• will: I spy with my little eye... something dark
  • nico: me
  • will: damn. okay, again. I spy with my little eye something tiny and-
  • nico: me again
  • will: wow you beat me. I spy with my little eye something cute and that smells g-
  • nico: me. the next, always me. then me and me again.
  • will: holy crap how are you so good at this game
Perché le cose del cuore, quelle semplici, genuine, fatte di discorsi, di momenti passati insieme, di paure sussurrate quando sei solo poco più di un bambino, sono tutto. Tutto ciò che rimane, tutto ciò che conta davvero.
—  ibattidelcuore

anonymous asked:

When an actor is 15/16/17 and cast in Phantom, do they still go to school? Does the theatre have to hire a tutor?

That’s a good question. For the really young ones (say, boys playing Gustave in “Love Never Dies”) they had a rotating schedule and some 3-6 Gustaves to alternate between. They would have gone to school as usual.

But with for example Paloma Garcia Lee (17 when cast as principal Meg in the US Tour), Neve Campbell (15 when cast as ballerina in Toronto) and Amy Nuttall (17 when cast as u/s Christine in the UK tour), they were there full-time, with no substitutes. I know all of them studied performing art in some way, so it might be their respective schools saw the value of getting performing experience? But whether or not they were provided with a tutor… I don’t know.