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Your Origins live blogging is kinda just making me realize that BioWare has never been all that good at writing and world building stuff lol. They’ve created some of my favourite characters ever but outside of that it’s like…damn…

More than once I’ve been tempted to use a dedicated ‘BioWare is shit at world-building’ tag. They have good ideas. The big problem is that they tend to just come up with surface ideas, and refrain from digging into the psychology of them - it’s like how a religion based on a female Christ-figure who was burnt at the stake probably shouldn’t have so many crosses, or how a nation that reveres a breed of dog probably wouldn’t use ‘bitch’ as an insult.

And I mean, I see this in a lot of media, setting up the surface without digging deeper. It’s been pretty common, I figure some of it is due to the pressures of deadlines. I mean, not entirely, there really should have been some examination of these things to a greater degree, but…

BioWare, I’m available as a dedicated continuity monitor-slash-world-builder! Trust me, you need someone in this position!

Aki no Yonaga ‘16 (DGS #495)


Poor, poor Wing…though I got to admit that I actually had been looking forward to this…XD

1st call

C+D: Hello, Yonaga-kun! DGS’s here!
Wing: Oh, yes, hello…
C: It’s the yearly “Aki no Yonaga” time!!
Wing: Here it comes!…But I thought I just did it during summer though…>_<
C: Yeah, we did phone you during DGS EXPO in summer too, so this is your second time in this year! That’s double attendance for a single year!! Thanks for your participation! XD
Wing: LOL…
C: So what’re you doing right now?
Wing: Well, I’m currently having a meeting for Trignal’s 2nd single that’s to be released this November.
D: Wow, big deal going on there then.
C: Oh, OK. Say hello to the other members for us too then! :)
Wing: Well…Eguchi-kun just went “AAAH!!” just now, so I asked him if he wants to come to say hi himself.
C: Oh, no thanks. We don’t need Eguchi-kun in this radio. We don’t even want his name to be mentioned here, so please let us stick with no Eguchi. :)
Wing: LOL…Alright, I’ll tell the other two then.
C: But thank you very much for back at Saitama Super Arena though!
Wing: Oh, don’t mention it. I actually was surprised to be able to participate in such matter too actually, since that was my very first time participating like that.
C: Yes, your “I’M NOT A GIRL!!” really reaches throughout the arena too, you know. Thank you so much though. You’re a really awesome person…:)
D: Totally the best.
Wing: No, you’re overpraising me. >_<
C: …just like a girl…:)
Wing: I’m NOT A GIRL! X3
Wing: NP…>_<
C: And DGS is now in its 10th anniversary! You were in this since 2009 too!
Wing: That’s incredible! Since back in 2009?
C: YES! And we asked you for “that” every year, right?
Wing: Yes, you did…
D: And you sure did pick up the phone every single time too!
Wing: Yes…and whenever I meet with Kamiya-san, he always thanked me for it too…>_<
C: Of course! Since if I were you, I would’ve decline to this ages ago! Sure I don’t mind talking on the phone, but totally not like this! That’s just normal!
D: Yeah, everyone would think that too.
Wing: LOL…but I’m really thankful to you two though…
C: Really? You’re the only one who’s kind enough to do all these for us though, so thank you though…Anyway, to get to the main point…we can’t put down our phone before hearing it from you, so…
D: I believe you already know it right?
Wing: lol…
C: So…please give us your Aki no Yonaga gag of 2016!
Wing: Alright, I’ll try…”Actually, there’s a place where I want to go to though…Where, you asked? Sanma Monica!”
C+D: Sanma…Sanma Monica…Sanma……………THANK YOU! BYE!
Wing: YES, BYE! >_<
*phone cut off*

2nd call

Wing: *pick up on the very first ring* Hello.
C: (So fast…) Hello. Yonaga-kun, you’re awfully quick this time. Is there something wrong?
Wing: Oh, no. I was just surprised that you suddenly cut off the line like always though…
C: I really like your “Sanma Monica” though.
Wing: You do?
D: Can already feel the autumn wind. :)
C: Yeah, your joke really brought the autumn breeze! :)
D: Yeah, with a swoosh!
Wing: That’s good to hear then.
C: BTW, I forgot that I was supposed to have you make a very important announcement though. Can you announce that thing we talked about earlier?
Wing: Oh, are you sure of that? Alright then…”DGS EXPO 2016 BD/DVD WILL BE ON SALE!!!”
Wing: Eh, THAT’S IT!? REALL-
*phone cut off*

And they actually talked after the second call that the BD/DVD could actually be of the second day (which Wing isn’t even in). And they just laughed at how they won’t let Wing said his gag the second time, even though they were sure Wing most likely had it prepared.

Poor, poor Wing…XD

I feel like Hollywood owes me a personal apology for making me believe, as an outcast throughout my educational career, that I was meant to be picked for some Greater Destiny, by way of magic, aliens, or some other fantastical method of selection.

These scars are not likely to heal anytime soon.

[RadioSubs] DGS #20

Let’s play the Nakamura-mentions drinking game~ Drink a shot every time Nakamura’s name is mentioned in this episode xD I assure you will be drink by the end of the episode |3

Thanks to @ectini for the timing~ This was so long ago as well haha…and it wasn’t easy with 3 ppl mumbling and talking at the same time >< otsukare~

Finally done with this nightmarish episode after opening like a hundred tabs lol. As usual, Sugita inserts countless references and says stuff that makes you go, “Huh?” Sometimes I skip lines when they overlap and when I seriously can’t hear their voices clearly…but hopefully that’s not much. This is a fully-subbed episode, minus the song…and though I realized it later, I removed the ending part as well. I guess I was really lazy that day xD But it’s just the usual ending talk so you don’t miss anything. 

Should I tag Nakamura for this post? lol

drummergirl231  asked:

I thought everything about your dream was perfect and wonderful and sweet. It warmed my heart! And I hope it comes true for you one day! I don't believe your mutation can keep you from achieving your dreams. If anything, I believe it brings you closer to achieving them.

Thank you so much DG. This made me smile. I know that dreams are dreams. But I also believe that to have something like that, is possible. I might be too optimistic about it.

But I really do hope that something like that does happen for my brothers and myself.