Apparently sitting on each other’s laps is a pretty common thing for hockey boys to do when they’re on the bench sidelines things. (maybe while looking at the replay? idk) Why did no one tell me this, this is perfect fanfic material!!!

  • Ransom and Holster are just always in each other’s laps. BUt they’re in each other’s laps off the ice too so that’s no surprise
  • Nursey sits on Dex often. Dex always pushes him off. Nursey always gazes at Chowder, wishing to sit upon that perfect lap, but he dare not mess with the goalie vibe
  • Shitty is always sitting on people and if he’s not sitting on someone, he’s offering his “throne” to anyone and everyone… including Hall and Murray when they’re having a good game and his joking is more welcome
  • Bitty sitting on Jack’s lap. 
  • Bitty sitting on Jack’s lap
  • Bitty
  • on
  • Jack’s
  • Lap
  • But like, Jack pulling Bitty into his lap and looking all casual about it. And Bitty just writes it off as Jack being “””practical???””” 
  • Bitty perching on Jack’s knee and acting all casual about it and Jack trying hard (hehe) to focus on the game and not on Bitty’s hold-able ass
  • Whiskey sitting on Tango’s lap. Tango asks why. Holster Tango to “let it be, bro. At least he’s not sitting on some LAX bro’s lap!” Tango has many more questions.

There’s an au going around where soulmates can summon each other to their location once in their life and I decided to take a shot at it. So here’s dexnursey summoning each other and learning that they’re soulmates.

If you like this trope, check out this zimbits fic and this dexnursey one that I got the idea from.

Warning for an almost drowning.


         Most soulmate summonings happen at young ages, Dex’s health teacher said. Significant moments in a person’s developmental years that require, in some way or another, a helping hand from the most important someone in that person’s life. The loss of a loved one or a scary experience. Sometimes it’s even a good moment, like winning a prize or a new baby in the family. Just tiny little things that someone chooses subconsciously to share with their person.

         When Dex went the first eighteen years of his life without a summoning, he assumed it was because he didn’t have a someone. He figured that he was one of the few people that didn’t have a match, another half. He had always been different from everyone around him, whether it be his anger or his determination or even his hair color. Uniqueness meant independence, surely, and Dex was fine with that. He didn’t need anyone else; he could get along just fine on his own.

         Until tonight, it seems.

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ryleigh-and-crazy  asked:

Hey, idk it you are taking prompts right now. I always see this headcanon for nursey to be obsessed with wedding details/wedding planning in general. I would love if you could do a reverse head canon and have dex be the one who is obsessed with planning and details. Thank for your headcanon and fics! They are always so fun to read.

Aaw thank you! I definitely see Dex as the one who would be obsessed with details and planning!   The question is…why?  :-)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


“Congrats you two”

“Always knew it would happen”

“I’m so happy for you guys!”

“So, when’s the wedding?”

Nursey smiled at his teammates’ congratulations, and turned to Dex.

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i-chew-on-pushpins  asked:

Nurseydex and the one (and only) time they played Scrabble

honestly i’m too exhausted to put this in proper fic format so let’s bullet point this shit

•it’s nursey’s idea. of course it is. it’s always nursey’s idea.

•let’s say they’re like, at dex’s family’s cabin on the lake (listen they’re maine fishmermen they have a cabin on a lake somewhere okay)

•the place barely has electricity and running water let alone something like wifi but they’re alone and they’re there with each other and that’s what counts

•but by day 3 they’re going a little stir crazy and nursey happens to find a scrabble box in a storage closet

•"oh no,“ says dex. “oh yes,” says nursey

•it goes well

•for like five minutes anyway

•"‘smexy’ and ‘uwu’ aren’t fucking words derek”

•"neither is 'kelzop’ derek what are you doing"

•nursey refuses to play by the rules and dex is going insane


•nursey spells out “CHILL” on the board

•eventually they both just start grabbing all the letters out of the bag and building words as fast as they can on the board

•what’s the score? who knows?

•at one point dex literally just stacks a letter on top one of nursey’s that gets in his way (“what is this mahjong bullshit will”)

•it’s a good thing they’re alone because they will just not stop yelling the whole time

•eventually it just turns into semi-angry sex on top of the board

•dex has like forty letter tile-shaped marks on his back afterwards

•scrabble goes back into the closet for the rest of the trip

•but dear god, that’s nothing compared to what happened the time they played monopoly


as requested by an anon on another side-blog of mine !!

SHM and their favorite Steven Universe Songs

Bitty–Jam Buds

Jack–Here Comes A Thought

Shitty–Do It For Her

Lardo–Full Disclosure

Ransom–Something Entirely New

Holster–Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

Chowder–Both of You

Dex–I Think I Need A Little Change


anonymous asked:

i just realized dex had furry ears, legs and a tail in the abnormality and now i can't look at the "nothing's wrong with my world" lyric the same away help me

[furry voice] awoo