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Can you explain to me what hooks and magnets do

they’re used to remove the security tags that are found on clothes to deter theft. hooks work only on supertags, which have a hole near the top where you insert the hook. supertags look like:

(possible variations may occur, but that’s the main idea)

and magnets are used to detag “all of the others” save for some weird tags basically. although your magnet would work on screamers, most lifters advise against it because if you fuck up and it goes off… you’re fucked. some examples of magnet tags are:

again, there are others, but those are some of the main ones. you’ll learn to know what to look for.

the last set of tags, which you didn’t really ask about but I’m gonna talk about anyways are gator tags. they can’t be removed by magnets or hooks, but instead you need a hair elastic to get them off (by winding it around the pin until it pops off). they look like this:

(none of these pictures are mine - obviously)

El universo es un sueño colectivo en el que todos somos soñadores y soñados.

Nada existe, sólo en la medida en que pensamos que existe. Si no miro, no puedo asegurar que haya nada, ¿y si todo se creara según vamos descubriéndolo y mirando?

Por otro lado, por definición, en realidad el universo si que existe, pero de forma etérea, vaga, y siempre determinada por nosotros, sus observadores.

—  Divagaciones de día lluvioso para Tumblr.

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How do you lift shirts from hot topic?

With a magnet in my hand I’ll grab like 3 shirts plus the one i want. Then i go to one of the spinning racks of tank tops or dresses. While my hands are concealed inside the rack i detag the shirt i want and slide it into my bag. You gotta do the whole thing without looking at your hands which is pretty tricky but overall there’s a lot of blind spots so just avoid the employees! Hope this helped :)

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do you know how many of those neodymium magnets you need from home depot to detag? because i heard strong magnets are illegal in canada and don't wanna risk ordering from geekbuying or aliexpress

I here like 12 ish but I’ve never tried so I wouldn’t know for sure

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Tips for lifting from Pink/ VS?

Popular method used by many lifters in the community: take a shopping bag that they have hanging around in the store and stuff it with things you want and then cover it with things you dont want, and when u get to the fitting room, detag and conceal. Just make sure it looks like you tried some of the stuff on by taking the clothes off the hangers, unzipping hoodies that were zipped, etc

Mãe, você é aquela que supriu sempre minhas necessidades…

É aquela que me deu vida, amor, cuidado, enxugou minha lágrimas, corrigiu meus erros, me levantou de meus tombos, me deu conselhos, disse não na hora certa, é uma grande amiga, é um pai, é uma mãe, você é a única pessoa que consegue ser todas ao mesmo tempo, você comemorou as minhas conquistas.

Para esta mulher incrível, eis minha declaração incondicional de Amor!

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Hey, I was Lilly's anon about the rubber bands from earlier. Tysm for the answer on that, I've never gotten too far into hooks and magnets, so I'm still trying to figure out how to detag things. Could you recommend any stores that have gator tags or other tags that are easier to remove without a lot of real gear?

no worries :) and I can’t really recommend much without knowing where you live (and if you don’t live where I do I wouldn’t know as some places vary)

but from a mix of reading on tumblr and seeing myself, I can tell you PINK doesn’t tag their underwear, and if you live in Canada, La Senza doesn’t tag SHIT and there’s like 2 cameras. There are also a couple masterposts around that tell you how different stores tag, but again, remember it’s based on where THEY are.

the best thing is to take a day to scope out a mall yourself and see how/if stores tag their clothes and not only rely on online tips :)

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How did you lift from debenhams? The changing…

I live in a pretty crime low area, so the security isnt AS tight as in more major cities, I think. I got lucky with Debenhams because the Topshop section in mine was completely deserted. There were no attendants and I basically could have gone in and shoveled half the store into my purse. Today I went and I used the attended changing rooms, and since the SA takes the items away from you to count them, I recommend concealing the item in a blindspot and then going and detagging in the changing rooms. My place had like 2 cameras in the shoe and bag sections, though yours might be different. I saw very few in the mens section too. I think the time of the day plays a big part too, go close to opening times or closing times (opening on week days especially!) when the SAs are less likely to have their bearings together.

And for boots, it depends on the size of your store I think. In smaller stores Ive concealed small items just by finding aisles that didn’t have cameras right above them (in mine they are in an alternating pattern) and looked at the soaps with one hand and slipped pencils and stuff into my bag with the other ones. My big one is open plan too, but it has a second story that sells pharmaceuticals and clothes and has fewer cameras. I found none by the baby section, though you’d probably have to dress/look the part of an adult if youre planning on concealing there (I probably looked sus af with the way I dressed on that day lol.)

Make sure your bag is easy for slipping small cosmetics into! Mine is a small structured shoulder bag that looks closed even when I keep it open so its easy to shove things into your sleeves, move around and as your taking something else slip it in.

As for the cafe, not sure what yours looks like but mine is always filled with people and has a camera right opposite it, so just be careful no customers see you and that you look natural!!!

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How do you remove pencil tags? I can't seem to find the security tag masterpost so I thought I'd ask you x

i wish i could find it for you but its deep in my blog! but anyways. you can detag them with magnets. since theyre fairy weak tags i think you can detach it with just neodynium magnets (:

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ok this is the former control-alt-lift (I deleted about a month ago) and i was liftin today from the mall and i was in VS and I cut out two little pencil tags and stuffed them in my bra to conceal somewhere later and then i TOTALLY FORGOT they were in there and left vs,went to bbw, bareminerals, teavana, and f21 and I only beeped in f21 (i was so confused but i just figured i forgot to detag and i was leaving anyways)but they didnt check my bag bc i was there for 15 sec (1/2)