— Ты не видел мою футболку?
— Я предпочитаю тебя без нее.
— Не уверена, что твоя мама думает так же…

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I love how Elena chose all the goodbye spots with her friends and Stefan because they were meaningful to her , but Damon chose their goodbye spot. Because delena is all about Damon :)

I also love how everyone remembered her as the person she used to be, they all remembered her on some location from the past, cute, human, adorable, caring. Damon is the only one who remembered her the way she became, lol. (Also, correct me if I’m wrong, because I didn’t watch the finale, but didn’t Damon pick the Wickery Bridge by night? In the dark? So literally the same situation as when she died and became “his”, because back when she was alive he didn’t stand a chance? ‘Nuff said hahaha.)


• Who wakes the other one up with kisses:
• Who is the morning person/night person
• Who is the romantic one
• Who is the more cuddly one:
• Who cooks:
• Favorite nonsexual activity:
• Their favorite place to be together:
• Any traditions:
• Their “song”:
• What they do for each other on holidays:
• Where did they go for their honeymoon:
• Where did they first meet:
• Any pets:
• What do they fight over:
• Do they go on vacations, if so where:
• Who kills the bugs;
• Who hogs the sheets;
• Who hates mornings;
• Who’s cranky before they had their coffee;
• Who drives;
• Who gets horny in awkward public places;
• Do they fuck or make love?
• Lights on or off?
• Who usually initiates things?

Questions by @lttleodesta

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I am looking for pll or tvd blogs(multifandom)!! Please recommend some!!

Sure 😙❤️

Vampire Diaries

Pretty Little Liars


firstly, lets state the obvious - tvd is shit. now that it’s said, i’ll explain how it could be less shit by making stelena romantic endgame. 

when last time tvd was on our screens, damon wanted to take the cure and have a human life with elena but she fell into coma (won’t see her until the very end of the series). then there’s a time jump. but elena will have to wake up eventually. when she does, lets remember she’s human, damon’s a vampire. he has to take the cure, if he wants to get married and have kids with elena. 

one single problem. that’s a dream that stefan and elena always shared. wouldn’t it be too occ for damon to live someone else’s dream? of course it would. makes no sense for his character to end up like that.

if damon refuses to take the cure, elena could offer it to someone who actually wants it. and stefan once told her that being human was something he wanted long before he met her and elena has seen him struggling with who he is. he hates being a vampire. it only makes sense to give stefan a shot at happiness. 

what then? just because stefan and elena are both human it doesn’t mean they’re back in love again like nothing has ever happened. ofc, a lot has happened. but i refuse to believe that stefan and elena, both humans who deeply love each other and wanting the same things, couldn’t end up together somewhere in the future. 

it would be like book stelena only in reverse. in books, elena took the immortality elixir to be with stefan. so that’s my perfect ending for tvd - stefan taking the cure from elena, symbolizing and implying their possible future. 

it started with stelena, it has to end with stelena.

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I really enjoyed your stelena fic :). Just wondering what was your favourite stelena season?

Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say! :) I’d have to say my favorite Stelena season was season three. Even though Elena annoyed me big time a couple of times, it’s still heartwarming how hard they fought for each other, how they refused to give up and how Stefan was a forest fire for Elena, when all Damon was to her was a lit match, in the end. Season three had so much angst, so much craziness and so much mindblowing chemistry - even though they didn’t even have that much scenes together.