• The fandom:*Introduce you the easy ship, the one that most likely will happen, that has camstriy, a nice storyline and no pain*
  • Me:*Sees only the ship that probably won't have a romantic relationship, has a great chemistry, amazing backstories, angst, are 'just friends', slow build, with lots of pain and are perfect for each other in every way. A ship that is an endless pit of misery that you'll never crawl out of....*
  • The fandom:...
  • Me:Yep, that's the one! I will ship this till the end of my days!
The Unexplicit Answer

In previous meta, I’ve mentioned what the season 9 opening song could mean for Dean. The question “Who do you love?” was obvious and an answer was supposed to be given by the end of the Carver era. The end of the era hasn’t arrived yet because Supernatural got renewed for one more season, so many of the things that were supposed to be resolved simply got dragged.

Who does Dean love? His family. We already knew that, of course. He even reminded us this season that “family don’t end with blood”. However, the showed gave us two specific people that Dean loves. His Colette and his Abel.

In 9x11, we were told that Colette loved Cain unconditionally. She only asked for one thing: TO STOP. Isn’t it interesting that in the final encounters Dean had with Cas (in 10x22) and Sam (in 10x23), the only one who asked Dean to stop was Castiel? Sam said, “You have to be stopped at any cost, I understand”. Cas, on the other hand, used the actual words, “Dean, stop”.  

Dean couldn’t bring himself to kill either Cas or Sam. His love for them was so big that he found the strength to stop himself before it was too late. Some time ago I wrote this about Cain:

“What made Cain stop? The love HE felt for Colette. It wasn’t the love SHE felt for him that made him stop. It was what HE felt, what she made him feel. He was the one who decided to stop. CAIN WAS STRONG ENOUGH. He was the ONLY one who could make the conscious decision to stop. But Colette was the one that believed in him and made him feel worthy.” (x)

Some people might suggest that both Cas and Sam were Dean’s Colette. I disagree. I think the parallels to Colette and Abel are pretty clear. HOWEVER, I believe Dean’s love for BOTH SAM AND CAS was what made him stop. We could never question Dean’s love for his little brother even if we wanted to (which we don’t, really!). He’s been like a surrogate parent for Sam all his life. He’s sold his own soul for his brother! The whole show has always been about the love Dean has for Sam. It’s not surprising Dean couldn’t kill him. The thing is that Dean got very close to killing Cas, too, but he found a way to stop. Somehow, Dean also loves Castiel. Does Dean love Cas more than he loves Sam? I don’t think so. At all. But I do think the love he feels for both of them is different.

Remember that Dean is not really with the whole “love… and love”, right? Two categories. Just as Cain’s love for his brother Abel was very different from the one he felt for his wife Colette.

If Dean had killed Cas, “I suspect that would [have] hurt something awful” (Cain’s words in 10x14) even if Cas is not Sammy.

In conclusion, maybe we didn’t get something explicit, but the show answered the question: Who does Dean love? Who are the “love… and love” in Dean’s life? Surprise! The answer is Cas and Sam.