stefan & elena || that kind of love … *For SErs*

Kevin Williamson’s description of Stelena in the TVD Goodbye video really made my vidmaking bug come back! But I’ve been wanting to do this video for a while, showing how Stelena is a constant shadow on every romantic relationship Stefan and Elena have with other people, how their love is a state of being rather than an action and how it’s never one they really slip out of, how they use each other as points of reference for how to love other people, how they will never be able to love anyone else the way they loved each other. I hope you enjoy it and please like the vid and comment!

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks the past tense use with 'soulmates' is ridiculous. Unless this means Elena was the victim of a soul swapper or something. Actually, that would explain a lot.

I know right? Like, wtf is wrong with those writers? I know they’re trying to sound all deep and shit, but either stop throwing the words “love of my life” and “soulmate” around or tread more carefully when you goddamn use them. Someone doesn’t just stop being the love of your life when you move on. Someone doesn’t just stop being your soulmate to become someone else’s.

And I know they’re all about how Elena “changed” when she became a vampire, but the thing is that she didn’t. At least, she wasn’t supposed to, because becoming a vampire was supposed to magnify what you already are. If anything, Elena should’ve become more in sync with Stefan, she should’ve fallen more in love with him, their relationship should’ve become more stable and grounded, Elena wasn’t supposed to do a 180 and jump on Damon’s dick because she “changed”. I could somewhat understand it during the sire bond because she was stripped of her free will, but afterwards? Goddammit this shit pisses me off. They were so hellbent on fulfilling CD’s sick fantasies about Ian’s dick and pampering the Dullena crazies that they completely stripped Elena of her personality, of everything that she was and wanted and felt and liked and loved, to turn her into Damon’s symbol of how he’s such a good person. Like, GTFO.

Elena’s soul hasn’t been swapped, but she doesn’t have a personality whatsoever anymore so she could become this douchebag rapist’s girlfriend and somehow think that it’s true love. It disgusts me.

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check out the crap that bonneibennett put in the tags when she reblogged your gifset of kat graham being asked about elena. that the question was shitty etc because bonnie is going to die if elena comes back. wtf! this is a magic show. maybe elena can come back and bonnie stays alive? thought of that? those bamon fans enjoy reading all sorts of sinister meanings to anyone who want elena to die.

Well, people who stan an nonexistent couple can’t be smart or sane, so I would rather ignore this shit she wrote. She can write whatever she wants, but we all know, that in the end of the day we will get delena endgame and bamons would only  (in the best case) have their female part of a couple alive. Lol

i just saw a pic of ian somerhalder roll by on the dash and a lightbulb went off in my head and i remembered my dream from last night. the dream where i logged onto the interwebs and instant messaged actual cw actor ian somerhalder and made him confess that he’s always loved bamon more than delena like this was some secret. he was honestly so relieved to confide in me. we were skyping or some shit and i could see his face and his text and i just dont know?? nina was also there and she was salty, friends. so very salty. like what the fuck was my brain doing last night?

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!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN NINA LEFT THE SHOW ??? how will they continue it without her ?????? are they just gonna never let delena be together again ?? he can't just move on ????? I DONT WANT BAMON

Yeah I reacted the same way, dont know if she will Come back yet. R.i.p 😢😢



I was going through my old vids and I remember I was SO MAD at the season 6 trailer because it was ALL about Delena that I made a really shitty promo of my own that was very Bonnie-centric. And I thought I should share it because it brought me back (this was also when I was still a Steroline shipper too!) Like OMG.