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Dhmis Short Fanfiction

    “Larry, will you please get off of me?” Asked Tony in an annoyed tone. Larry was leaning on Tony drunkenly while holding a bottle of apple juice. The lamp was always drunk, it seemed. He wasn’t depressed or anything, he just got drunk easily. None of the teachers knew why they had the ability of getting drunk off of apple juice, but they didn’t question it.

    “What do you call s-something that’s yellow and appealing?” Slurred Larry. Larry shook the glass bottle a small bit and a few drops of apple juice hit the floor. Tony let out an exasperated sigh. This damn lamp was so annoying.

    “What do you call it, Larry?” Tony asked in an enduring and painful tone.

    “A banana! G-get it?” slurred Larry while grinning playfully and giggling drunkenly. He nearly dropped the bottle and hiccuped. Tony sighed.

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” Laughed Tony sarcastically,”Now can you shut up and leave me alone?!” Quickly snapped Tony at Larry. Larry slurred some nonsense while smiling, and ended up dropping the glass apple juice bottle and the glass shattered everywhere on the floor. Tony flinched and nearly fell backwards in complete shock, while Larry continued to lean on Tony.

    “Wellllllll shit.” Said Larry.
In all honesty, I really wanted to write a thing that just involved these two interacting, so have a small story