
• His tantrums have lessened around you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll hold his temper for long.
• Moonlight walks with you surprisingly cause him to open up more about himself. He’s at his calmest too.
• “The moon is lovely like you tonight. Don’t you agree, Teddy?”

• OOH BOY, if you thought Laito’s sex drive was already high, you were wrong. He holds nothing back when it comes to you.
• When you two are not getting it on, Laito likes to take you to see musicals or concerts. It’s his usual idea for date night.
• He’s had to tone down his flirtatious antics for others around you, and the two of you have had multiple fights over it in your marriage.
• Nonetheless, he makes up for it by giving you his full attention and with a few kisses.
• He despises seeing you without your wedding ring on your finger, and often urges you to wear it when in public. (But this is just your way of seeking revenge when he’s flirting with others.)
• “Bitch-chan, where is your wedding ring? Did you lose it? I can’t let you go out without it on your finger. You are mine, remember?”

• Poor Subaru still can’t grasp the fact that you chose to marry him. He always needs tons of assurance from you.
• He knows you can’t sleep in a coffin with him, so he’s learned to compromise and share a bed with you instead.
• You tend to yell back at him during his explosions, so he’s learning slowly to choose which battles to fight in or give up on.
• On rough days with him, Subaru leaves a white rose on your nightstand as his way of saying, “I still care for you.”
• He gets flustered with PDA, but that won’t stop him from having you stick to him when Kou’s around.
• “Oi…just ignore that guy and focus on me. I’m your husband, right? Tch…just stay with me…”

• Kino is always telling you about the latest game he downloaded on his smartphone. It’s cute to watch him get excited for it.
• You two often visit cons or seminars together for a few days as vacation before heading back home.
• When you’re sitting alone with your back against nothing, he’ll sneak over and sit beside you with his back against yours. A comfortable silence is then exchanged between the two of you.
• Though he has a nasty sadistic side like his brothers, he also has an awful love for teasing you nonstop. It can be annoying sometimes.
• Kino is persistent in wanting to change you into a vampire like him. He never explains why until he grows fearful of how fragile a human’s life is.
• “It’s for my benefit that you become mine for an eternity. What? Selfish? That’s not true, you get to have some benefits from it too!”

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