Aster: “Here you go, sir! One strawberry sunrise!”

Snow: *to herself* Swap jobs, she said, it’ll be fun, she said……
“Let’s make this quick, what do you want?!”

~Aster dared Snow she couldn’t last a day at her job as a waitress, and Snow honestly doesn’t know how Aster was even old enough to serve drinks.

Dream Girlfriend 30 Day Dress Up Challenge

Who is up for a 30 day dress up challenge?

It’s really easy and simple to do!

Pick one of your girls from Dream Girlfriend, dress her up with the 30 different themes you’ll find below, and share your pictures on Tumblr every day.

If you’d like to do this challenge with two or more girls, feel free to let every girl enter their own challenge. Of course, pictures of different girls can be posted together – as long as the daily theme is the same, or separately.

You can also add some additional info/text to your entries! ♡

What’s the point, you ask?

Fun, of course! ^_^

Hashtags for this challenge

#dream girlfriend 30 day dress up challenge

#dgf 30 day challenge


Day 1: Hi! This is me!

Day 2: On a journey

Day 3: Singing and dancing

Day 4: Fun with frills

Day 5: Animal friend

Day 6: Back to school

Day 7: MMORPG 

Day 8: Colorful spring

Day 9: Hot summer

Day 10: Autumn dreams

Day 11: So cold outside

Day 12: Merry Christmas!

Day 13: Gentleman

Day 14: A stressful day at work

Day 15: Boo hoo! It’s Halloween~

Day 16: Abracadabra!

Day 17: Cosplay day

Day 18: Geek girl

Day 19: Itadakimasu! Let’s eat!

Day 20: Black and white beauty

Day 21: Let’s go to the beach

Day 22: Colorful

Day 23: Look! I’m an animal!

Day 24: A special place

Day 25: Happy birthday!

Day 26: Taking a walk

Day 27: A fairytale

Day 28: How embarrassing…

Day 29: A day at home

Day 30: Innocent and pure

C’mon and join my raffle promo on DGF! As a celebration for me reach level 100 (again), I’m going to held a raffle promo starting April 1st (00:00 PST) to April 8th (23:00 PST) and you might get a chance to win a Premium Shop outfit! Here’s how you can join:

  • Simply reblog this post (make sure you add your ID or name so I could find you!)
  • Choose one of any of these outfits you prefer: BIG Ribbon Chocolate, Big Ribbon Hairband Red/Black, Heart Choker Pink, Cupid’s Clouds Custard, Cross-Wings Light Purple, Rabbit-Ear Headphones White, Shaved Ice Girl Grape, Shoulder Cat Koyuki and Strawberry Hairpin White
  • A reblog will counted as one entry per person (no multiple reblogs please.)
  • The promo will be held via Random Number Generator, so good luck!
  • This promo is only available at Dream Girlfriend’s English version

Thank you for reading and good luck!

anonymous asked:

So let's say Scott is actually totally shy in the bedroom for the first time right? Well he gets a note from his so on his birthday to come to the bedroom. He finds an empty chair and obviously curious he sits in it as his so comes out in baby blue lingerie while soft jazz (courtesy of Peter) plays in the back and his eyes widened and he instantly has a boner. He sits up straight while his so proceeds to give him a lap dance and he's just an absolute fucking moaning mess saying your name oMG

!!!!! oh ym dgf!!!!!

how about fruk spy aus except instead of nyo francis its literally just francis except in dresses with their hair done up because 1) spies dgf and 2) francis is a goddess in any clothes and you don’t need to change to dfab for that to be true

so basically genderfluid spy francis

extra points for trans boy arthur