Chapter 67 | Choose Dare #815 - Chaos | Hermione Granger and Sirius Black

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Bits of rubble stuck to her hair and embedded inside of her palms as Hermione moved to stand, muscles and bones protesting every movement, but if she didn’t keep moving she would have worse damage than a few cuts and bruises, and one ruptured eardrum.

Another fanatic, a devout follower of Voldemort and his ideology, had attempted to use the Veil for his own dark designs. This time, however, the perpetrator was a man employed by the ministry for thirty years, and ten of those were spent during the second war fighting against Voldemort. Openly! Holden Ogden raised his wand again, the sleeves of his dark blue Unspeakable robes tattered and falling away to display an ugly self-made carving of a Dark Mark on his left forearm.

Hermione spit out a globule of blood from biting the inside of her cheek and threw off her robes as she ran back towards the middle of the Death Room. Thunderclouds gathered above the Veil, the stone structure as old as the Druids fighting back against the insistent ministrations of the dark curses and spells flowing from Ogden’s wand like a kicked nest of vipers. Three other of her coworkers - his coworkers, too - were trying everything to get through the shimmering sphere cast around him and most of the dais. A Patronus in the shape of a shark brushed by close enough to rustle some of the debris loose from her hair, circling the barrier, attacking at random intervals to try to force its way in. She added her otter to the mix of other prowling blue specters, but didn’t stop moving towards the sphere herself.

She thought she heard Justin Finch-Fletchley call her name, right after she set her jaw and lifted her own hand towards the field.

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For sure, one of the coolest outcomes from the ILM Art Department Challenge were all the incredible vehicles designed by the artists. This Speeder Bike by Pablo Olivera is a prime example, it’s just SUPER badass!!!

606 Days until the Han Solo Movie

445 Days until Episode VIII







A painter in Los Angeles kept missing his exit for the I-5 on the 110 highway, so he did his research, climbed up the overhead sign, and changed it himself without anyone noticing.

This is Richard Ankrom. He couldn’t find his damn exit, cuz it wasn’t properly labelled.  

So he took life by the balls, like any self-respecting Californian would do, and used his sign-painting expertise to fix it himself.

He called it ‘guerilla public service.’ Even got himself an outfit to look official. It worked, obvi.

Caltrans investigated, but the sign was actually up to code. They left it there for 8 years before they made an updated sign.

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5-year-old William Everetz Jr. wanted to spend his allowance on kindness, so he saved his money for 5 months to buy lunch for the entire Winslow Township, NJ, police department. He treated them to Subway so they could ‘be healthy’, and they gave him a shirt and badges, made him an 'honorary officer,’ and drove him home in a police car with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Source Source 2

Peridot is anything but common