Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)



After The god of destruction Beerus decided to not destroy the Earth, the planet is back again in peace. But, Sorbet and Tagoma, previous Freeza’s servants, decide to revive his leader using the Dragon balls. Succesful in his plan, Freeza decides to return to Earth to start his revenge against the saiyans who humillated him once.

I dare say that if you are a decent human being, you will have a problem and deep remorse over being unkind and hurtful to someone else, or over killing an animal, or over doing anything destructive to nature.
—  Sereno Sky, author of “Lonly Traveller”

After the chaos ensued, one of my favorite moments from today was Queen Jackie’s smug, satisfied and serene smile before she napped, probably dreaming about the complete demise and destruction of the Shit Sense.

Stimmy Game

Powder game, or Dust, is a physics simulator featuring around 45 different objects, materials, and substances. You can create tiny landscapes made of vines, stone, water, magma, etc, all represented as individual pixels.

You can also spawn living creatures, like ants which dig tunnels, birds that flock together and fly around, or tiny people. (Players can be moved with WASD and arrow keys, fighters arent controlled and kick themselves around.)

Everything is destructable, and magma/fire/wind create beautiful colors.


By 16 July 1943, Operation Zitadelle was officially over. The II. SS-Panzerkorps, consisting of Leibstandarte, Das Reich and Totenkopf Division, was responsible for 1149 tanks destroyed, along with the destruction of 459 anti-tank guns, 85 aircraft and 47 artillery pieces, as well as 6441 prisoners taken during the period 5-16 July 1943. The soldiers endured the stress of battle around the clock during the offensive.

Why must every villain be an INTJ?

Every type has the potential to be a bad guy.

Not to mention how many opportunities we’re missing by not bothering to have the other types as villains.

Imagine a silly ENFP villain who keeps getting sidetracked when she’s trying to explain her devious plans and constantly goes off topic, and can’t stick to one scheme because she sees so many possibilities for destruction.

Imagine an ENTP villain who invents a million different kinds of wacko malevolent machines meticulously designed to destroy you– unless of course you’re that one person who makes the less-used Fe kick in and he battles with his own guilt, until he inevitably settles on finding a way to program the machines to avoid JUST you.

Imagine a villainous ESFP who enthusiastically steals nice things to fill her home with– only to get caught each time due to poor planning before inevitably getting out of it each time by befriending whoever catches her.

Imagine a disillusioned ISTJ villain who’s somehow become convinced that whatever he is doing is right simply because it’s the way things have always been done and is actually a pretty cool dude under the surface– once he opens his eyes.


I’m tired of INTJs being the only one who can get typed as a villain, and besides we have to admit– if all villains were INTJs, would the villains be failing so often? No. INTJs prefer to work behind the scenes, meticulously planning for all possible scenarios, never making their intention obvious. If they were going to play bad guy they would make sure they do it right.

God forbid any villain actually be an INTJ– if so, we are doomed.

25 spoilers on what to expect

Here are some sneaky teasers on what there is to look forward to during the massive week.

1. Ross is at his mischievous best. He is in self destruct mode and determined to wreck the big day – and his stand off with Cain is electric.

2. Robert’s ruthless side is well and truly back as he sets out to blackmail a stunned Chrissie.

3. The first injury happens very early on – when Kerry has an awkward but hilarious incident on the fairground slide.

4. Val is wearing the best hat out of everyone – as you’d expect.

5. Aaron has a bit of trouble figuring out quite how Moses is related to Adam. Bless.

6. The fairground and wedding sets are brilliantly made up and the community scenes of the children playing are pretty magical. The sense of foreboding and impending doom is also very real.

7. Debbie looks as stunning as you’d expect in her dress and Chas and Moira are also looking pretty on point if we may say so.

8. Ross is left on the edge of a cliff by Cain leading to a dramatic fall that could spell the end for him.

9. Val and Diane are forced to settle their differences whilst locked in a hall of mirrors – and if some of Val’s lines don’t have you rolling on the floor laughing then you have no soul.

10. Val also takes pleasure in dropping lines like ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead there’ as she continues to play up to her fake death plot.

11. But how will Diane react when she discovers what her sister is plotting?

12. Vanessa’s plans to leave paint Adam as the bad guy so he seeks solace in the booze. This leads to a row with Victoria which he may end up regretting.

13. One randy wife calls her husband a ‘love weasel’. *Shudder*

14. Chrissie makes a whole new discovery about Robert that sets her off on a rampage.

15. Expect excellent performances from Louise Marwood as we see an unhinged Chrissie set fire to Robert’s car. Chrissie is most definitely a woman on edge.

16. Cain has a busy day – but his biggest fear is an unexpected one.

17. The wedding dancing of Andy, Cain, Sarah and April is a real spectacle to behold. Andy nails dad dancing whilst Cain is as awks as they come.

18. Belle and Zak are determined for Kyle and Joanie to attend the party but will stubborn Cain relent?

19. Which former couple are caught sharing a smooch?

20. The stunt is spectacular and will leave your heart in your mouth.

21. When those credits roll on Tuesday, you will scream in frustration.

22. Expect to cry. The aftermath is even more amazing than the spectacle itself and the performances are sublime.

23. There are twists – every time you think you have a handle on what is happening, a curveball is thrown.

24. Not everyone survives. When you drop a helicopter on a village hall after blowing up a car with gas cannisters, you’d expect fatalities. But which village favourites will meet their maker?

25. The stage is set for some brilliant future storylines. The results of what happens will be felt for months to come in the village. Emmerdale is on fire right now, beyond the literal sense, and this is a week of soap that you do not want to miss.

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To be honest I think that Hulk is one of the most underrated characters and it makes me so sad

Because like his story is so complex, he was a nuclear scientist and he literally sacrificed himself for this teenager and was hit by a nuclear blast full-on

And he became this thing that he hated, he despises himself, and at first it was every single sunset that he would become a giant gray monster

Eventually that changed and if he got just a little too excited, he would become a giant green monster that barely knew himself, had no memories whatsoever

He can’t stand this monster, and it’s such a metaphor for other people because we all have that one side of us that we hate and comes out sometimes when we’re angry or afraid

I mean he’s tried to kill himself, he’s done experiments on himself to try to either fix himself or kill himself, he wants so much to just help instead of hurt people in the process, which he’s shown since the beginning

And he can be so destructive in his “other form” which isn’t even himself, it’s a completely different person and thing

But when he meets the Avengers and they take him in, he’s finally happy.  He has a family that isn’t abusive.  I mean his father was alcoholic and literally murdered his mother because she loved him.

Tony and him have such a dynamic when they’re together in the lab and they compliment each other.  And instead of being afraid of him or even reminding him of his “other personality”, they avoid it because they know it’ll hurt him so much if he thinks about it.

Natasha knows specific ways to calm him down and help him out physically and emotionally after an “incident”, and they all know what to say and especially what not to say

It makes me so sad and so happy at the same time because he’s finally happy with these people

I want another Hulk movie

Pay attention to the bad things you do to yourself, the shitty situations you put yourself in, and the people you allow to take advantage of you. You might just realize you’re hurting yourself without even knowing it. It never really clicks in your head until it’s too late


Because our amazingly caring & insightful Candice has brought to our attention yet ANOTHER disgusting and idiotic human, I would like to take this moment to reiterate my stance on hunting. The logic behind it does not exist. You are murdering animals in their natural habitat for what? For your own pride and self-enjoyment? What joy & pleasure does intentionally ending the life of another living creature give you? Humans have already damaged the environment enough with our unconscious decisions & selfish actions. How could we allow members of our own species to contribute to further destruction by harming innocent animals who are simply living in the wild and not affecting human society? And what makes this all worse is that these hunters are endangering precious species that are rapidly dropping in numbers because of them. Discussing this topic is tiring, yet absolutely necessary in times when there is not enough awareness to put an end to this senseless human act. We humans are forgetting that we do not own all the land or all the waters; we share this planet with other living creatures. ALL animals have the right to live and no human - regardless of political, financial, or social status - has the right to take that away.

Dear Walter Palmer and Kendall Jones,

You two serve as representatives for a group of ignorant, sick-minded pieces of trash who deserve all the hate in the world for your disgusting & unacceptable actions. There is no credible justification for your appalling impact on the natural world. Congratulations on adding to humanity’s deplorable reputation. May you both not only receive the proper punishments in the future, but also suffer in shame & guilt for the rest of your lives.


Everybody in the world with a working brain

Emmerdale spoilers: Death and destruction as Chrissie Sugden causes a HELICOPTER to crash into the wedding

Life is about to change forever in Emmerdale after a marital dispute between Chrissie and Robert Sugden spirals spectacularly out of control – leading to death and destruction in the village where Debbie and Pete’s wedding is taking place.

Setting fire to Robert’s car during an argument, Chrissie sets into motion a shocking chain of events which sees a gas canister blown into the sky. Pete has hired a helicopter to whisk his new wife away and, as soap luck would have it, the cannister collides with it, sending it plunging down towards the unluckiest village in the UK.

As Chrissie and Robert look on in terror at what has happened, Dan Spencer is stunned to see the vehicle careering towards the village hall – where Pete has just discovered his wife’s betrayal with his brother Ross. It’s too late to warn everyone in time however, as the helicopter smashes in to the building, causing the ceiling to cave in.

It’s just the beginning of a massive nightmare for everyone involved. With many residents trapped and the rest of the building threatening to cave in at any stage, locals face a race against time to make it to safety. And the helicopter could burst into flames at any point.

Meanwhile, the fires rage on at the scrapyard, leaving Adam trapped in a burning car whilst warring Val and Diane are locked inside the fairground hall of mirrors, unaware of the nature of what is unfolding around them.

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I wish no boy or girl would have to go through heartbreak so early. I wish boys wouldn’t burn their skin with their cigarettes to feel something. I wish girls wouldn’t have to starve themselves to fit into a pair of $30 jeans. I wish adolescents didn’t have the desire to do self destruction to themselves or set their hearts on fire. And most of all, I wish adolescents could wake up one day without feeling the void in their hearts, wake up to a feeling of “it’s going to be okay, Oh god I’m going to be okay”
—  6:38 PM, breathe