Can anyone please lend me their tux for my wedding :C

The person I ordered a custom from blew it. They made something that looks like poorly made pajamas for me. Literally unwearable. Despite the fact that she makes incredible really well-made pieces for her own cosplays, but that’s not the point of this. The point is that… I can’t wear that to my wedding and I need a tux to wear before October 15th but I’ve blown my budget on the failed “tux” 

My betrothed is gonna be in Princess Serenity wedding dress and she dun wanna look overdressed next to me

All I wanted was blue and tailcoats but I will settle on literally any tux I don’t have to spend another fortune on, now. Shipping is probably less than the cost of a tux.

Does anyone who would wear a men’s small or a woman’s medium, have a tuxedo they could lend me somehow?  ORZ 

And I don’t say it, but I can’t help but to think that she might never find what she’s looking for. She’s always laughing just a little too loud, or answering just a little too quickly, or holding onto things that she should’ve let go of years ago….She is so thirsty for love that she drowns in it every time.
—  Poetry At Most
It’s hard when you have a gaping hole in your chest but you can’t show it to anybody because no one can see it, you can’t either, you just feel it, you feel a hole in your chest from all the pieces missing, from all the pieces you gave away, from all the pieces people took away without your permission.
It is hard to describe it to others and you often come across as an attention seeker or a liar or just pathetic but you know you aren’t and you don’t know how to convince people

i am not a liar or an attention seeker, i am just fucked up // @justscribbledwords



So I was doing an economics course which required you to create your own fake company.. and I found these.. someone named their firm CLEXA and CLARKE GRIFFIN and ALYCIA ADC CLAN and LUTHOR (btw “studio commercialista” is italian for “accounting firm”)

GUYYYSSSSS..I FOUND A GAY™   im so excited about this cuz I never had a friend who shares my passion for these shows and characters..

I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE.. I don’t know how though.. in my school there are like.. 800 people 😭

If the winner theory holds true Josh will win bb19! Since big brother did the new intros the winner has always been next to the person who was the second evicted. Even though Megan self evicted she was still the second person to leave