Assassin’s Creed Full Movie (2016)
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Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender), a descendant of the mysterious secret society the Assassins, must use his deadly skills to battle the powerful Templar organization.

Initial release: December 21, 2016 (USA)
Director: Justin Kurzel
Cinematography: Adam Arkapaw
Production companies: Regency Enterprises, The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Genres: Action Film, Adventure Film, Science fiction film, Historical drama

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Do you think Adrien comes from a long line of Aristocrats or do you think Gabriel Agreste is new money?


Right now, it’s impossible to know 100%, because we know next to nothing about Adrien’s (and Gabriel’s) past, but I actually think they’re new money. I think Gabriel Agreste made his fashion empire himself, out of his own designs, and that’s where their millions come from. I think he made the company, because maybe if he had inherited the company, the fashion line would probably be called ‘Agreste’ and not ‘Gabriel.’ On the other hand, it’s possible that Gabriel’s father was also named Gabriel, hence, the name of the company; but then that would raise the question ‘If it’s tradition to name the son after the father, then why didn’t Gabriel name Adrien ‘Gabriel’, as well, then?’ My wording is kind of confusing… 

I don’t know how descendants of Aristocracy work in Europe, so I can’t make too many theories about it; But if they ARE from a line of Aristocrats, maybe Gabriel used the family money to start his company? So technically, it’s a mix of Aristocracy and new money…? There’s a lot of possibilities…. 

However, All that aside, I really want Adrien to come from a long line of Aristocrats, because 1. that’s always incredibly nice, and who wouldn’t want our sun prince to come from Aristocracy? And 2. We can use this gorgeous sentence:

“Adrien comes from a long line of Aristocats.

So it just dawned on me why Jay steals, and why Jafar makes him steal. Jafar was trying to turn Jay into another Aladdin. Because only Aladdin could get into the cave of wonders to get the lamp. If Jay could become just like Aladdin, he’d be able to find something just as amazing as the lamp, and he wouldn’t be denied entrance to somewhere for not being a diamond in the rough.

Idk why it took me this long to realize why he’d just be a thief. Though I’m still bitter he shows no sign of being able to use magic, considering Jafar was sorcerer.

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I suppose introductions are in order considering I just followed about 75 strangers on the internet (there’s a news bulletin written in here somewhere, I just know it). 

I don’t get why it’s a thing that you’re supposed to follow all these people when you sign up here, but I guess it’d be pretty pathetic if I just sat here ranting at myself, even though technically I do that on a regular basis, so maybe it wouldn’t have been that far off the mark. It would have also been pathetic if I only followed my three siblings. So there’s that.

Yesterday, I had a few hits of pot that was CLEARLY laced with god knows what, which led me to believe I was a descendant of Irish ancestors. Somehow, it made sense, and so I started to talk in an Irish accent for a good hour while I changed the Ham U’s homepage to an article about the Irish Potato Famine. Check it out, it might still be up.

Happy First Day!

Anyway, what’s up, I’m Olive. I’m from New York and just transferred here from NYU because I missed Bryson. Pathetic. And Graham. Weak. And maybe even Vincent. Whatever.

Now, where can a girl get a decent cup of coffee on this campus?



[t/n: Koneko is a german magazine that primary reports about anime, manga and japanese culture, but also has articles about K-Pop and korean culture.]

Monsta X is one of the most successful newcomer groups of the year. But what many over here maybe don’t know: The group is descended from the survival show „No.Mercy“, in which the sweat and tears of the 13 candidates coursed more than enough. We are not only introducing the group, but also the compelling show.

We entrust a detailed examination with these seven young men to whom Monsta X isn’t a household name. Because Shownu (Leader, Dancer, Vocal), Wonho (Vocal), Minhyuk (Vocal, Visual/ face of the group), Kihyun (Vocal), Hyungwon (Vocal, Dancer), Jooheon (Rapper) and I.M (Rapper, Maknae/ the Youngest) blow the wind of change, that hopefully lasts long, in the Hip-Hop scene of K-Pop.

Monsta X consists of the seven mentioned members, two rappers and five singers, and is under the management of Starship Entertainment. The name is composed of “Mon” (french for “my”), “sta” (an altered form of “star”) and a X (“unknown variable”). But one can gladly associate them with “Monster”, because Monsta X want to conquer the K-Pop world as such. The between 1992 and 1996 born members had to show off their talent in the TV production “No.Mercy”. There were 13 trainees in the beginning, each of them with the wish to debut.
But first of all at this point we should explain what trainees are. There are different labels in Korea, that should be known by a few of you, like S.M. Entertainment (EXO, SHINee, SNSD/ Girl’s Generation), JYP Entertainment (GOT7, miss A, Wonder Girls) and YG Entertainment (BIGBANG, PSY, 2NE1). Like said before, Monsta X have a contract with Starship Entertainment, like the groups SISTAR and Boyfriend. Collaborations within a label are by the way no seldomness, Wonho and Shownu for example can be seen in SISTAR’s music video “Shake It”.

These labels accept trainees over several years, so that they can perfect their abilities. To join in the age of 12 or 13 is standard - to train hard incidentally to school, which is quiet fastidious in Korea, is definitely not easy. To have more time for the training and to form a team spirit early on, one often lives under poor circumstances with other trainees. Sadly not everyone has a break through, so it’s not uncommon to change the label or stop completely if there is no chance for success.

From there it’s not a miracle that the candidates fell on the opportunity to join the show No.Mercy. The trainees have to proof their skills through the preparation of different missions and with it endure rigorous critics. But they also get the unique opportunity to collaborate with popular artists like Mad Clown, San E, Hyolyn (of SISTAR) and Giriboy. Over time many great songs are created, that can be all found on youtube.

Fans of GOT7 get their money’s worth too, the group has a short guest appearance in the first episode after the fact that singer and dancer Shownu almost debuted under JYP Entertainment gets published. Junior talks about how sad he was and even had to cry when Shownu was kicked out the company. The viewer slowly realizes how merciless the K-Pop world actually is. Trained has everyone with a lot of passion, partly over seven years, as rapper Jooheon.

The viewer also noticed how every family counts on the success of the candidates, because they themselves have to put up much financially to enable their kids the chance of a future as an “idol”. The age plays a big role as well. Many participants claim that this show is their last opportunity for fame or else they will be too old. And so the pressure rises for those who need to depend on debuting.

In the ten episodes of circa 47 minutes each, the members of Monsta X are chosen. The episodes can be viewed on the official “1theK” youtube channel with english subtitles. However, special caution should be hold while watching No.Mercy: The other candidates might grow on one too and then one wishes this or that candidate debuts instead of someone else. The hopes to see the one or other candidate in some form someday are high.

Even though Monsta X only exist since May this year, they published three singles and could celebrate big success in Korea. Everyone should definitely watch “Trespass”, “Hero” and “Rush”. As it’s typical in korean music video production, they are high quality as well. Their choreographies can be found on the internet and with it the numerous dance covers of fans. Their other tv show appearances, such as Weekly Idol or After School Club, are certainly interesting for every fan as well.

By the way, the fanbase is called “Monbebe” and can look forward to the next comeback. To pass the time until then, one can listen to Jooheons single “Flower Cafe”, in which Monsta X colleague I.M raps a few lines and singer-songwriter Sam Ock gives his best with his soft voice.

Source/Scans | Trans: Monsta-X.Com

Friendly Fire

Prompt: “Nurse Me”, wherein one characters heals another.
Summary: An apologetic Solas brings the Herald of Andraste something to help her get better. Pre-relationship.
Dedication: I’d like to dedicate this to the Friendly Fire setting (you g-damned asshole). And a big thank-you to my beta, @evilbunnyking

Quiet Me Drink Me Zip Me Zip Me (II) Tell Me

For all of Kingsway’s rainy, fickle weather, the Hinterlands rarely saw such storms as this. Descending in turbulent, icy violence, frost’s fingers had plucked her breath, stole the screams she was owed for withstanding such intensity, and wracked her body with pain. Shocked senseless, Ma’ven hit the ground, curled into herself for comfort, and whimpered. Without doubt, she was dying.

The elven apostate, Solas, who was standing some ways behind Ma’ven, looked very surprised. After all, the blizzard was of his own making.

When evening came a few short hours later, it was a hot one. But heat that should have been stifling couldn’t warm a body so shaken with magical cold. The Herald of Andraste, buried under six blankets, was resting when the door to the tent rustled and revealed Solas, clutching a bundle of bright, red flowers.

“You shouldn’t have,” Ma'ven rasped playfully, eyes settling on the blooms as the man sat in the spot next to her. It was where he usually slept, nestled snug between her and Cassandra, except now his blankets were missing. Ma’ven had taken them to add to her collection of coverings as she tried to warm up. They smelled like parchment and spice. And angry looks.

You shouldn’t have,” repeated Solas. His gaze was a death-glare of storming grey frustration, and his mouth, drawn thin by a frown, had lost all the usual plumpness of his pink lips.

She hadn’t known him for very long, but the Herald of Andraste dared to guess that maybe the man wasn’t too pleased.

“I… thought…” Clutching the layer closest to herself, Ma’ven sighed. If only clutching at excuses was so easy. “Why did you not cast a barrier before unleashing a blizzard bad enough to kill someone?”

With a disappointed shake of his head, Solas began pulling apart one of the lush embriums, which fell in pieces onto his lap.

“Because that was my aim: to kill someone. Or did you not notice the bandits pouring down upon us?” The stalk snapped loud and sharp like a slap. “Forgive me. I’d forgotten: you went into the midst of them. Of course you saw them.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have cast if you didn’t know what you were aiming at,” Ma’ven rebuked evenly. Settling back in her make-shift nest, she sniffled softly. “You’re wrecking my present.”

“They—“ Solas considered her words, then realized she was trying to diffuse the situation. “Embrium should counteract the more persistent effects of the spell.”

“I know,” Ma’ven affirmed, watching as his long fingers worked. Despite the lack of light, and that Solas’s presence wasn’t exactly pleasant at the moment, his hands still looked graceful. “And you’re using everything, not just the petals.”

“The roots, I believe, are the only part of the whole not worth keeping.”

Embrium, like elfroot, had this lovely medicinal smell that evoked strong memories within Ma’ven. Embrium smelled like silence in the sun as she watched or worked at Deshanna’s side. It reminded her of winter, of course, and the coughs born of cramped, crowded spaces as people huddled together for warmth in the aravels. But even the winter sniffles were a comfort, as they came around each year like a tradition. And, of course, to alleviate the sneezes which everyone was sharing as though a nice cup of cider, there was the embrium, whose presence opened up the lungs.

Shutting her eyes, and aware of the closeness of his body (although Solas wasn’t clan), Ma’ven was home for a moment. Home, where she wanted to be, because she always got so sorry for herself when feeling under the weather. Home, because these strangers were not yet friends, and everything was so new and hard.

“There are oils in the root which we would use on burns,” Ma’ven mentioned around a small cough as she took a deep breath of perfumed air. The released balm from the ripped up flowers was doing wonders for her. “Restorative, not preventative. So, you’re right: hardly worth keeping. In this situation, at least.”

“The wonders of Dalish medicine,” mused Solas. It earned a frown from the Herald.

“I may not be a warrior, Solas, but I know very well how to keep one in fighting condition. Take that as you will.”

“And therein lies our dilemma. You haven’t your Dalish warriors to protect you. You have only Varric, Cassandra, and I. But you also have you.” Solas’s tone became almost kind. “Your skills with spirit and healing are exceptional. Your barrier is strong – when you use it. However, you must stop relying on others to do your fighting for you. You cannot allow yourself, or the Mark, to remain vulnerable.”

“I—“ Ma’ven swallowed. “…Know that. It’s just hard for me to imagine using magic for anything but healing sword-wounds or slowing bleeding.”

“I’ve seen you summon fire before.”

Tell him. Tell him how you first came into your magic; how flames played around you, laughing like the other children. Little faces cheering; rounded porcelain and ebony cheeks, all lit up in the glow. Everyone excited under a night sky until screaming and pointing and ‘I did it’. Mother left the next day.

“That was to start a campfire, Solas. That was to make breakfast. It’s not the same as burning someone.”

Picking up another thick, healthy embrium, the man carefully ripped it apart.

“Such sensitivity is useless, and even dangerous, given our circumstances. A gentle heart will not seal the Breach.”

“I know.”

Solas glanced up from his work. “Then will you stop running into battle and brandishing your staff as though it were a club?”

Ma’ven watched his lips and mirrored his smirk. “Maybe. At least when you look like you’re thinking about summoning all of Wintermarch to take out one little skirmisher. I’ll certainly keep my distance then.”

The man chuckled.

“I admit: it has been some time since I’ve worked with anyone that wasn’t a spirit. An interesting opportunity presents itself, Herald. For you, and for myself.”

The woman hummed out a little sound of humour. “Ah, yes: the side-benefits of team work. I can singe off all your hair, and you can freeze me stiff as an icicle. Oh, right.” She smiled wickedly. “From the looks of it, we’re already working very well as a team.”

With one last stalk of embrium in his hands, Solas met her gaze. “If you promise not to burn me, I swear not to leave you cold.”

There was more poetry in his words than she’d expected. It was deliberate, surely – Solas didn’t do things casually.

Reaching out, Ma’ven gestured for the flower. Curious, Solas handed it to her.

“You shouldn’t have,” she repeated with the same playful tone as before.

After placing the torn up pieces at her side, Solas stood, and towered over her in the small tent. “I shall tell Cassandra you are well enough to eat.”

“Thanks,” Ma’ven said. She made a great display of putting the flower to her nose, and staring over the petals with a feigned suggestive expression.

“Well enough to cook, perhaps,” Solas smirked.

Ma’ven twirled her flower around in her fingers after he’d gone.

Three-toed Sloths seam to love the tropical weather in Costa Rica. - Three-toed sloths are arboreal (tree-dwelling), with a body adapted to hang by their limbs. They live high in the canopy, but descend once a week to defecate on the forest floor. Their long, coarse fur often appears greenish, not due to pigment, but to algae growing on it. Sloths’ greenish color and their sluggish habits provide an effective camouflage; hanging quietly, sloths resemble a bundle of leaves. Large, curved claws help sloths to keep a strong grip on tree branches. -Wikipedia ✨All of the pictures in my gallery are mine✨ ⠀ 💐🙏Thank you so much for the likes, follows and all of your kind and wonderful comments!! 🙏💐 ===============================

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