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how to start to ship Lavi/Allen?? And Lavi is straight, as I can see... Life is hard

Lavi did say that his interest lied in females between 16 and 40 but he never denied liking guys. Also, he did have a crush on Chomesuke and he was a guy. Another guy he was attached to was a Finder called Doug who Lavi seemed to be fond of. In fact, to me it seems that whileLavi might be sexually attracted to girls in general, he can be romantically attracted to the “one who cares about others to the point that it’s self-destructive” type of people.

Now, the Laven reasons:

  • Lavi immediately went for bonding with Allen, they built cute snowmans. It was a very brief pause where Allen could feel like a kid again.
  • When he saw that the thought of hurting humans freaked Allen out he didn’t try to push the topic or berate him, he gave him the place he needed. Lavi is clingy but when he sees that someone needs time to think he gives them space.
  • Lavi taught him an important lesson: the fear of being attacked any time by an Akuma
  • The whole Krory arc. They worked together as if they were old friends, solving mysteries. As Kanda and Allen are a strong combination, the two of them make splendid investigators.
  • Once Lavi saw what Allen saw he grew concerned for Allen’s mental wellbeing and made sure to stick close and tease him to ease him up (the hunt for Cross was a perfect opportunity for this)
  • He was worried sick when Allen was kidnapped by an Akuma, a feeling that only amplified when Lenalee came back beaten up and anxious because she couldn’t find him
  • It was hard for him too when they lost Allen. He missed Allen terribly and his feelings were out of control. He temporarily lost his teasing spark and became easy to anger: he snapped at both Miranda and Lenalee and lost his shit when he met Tyki who supposedly “killed” Allen. 
  • Despite the whole “Bookmen have no need for a heart” rule, Lavi still kept the Ace of Spades, the only vestige Allen left behind
  • When Allen did return Lavi stuck to his side and regained his playful spirit. He always was a step behind him to protect him
  • This:
  • Within Road’s dream world he could cut down and trample over everyone. Anyone, but Allen. Only he could make Lavi falter. It was the vision of Allen getting killed that made him lose. 
  • Allen’s voice led him out of Road’s world. Allen who threw himself in actual fire to save him.
  • Now that we’re at it can we mention how Allen was completely unable to bring harm to Lavi or even defend with his claw in fear that he might even just accidentally harm Lavi and rather got beat to pulp than hurt him? Yep, that happened.
  • “Can’t you hear my voice?”
  • Cuddling inside Allen’s cape. Also, Allen had Lavi’s face pushed in his chest
  • When Allen wanted to bring Tyki along he was worried for the risk that Allen might get in trouble rather than the act of saving the enemy
  • The two of them fighting Tyki and Lavi worrying about Allen another round
  • Even after the whole mess he kept following Allen around until the night Allen was told he was the 14th. It is unknown whether he wasn’t allowed to see Allen, couldn’t or had some other reason why they didn’t meet much onscreen afterwards.
  • Another thing that I really like that Lavi never took Allen’s recklessness towards his own wellbeing as a personal offence. Kanda and Lenalee mean well, but yelling at Allen won’t help. Lavi is probably aware that this isn’t Allen not trusting him, this is just how Allen’s own trauma affects him: he keeps people at an invisible distance. Even if he were to say that it made him angry that Allen cared so little about himself it wouldn’t solve the actual problem. 

In my interpretation neither Lavi nor Allen knows what’s with the other. Lavi probably doesn’t know what happened in North America, at most the Noah vaguely said “Allen Walker is a Noah now”. He might know if he was coherent enough to understand what he’s been told.

As for Allen, it wasn’t revealed if he knew what happened to Lavi and Bookman because he was imprisoned right after the Noah left the Order. It is possible that he’s unaware that Lavi has been the Noah’s prisoner while he was on the run.

Canon isn’t in Laven’s favour currently, but it started out as a very sweet, soft and playful relationship with lots of hidden affection. Currently they are both before a character development and it would be amazing and a good boost for this pairing to have them search for their paths together.

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D.Gray man Fluff!!! Please

I don’t normally do more than 3 for headcanons but since they’re all pretty short, I made an exception :) please enjoy (I don’t know if these are fluffy enough though :,) rip)


  • Gives surprise kisses on the nose, cheeks, eyelid, ears, hands, everywhere tbh
  • Every morning, without ever forgetting, will say “I love you” with a good morning kiss when you exit your room
  • Runs to you like a little puppy when you return from a mission and takes you to the cafeteria
  • Will actually share food with you and loves to feed you himself
  • He stops whatever he’s doing if he catches you playing with Timcanpy and just watches with the most loving smile ever (Link always comments how creepy / strange Allen looks)


  • Loves playing with your hair (if it’s long, he’ll be braiding it all day but if it’s short, he’ll be running his fingers through “soft heaven”)
  • Cannot ever say no to you and will constantly be told that you’re being spoiled by him
  • He has no limits to public affection and will either have an arm around your waist, showering you with kisses, or complimenting your everything
  • Literally cries with happiness every single he gets to see you in your casual clothes (out of uniform) along with a waterfall of compliments
  • Loves naps and sleeping even more if you’re with him in his arms


  • Will always sit next to you in public or privacy (out of jealousy and desire to be near you)
  • If you’re sad or emotionally in pain, he pats your head while quietly assuring you until you feel better
  • When cuddling (which is rare), he likes you in front with his arms around you while his head is buried into your hair or the crook of your neck
  • If he’s done something faster than you (eating, dressing, getting checked up by the doctors) he will stand and wait without complaint (even if Allen and Lavi’s presence is annoying the heck out of him)
  • If you get injured, he’s apologizing every few minutes for not being able to help (even if he couldn’t have been around), fully aware of how fragile humans can be, especially when you can’t just heal yourself like he can


  • Will only flirt / woo ladies if he desperately HAS to (it hurts his heart to see you later knowing that he flirted with someone else)
  • Loves playing jokes and teasing you but can’t ever keep it going for long
  • As much as he likes his human friends, he always misses you and wishes to see you soon
  • If you’re ever jealous about anyone, he will spend the next hours whispering how you’re perfect and that you’re the real perfect one
  • When someone (usually Sheril or Earl) calls you “Tyki’s little lover,” he freezes and has to remind himself about how you’re his and no one else’s for a moment (he just can’t believe it)

- Admin Katsudon

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DGM fluffio- Long Headcanons about Allen, Kanda and Lavi (all ur faves. Feel in to toss in Tyki too if you're up to it) taking their s/o out on a sweet date. It can be from amusement parks, walk around the beaches or even trolling random strangers (yeah! Lavi I'm looking at you). Make it the sweetest thing ever! 😘

Is this sweet enough???


  • Suggested the idea of going on a date but ultimately doesn’t know where to go
  • Eventually decides that a lunch date at a cute cafe Lenalee suggested would be great
  • Walking there, he realises that he’s a lot more excited for the date than you are “Are you sure the cafe is a good place to go?” “Yes, it’s fine, why?” “It’s just that you don’t seem super excited.” “You can be excited for the both of us, then.” (you’re very sure he wants to try the food and his excitement is really cute)
  • But now you’re lost
  • You knew Allen had bad direction skills but he has a map on his phone and so now he’s just apologizing profusely
  • He wanted the date to be perfect, just like all other dates, but now he just feels bummed out
  • You eventually asked for directions from someone and now you’re well on your way to the cafe while Allen follows you like a dejected puppy
  • At the cafe, you notice that Allen had cheered up and is excitedly looking through the menu
  • When your food finally comes, he finds himself watching you eat more often than he’s shoveling food into his mouth
  • Glancing up from your food is when your eyes meet and cue the blush from Allen’s face
  • You finish your food faster since he was spending most of it watching you and he suggests trying some of his, and thinking he was offering you some, you eat it out of his spoon boOM Allen is blushing like mad again
  • He secretly hid away a picture of you eating on his phone (but won’t set it as a background photo because you’ll find it)


  • Doesn’t really understand the meaning of a date LOL “What’s the point of going out together for a “date” when we go out together almost everyday?” “Can’t we just do couple stuff inside?”
  • You suggest some ideas to him “Beach?” “No.” “Dinner?” “No.” “Amusement park??” “No.” he eventually caves in for a movie date (even though he’d rather watch a movie at your house)
  • He wants to be the dominant one in the relationship but he can’t plan dates well, so he reluctantly leaves it to you
  • By the time he’s arrived at the meet up place, he’s regretting his approval for a date
  • BUT when he sees you run up to him with a huge smile, he immediately melts and starts thinking that the date will go fine
  • He’s a bit uncomfortable with holding hands, but he wants you to enjoy your first official date so he braves it through and entwines his fingers with yours
  • When you two get to the theatre, you let Kanda pick the movie, but he’s lost as to what movie to watch
  • He wants the date to be “alright” and for it to end well so he picks a romance movie (“Are you sure about that movie?” “Yeah, it’s fine. Do you not like it?” “Do you even know what it’s about?” “… … … No.”)
  • When the movie starts playing, Kanda puts his arms around your shoulders, something he always does when watching movies at home
  • He spends way too much of the time staring at you instead of watching the actual movie
  • At the end of the movie, he’s grumbling about how cheesy it was (well, the parts he actually watched) he’s complaining a lot but he’s still in a good enough mood to give you a kiss good night when he drops you off at home
  • He ends up keeping the ticket from the movie at his bedside table


  • Jumps on the idea about going to the beach i m m e d i a t e l y (definitely not to see you in a bathing suit, no way. “What are you talking about, I’m a gentleman just like Allen.”) but when he does see you “strIKE!”
  • Makes sure to plan it on a day where it’ll be sunny and that there aren’t many people at the beach
  • Looks for the most stunning and beautiful beach in the area to match his lovely date
  • Brings shovels and buckets to make sand castles (he’s REALLY excited)
  • Splashes you with water very often and then cue the perverted jokes
  • He treats you to the food that’s there, buying you specifically ice cream or a popsicle before moRE perverted jokes
  • Would definitely buy fries or chips so that he gets to hold it out to you and feed you
  • Trolling would be a minimum though (“I’m a gentleman, I only troll in moderation.”)
  • While eating, he’s tossing small crumbs near children and watching as birds start walking near there
  • Stops his trolling when a child starts crying from the birds and get really depressed for making a child cry (you’ll need to comfort this child)
  • You two stay at the beach for a long time since Lavi insists on a walk on the beach at sunset
  • His new phone background is a selfie of you two smiling against the sunset

- Admin Katsudon

ECHO. it’s ya boi echo finally getting his shit together with a brand spankin’ new MULTIMUSE BLOG. the following blogs have been assimilated into this one:


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Norse Mythology/Marvel Cinematic Universe
loki laufeyjarson (heavily based on the mythology)

Top 5 Hardest things to explain in D.Gray-Man

5. The second exorcist project

4.This fucker

3. Where’s Lavi

2. Millenium Earl

1. How Kanda has this L'oreal Paris hair when he wash it with soap

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