Part 6 of I’ll keep believing in you

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Another raw scream tore past Allen’s lips, shaking the walls dangerously. Desperate eyes swapped between silver and golden while bronze crept up on his pale skin, as if wanting to engulf him. Pain was raking through his whole body, making him trash violent enough to tear up the wound Lou Fa stitched together after days of begging; it took all of Kanda’s superhuman force to keep the boy down.

“Still not done?” he snapped at the two scientist swirling some medicine frantically. Despite how scrawny and weakened he was from the injury and the Noah transformation, Kanda could barely the Beansprout. He wasn’t sure if the boy wasn’t dangerous. “He’s attracting too much attention!”

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Top 5 Hardest things to explain in D.Gray-Man

5. The second exorcist project

4.This fucker

3. Where’s Lavi

2. Millenium Earl

1. How Kanda has this L'oreal Paris hair when he wash it with soap

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