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I have ten creatures on the field and the enchantment dragon tempest. If I were to play descent of the dragons, sacrificing all ten creatures, how would the second effect of dragon tempest play out?

Dragon Tempest’s second ability will trigger ten times, once for each of the dragon tokens. They all enter the battlefield simultaneously and so each of the triggers will deal damage equal to the number of dragons you control when it resolves. (So 10 in this case if nothing happens before the triggers resolve.)

Friends To Lovers (4) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three

Actor’s Job - phillestatos

Summary: As an actor, Dan’s job is to fall in love. In order for him to do a good job in a film, he has to fall in love with the role he’s playing, he has to love what he’s doing, so it won’t feel like a job.  It’s just that it wasn’t Dan’s job to fall in love with his co-star.

A Romantic Turn Of Events - adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Dan and Phil go out for the day and realize something neither of them had expected.

A Sleepless Night With Dan (ao3) - cockwhoredan

Summary: Dan and Phil live together, and they’re just friends. One night Dan can’t sleep. Naturally, he decides to give Phil a blowjob.

A Slow Descent - phan-panda

Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is a secret usually best left untold. Phil Lester, however, has never been good at keeping secrets.

Brighton Bound - cafephan

Summary: After a series of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have an ulterior motive.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? - echohowell

Summary: It only takes a two hour wait and a couple of disney songs for Dan ad Phil to realise that they’re in love.

He’s Stuck In His Daydream - extrememehowell

Summary: imagine if dan was daydreaming of telling phil he’s in love with him, and starts talking out loud and having a conversation of him and phil admitting their love for each other and then phil hears and is like what.

If Only He Predicted Rain - itstotallynot3eighteenam

Summary: The YouTube career path unfortunately never worked out. After Dan had moved in with Phil and did the Christmas special for the BBC they knew it was over from there. They loved Phil’s passion for his hidden love behind the meteorology and weather, despite his degree in the English language. After Dan studied hard for his upcoming resit exam and being able to pass into the next semester of uni, he knew he was going to become a lawyer. After going down a troubling road, the two finally meet again.

Little Moments (ao3) - ReederJoe

Summary: When Dan Howell breaks his ankle, he’s forced to let Phil take care of him. An accidental kiss brings them closer than ever before, but sometimes, the silver lining is too heavy for the clouds.

No Strings - phangirlingforphan

Summary: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents - phansdick

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.

Pretend - lesteresce

Summary: “Hey Dan,” Phil said suddenly, gripping his mug as he holds it under the coffee machine, his face lighting up in the way it does when he’s finally gotten the take on a video. “What if,” he says slowly, savouring the words in his mouth. “We pretended, just for one day, that we had no idea who the other person is?”

Science Projects And Bullies (ao3) - Angel_Of_Darkness1

Summary: Dan Howell is one of the popular kids who is invited out to parties all the time and is every ones friend. Phil Lester is one of the losers who is hated by everyone and beaten up everyday by Dan and his friends.. So when Phil finds out that he has a science project, and his partner is the one and only Dan Howell, you can only imagine why he is so absolutely terrified and done with life.

Scream Into The Void (ao3) - tinyspacebear

Summary: The local record shop by Dan’s new flat was filled with eccentric characters. There was Leo, the oddball American who owned the place, PJ who knew everything there was to know about putting on a good concert, Carrie who was the most talented person Dan had ever known, and then there was Phil. Phil with his tattoos and dyed hair who loved flowers just as much as Dan did.

Thanks To Tyler - dilisinlove

Summary: Tyler finds out that Dan likes Phil and that Phil likes Dan. Tyler then plays matchmaker, kinda.

Vulnerable - flowerpowerhowell

Summary: Phil got his ex girlfriend pregnant and Dan and Phil are having a hard time dealing with it.

Ilvermorny Headcannon #36

The people of non-American descent LOVED Quidditch and the typical ‘Mericans loved Quodpot, like football. So it’s like football vs soccer. And when there’s a Quodpot game and a Quidditch game, the student body is split right down the middle?
“Where’s Tomas?”
“Oh, he went to the Quidditch game, you know his mom was the chaser-whatever that is- for the Barcelona Brigades?”
“What’s a chaser? Is that like a scorer?”
*both friends shrug and continue to watch the Quodpot game*

Race Is Voice-Deep

The English Caribbean has very few people of exclusively European descent. However, we /do/ have a (slightly larger) minority of fair-skinned and -haired people who would be “”“Black”“” by the American one drop rule. These are the “Caribbean Whites”, and my brain parses them as “White” because, in my culture, they are.

Similarly, “”“Black”“” Americans with creamy skin and light brown eyes are white to me, no matter how many drops they’ve got.

/However/, African American Vernacular English seems to very clearly follow the one drop rule, and it immediately parses as Black to me. This has been known to cause confusion.

All of this is to say that, on my way through airport security, I stood behind this white guy. Near the end, he asked me if I wanted to skip ahead of him, and I failed to stop myself before blurting out “Were you secretly Black this whole time!?”

For some reason, I don’t think I ever properly appreciated Homo neanderthalensis for what it was: a species with a common ancestor to modern humans. I guess, in the recesses of my brain, I’d considered them a separate species with their own evolutionary past that just so happened to look like us, a case of convergent evolution. But I was reading The Ancestor’s Tale this morning and had what feels like a very delayed epiphany. We are kin with a geologically recent common ancestor.

Some scientists even consider them to be properly classified as H. sapiens neanderthalensis–a subspecies of H. sapiens, just as we are. 

Instead of a separate lineage, they are of the same descent as us. To give a modern-day comparison, they’re the tigers to our lions. They diverged from our common ancestor and developed a set of different adaptations than their “sister” lineage, resulting in a different appearance… but inwardly, they were so very much alike. They too had complex, hominid brains; they made tools, hunted large animals for their prey, gathered plants to eat. There’s evidence that suggests they actually made mobile shelters and would set up camps as they hunted and gathered. They were so very, very like us, and they are of the same blood, the same descent, as we are.

I just feel a whole lot more kinship with them now than I ever did before…

“I was born in Nigeria. I am of Indian descent. I am a surviving twin. I started kindergarten and finished high school in New Jersey. By definition, I am considered an immigrant, but most of all, I am an American. 

I am considered a minority. My color, my sexual identity, and my sobriety, but one thing I refuse to be is unstoppable. I have been given a gift of leading a better life with all I have been through so far. Lucky for me, I get to pass that gift on.” Jacob Ittycheria (Los Angeles, CA) for #ColorMeEqual

This is Justin Holland. He was an American guitarist, community leader and most importantly a Black man who worked with white people to help slaves on the Underground Railroad (network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century enslaved people of African descent in the United States in efforts to escape to free states and Canada with the aid of abolitionists), and an activist for equal rights for African Americans.

Today, July 26, marks his 197th birthday and I’d like us all to honor his memory. He was one of those people who made our future possible. God knows what we would have been doing if it weren’t for him. Slavery could have been still alive and well.

#BlackLivesMatter   #JustinHolland

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Naveen Andrews was actually born and raised in England, though he's of Indian descent. Oded Fehr is Israeli, so much closer to actual Arabia, so I'm so looking forward to that bit of (accidental, probably, this is still Once) accuracy!

Oh. I didn’t know that about Oded! That’s interesting. And very good casting choice. (I do love Naveen also, don’t get me wrong)

“Accidental accuracy” yeah… yeah that is OUAT for ya, isn’t it?

Can someone please check if the Aussie actor playing Aladdin is from a Middle Eastern descent? I think he is but just want to be clarified.

EDIT: Turns out Deniz Akdeniz (Aladdin) is Turkish-Australian. Thanks @freifraufischer and @thebigmick284 for informing me of this

Thank you, nonnie <3


~~==Unraveling my world ==~~

(( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK2_tQD6nYA ))

The sound of waves crashing against the northern coasts of the empty side of Dravania rang out through the gentle yet billowing winds from the world beyond. The sun hadn’t began it’s descent into the evening hours as birds within the distance of the skies above squawked their idle murmurings of idle life. Below on the coastal cliffs, there stood a singular Xaela, a peculiar sword flickering colors of red and blue strapped to her back. Behind her a dragon, aged from time and battle sat idly. The beast towered over the Au ra despite it’s relaxed position. 

The two arrived to the cliff only hours before, per the xaela’s request of a place of quiet, a place of peace and thought. The dragon who’d volunteered to take her was none other than a dear friend to her. They shared a livelihood of unknowing of their own past. That juncture alone brought them close. With the permission of mother Vidofnir the two were granted leave from Anyx Trine to the hubble of peace and quiet.

The Xaela, small in her stature, was wearing a tattered and beaten silver dyed coat, a pair of similarly worn goggles were placed on her head as the sword on her back was released from it’s sheathe to be planted firmly into the ground with a practiced motion.

“We’ve got all the time in the world kid.. The moogle messengers won’t be here till a few more hours… take your time.”

The sword spoke gently, a dulcet tone coming from the peculiar metal blade, a personality embedded in the ancient Allag weapon lifetimes ago once had their own life.. a life not so easily forgotten, and not so easily regretted. Bucky, was a name it had taken to some centuries ago by a previous owner.. and through the time the blade itself saw lives pass, and forgotten but this one.. his owner, Maidari, formerly Ellie.. stemmed from the life of Eloise, was someone he never wanted to forget.. or be left behind by.

The xaela reached up to pluck the goggles off her head, straightening out the ribbons in her hair. An audible sniffle could be heard from her as the goggles were strung onto the sword’s cross guard. The dragon who sat several fulms away shifted into a more rested position, watching the coast and for their guests that have yet to arrive. One of their arms going to push a small yet hefty crate toward the au ra.

“Let yourself not forget the contents of this, my dear.. Brought by your request; your former life’s armor and weapons. These will be noticed missing.. you know this.”

“S’I know.. But who’re they goin’ to remember when the thin’s go missin..?” Ellie asked quietly to her friend, a solemn look upon her face as she tore her gaze away and back to the washing coast. The xaela shook her head slowly as her amber gaze beset along the horizon’s waters.

“Remember the me.. The way i used to be..♪”

Ellie’s voice carried a tone of bittersweet notes as her heart shivered at the thought of recalling old memories from Eloise and her own.. Maidari’s, yet her face fixated to the open seas before her as she began something that she in both her lives.. Hasn’t done in years.. Sing.

“Oh won’t you tell me, please just tell me..” ♪

“Explain how this should work..” ♪

“Well now who could it be..?”♪

“That lives inside of me..?”♪

Maidari took steps to the side, to place a hand on her heart as silent tears crested over, rolling down her cheeks. The sun seemed like an angel to the dire in need, her own heart aching as every note took her to different thoughts.. Her face solemn.

“I’m broken, lying helpless, shattered..”♪

“Surrounded by the world..”♪

“And yet, you’re smiling bright.”♪

“Completely blind to life..”♪

The silver clad xaela started to slowly sway with her words, every note tugging on her heart as a song much older than she ever was echoed through her mind. A song that she heard so long ago in Othard, so long ago.. Sung by an old love.. An old life..

“My ruptured lungs, they were left this way..”♪

“For once, i’m out of breath..”♪

“The truth i seek never felt so bleak but..”♪

“I maintain my depth..”♪


One by one several moogles wearing their signature mail attire fluttered by the dragon on watch then to the sword who sat, plunged into the coastal ground. Silent they were, respective of who stood.. They were called for a reason..  Maidari glanced back as her words carried on, her steps seeming to float toward an open crate..

Within it, the remnants of a life gone by, a life well lived, yet ended so short.. The life of Eloise Daemond..

“I’m breakable, unbreakable..”♪

“I’m shaking yet, unshakable..”♪

“Until the day that you find me..”♪

Shaking hands slid into the open crate, pulling out the helm Eloise used to always wear, the helm of the behemoth.. Worn and beaten, dents and faint traces of blood never cleaned. The face of her own.. The face of the Knight. Sworn protector of the weak and innocent.. Life hidden away in fear of pain.. In fear of loss..

“I’ll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence..”♪

“Consuming life-force ‘til I grow distant..”♪

“Don’t bother searching for somebody like me..”♪

“A fading no one..”♪

At the reflection of her own within the visor, Ellie saw the pain.. She saw the loss as if it were her own, the memories of another taking over as her voice carried on the sadness in her heart. Eloise in The Knight’s armor stood in an open field outside of Ul’dah, shaking as a miqo’te with maroon hair held her, tears rolling down her cheeks only to be pulled and pried away by The Knight themself.. Throwing the miqo’te to the ground then attempting to run away from a love unkept now lost..

“I don’t want to hurt you, it’s not my nature..”♪

“A monster born from dusk to dawn can’t be your saviour..”♪

“Remember the me, the way I used to be..”♪

Tearing her amber eyes away from the helm she held, shaking hands would set it into a fitting package, once it was placed, a small note bearing only a single message would be placed in as one of the moogles would close the box, hefting it with their mogstrength. What seemed to be a bow from them before bounding off to the recipient..

“As who i still should be..”♪

There would be several more.. Maidari’s words shook, her lungs taking breath whenever her words were silent. The coastal winds seemed to dance along with her coat as her goggles fluttered, still clinging onto her sword’s cross guard. The dragon who watched their own friend in the emotional pain couldn’t do anything but listen to her pained words..

“The isolation spreads and tears,”♪

“Those happy days pierce into me..”♪

“These lonely memories cease to care..”♪

“They spread throughout my history..”♪

As the xaela would carefully retrieve another memento from the crate, she’d find herself lifting an old photo with what looked to be an ivory necklace wrapped around it.. The photo was was herself, Maidari standing along with her clan. Happier memories of her life before.. Before the war.. Her life in Othard..

“I’ll never move.”♪

“I’ll never lose.”♪

“I’ll never move..”♪

“I’ll never lose..”♪

“I’ll never move…”♪

“I’ll never lose you…”♪

“Unraveling the world..”♪

Amber eyes moved to the faces whom were recalled from memory.. All the life they had.. The happiness.. The love.. All of it.. She’d never forget them.. No matter how much time had passed..

“At once, i start changing..”♪

“Yet everything’s remaining..”♪

“These lives i felt would join as one,”♪

“They fade away before they’ve begun..”♪

She didn’t need a package for the photograph, Mai simply handed it with quivering grip to the moogle who’d put it into one of their safest bag pockets, a bow from them before fluttering off, away in no direction in particular.. Bound for a memory far far away..

“I’m breakable, unbreakable..”♪

“I’m shaking yet, unshakable..”♪

“Until these hands contaminate you..”♪    

Ellie would take into the crate once more, her words carrying every note as if they were everlasting. A voice of sweet mellifluence sang their pained yet honeyed words ever onward..

“I’ll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence..”♪

“Consuming life-force ‘til I grow distant..”♪

“Don’t bother searching for somebody like me..”♪

“A fading no one..”♪

Despite all her former life had seen.. All it had saved.. All it had killed.. Her memory would be a dying one.. As those who once knew her faded away, friendships long forgotten.. Loves long lost.. All moving on as a The Knight’s light was simply put out. A thought that echoed in Eloise’s mind long before she thought to ever say goodbye.. But it was something far from the truth..

“This lonely space held into place by someone crazy..”♪

“Shall melt away like dawn to day as things get hazy..”♪

“So please think of me.. The way i used to be..”♪

“As who i really should be..”♪

One by one the xaela would pull out mementos.. All regarding Eloise’s life and her own.. Sending them off with the troupe of moogles that she requested.. The items from the crate all ranging from pictures to a full set of armor, the very same she wore.. All bound to people from her past and her former’s.. Something that would help them never forget who they once knew.. The Knight, Eloise.. Maidari..

“So don’t forget me..”♪

“You can’t forget me..”♪

“You won’t forget me..”♪

“Please don’t forget me..”♪

“WIth changing inside i’m completely paralyzed..”♪

“Remaining corrupt as i wish for paradise..”♪

“Remember the me, the way I used to be..”♪

As Maidari emptied the crate tears of her own fell onto the ground as she watched the moogles drift away.. Packages in tow, she’d then look away, her voice quivering yet still singing as she neared the end. Throughout her own lyrics she found herself swaying idly dancing as any performer would.. Her small audience watching in solemn happiness as Ellie said her goodbyes to the lives she lived before.. The past in Othard and the one ever so recent in Eorzea..

“Oh, won’t you tell..”♪

“Oh, please just tell..”♪

“Well now who could it be..?”♪

“That lives inside of me…”♪

Her voice reached the final notes of crescendo and song, her heart aching as her mind drifted to all the thoughts and memories she’d said goodbye to.. To those who knew her lives before.. So they could know that time had moved on.. To know that they no longer are who she was.. Who she has been.. And who used to be.. The pain of goodbye, lacking of the personal semblance was all still something that pained the lone Xaela..

The sun had only just begun to crest on the horizon.. Auburn colors burning the sky orange and amber.. Maidari’s song had ended, tears streaming silently down her cheeks as her shaking arms would wrap around her stalwart and steel companion.. One who had listened from the very beginning..

“They won’t ever be forgotten.. You made sure of that, kid..”

“Thou art brave and with the most noble of intentions. Their memories will be preserved in their comrades.. Let us head home..”

Ellie looked back to her dragon companion, wiping away the tears from her eyes with a nod. The goggles around Bucky now placed upon her head as the sword would be placed onto familiar straps upon her back.

“Let’s go..”

“I’ll never forget them.. Eloise or my own.. So many years before..”

“Remember me.. The way i used to be..”

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(Just passin by and saw the vietnamese Keith discussion). Keith is canonically of south-east asian descent - so this headcanon may very well a thing that is very much possible in canon! (Dropping in with superfluous commentary 👌)

AHH I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS CONFIRMED??? A couple of the artists on the crew were very “yes that’s possible!” but aaa it’s so cool to hear that they’ve canonized it, thanks for this!!!

((i do wanna see where it says this tho PLEASE LINK ME <3))

My Current Dragon Age Problem

There’s. So. Much. To. Do. I’m overwhelmed. In the two years (roughly) since this game came out, I have yet to beat it. I own it on PS3, PC, and PS4 (granted the last one was because my PC is shit and can’t run Inquisition well and PS3 looks like literal trash).

I’ve romanced Cassandra this play through. I did the Descent DLC. Still need to beat the main game. So many side quests. Companion quests. Collection quests. QUESTS. Board missions. Ugh. Too many! It makes my head hurt trying to find out what to do next.

And is there a retraining option for the specialization you choose? I wanted to be a Reaver, I am now, but the way the class functions is so counterintuitive to the way I play by stacking a shitton of guard. I should have been a Champion or whatever Blackwall’s spec is.

Not sure if I’m missing something but I keep seeing people say that Tony Revolori (the kid playing Flash Thompson in the new Spiderman movie) is Indian. It was my understanding he’s of Guatemalan descent? Just wanted to clarify because I don’t want to misrepresent him either way when talking about this movie.

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Ok so I haven't watched dr strange yet, but can you please explain why everyone seems to hate it??

Whitewashing, my friend.

There are a lot of people who could definitely answer this question better than I can–anyone more than passingly familiar with Stephen Strange’s comics backstory and/or actual people of Asian descent, to name a couple examples–but I’ll do my best.

  • The origin of the character and his powers, a lot like Iron Fist but that’s a topic for another day that, once again, I’m not the most qualified to explain, has some… let’s say uncomfortable streaks of Orientalism (defined as “the representation of Asia… in a stereotyped way that is regarded as embodying a colonialist attitude” if you’re unfamiliar with the term). Basically, some white guy shows up in Tibet to learn the ~mystic secrets~ and becomes one of the most powerful people in the universe. Which, apparently, nobody from the actual culture could manage to do. If any of my followers have posts on hand that talk more about this and explain more clearly how it perpetuates colonialist attitudes, please link them!
    • so basically, using the origin story that appeared in the comics in 1963 in a major motion picture in 2016 is more than a little troubling. Many fans, when the movie was announced, were hoping for an Asian actor to be cast in the role to alleviate some of the more worrisome aspects of the narrative. That, of course, did not happen.
  • HOWEVER, the straw that broke the fandom’s back, so to speak, was the casting of the character of Yao, the Ancient One. Yao is a Tibetan sorcerer who acts as Strange’s mentor. He is, very clearly in the canon, an Asian person. Marvel cast Tilda Swinton in the role.
    • not only did Marvel remove the presence of a person of color who would have strong, personal ties to the culture claimed in the source material, but they did so while referring to their properties as having “a strong record of diversity.” They all but erased the Tibetan influence and replaced it with a Celtic one. Eurocentricism, anyone?
  • In short, the Dr. Strange movie is guilty of whitewashing in multiple ways. This post by @raptorific sums it up nicely:
    • “whitewashing” doesn’t just mean “taking a character of color and turning them white,” but also applies to “focusing disproportionately on the stories of white people,” “glossing over or altering parts of a story to make it more palatable or make white people look better,” and “treating ‘white’ as the default race”
    • and if that doesn’t sum up the whole debacle here I don’t know what does.

anonymous asked:

what do you think nancys background would be ? i did some research and o connel is most prevelant in south africa and it seems like frances and henry could be german

tbh I actually got the last names for nancy and the elsners from some european-descent last names list??? b/c I just figured they’d be of some european descent like the pasty white fucks they are LMAO………. i didn’t know that o’connel was south african though huh

i know some people have imagined frances being french and i could see that, i didn’t really do much in-depth research on where all the last names come from though

⁽ˢᵒʳʳʸ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵃᵖᵖʸ ᵇᵃᶰᶰᵉʳ⁾

In celebration of my descent into the SU fandom and 450 followers, I decided to start up an Amedot Network!


  • mbf nb amethyst
  • fill out this form (i know i know im sorry)
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  • multifandom blogs are ok, but must blog some SU
  • don’t be a terf/twef/swerf/etc.
  • track #amedotnw for updates
  • must get at least 40 notes or it never happened
  • applications end (around) september 1st (this may change)

if accepted you:

  • get a spot on the network page
  • get a tag to share your selfies, gifsets, icons, etc.
  • get a kik group chat to talk about how awesome amedot is(or whatever the applicants are most comfortable with)
  • get a follow from me (if not already)
  • get 1 text promo from me
  • must not start discourse or harass people in the group chat

(this may be edited more later)