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candy-crackpot  asked:

maybe a sneak peak from ragnarok au please? either fanart of fanfic whichever is ok with you, thanks c:

I don’t think you have any idea how happy it makes me to see that you’re interested in this AU quq ahhhh ♥ 

Sorry for the delay but I’ve been quite busy last week. Anyways here’s a sneak peak from the first Chapter of the fanfic c: !!!! I really hope you’ll enjoy this one even if it doesn’t reveal that much yet.


The night was way too short for Lavi’s liking. If it was for him he would’ve waited until sunrise so he and Allen could leave when they were both fully rested and awake. But this was would make things so much easier for every one of them. Saying goodbye was never easy and he knew that it was even more difficult for a child, especially since he’d seen how close Allen was with his best friend and with his father. So he’d suggested to leave during the night when Allen was still sleeping. Lavi would carry him away from the village without him noticing and he’d only stop once they were far enough away so Allen wouldn’t be able to run all the way back home once he woke up. The walk up the mountain that surrounded the village would be even more difficult with Allen on his back but Lavi knew it would be worth it. Even more so because he was already excited for the way his teacher would look at him when he told him he’d found the one.

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