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It was Stefan's love who healed her broken heart & spirit, but it was Damon's love, passion, & ability to make her embrace the darker parts of herself that taught her how to grow as a person and become more independent. In the end, her relationship with both Salvatore's happened for a reason. Her relationship with Damon just happened to be her most epic & she found her soulmate.

Here is the problem with everything after “It was Stefan’s love who healed her broken heart & spirit”, it’s actually not true. Because when is this?

When does “Damon’s love, passion & ability to make her embrace the darker parts of herself” teach her how to grow as a person and become more independent? Because Elena didn’t become more independent she actually just became wholly dependent on Damon, which is not at all the same thing:

In fact, Elena regresses as a person because she doesn’t know anything about what’s happening to her friends and family since she’s too busy sleeping with Damon:

Furthermore, how did Damon “make” Elena embrace the darkest aspects of herself? He doesn’t and you know why, because Elena as a person doesn’t actually become darker. What the show did was make Elena “darker” by putting her with Damon so instead of Elena actually changing internally, actually looking at the world through a different lens, the show cheaped out and just went, “well she wants Damon and Damon does dark stuff therefore Elena is dark”:

Damon does nothing for Elena as a person because Damon doesn’t actually know Elena as a person, he only knows her in the context of himself, he only knows who she is in relation to who he is:

But Stefan? Stefan actually knows who Elena is:

and because he knows her, know who she is as a person, he’s the one who makes Elena grow as a person, which doesn’t stop when she becomes a vampire. He’s the one who puts her in her lane when it’s needed (and when it has nothing to do with their relationship but just about things that happen in life):

He helps her through her emotional turmoil:

He’s the one she goes to for advice and emotional comfort:

And he’s the one who constantly points her in Damon’s direction because she never goes there herself.

So you may think that DE is an epic soulmate relationship but all I see is a relationship that destroys who Elena is in favour of propping a toxic, co-dependent dynamic. Damon is Elena’s downfall but Stefan is her strength.

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When I was a teenager, my favorite pairings in fiction were always super dramatic I hate to love you and love to fuck you couples. Now that I’m a woman who’s been there and done that hot guy with all the issues, I like couples that actually LIKE each other. I want to see people that are having just as good a time with each other when their clothes are on and people whose conversations about their partners are a list of things they enjoy and not excuses as to why they haven’t stopped banging them. I’m so over angst, can I have some conversation, grocery shopping and hugs please?

stefan > damon

it’s SO FUNNY when ders says stefan always wanted damon to feel bad and i’m like… wtf, damon kissed elena everytime stefan saved his life. 

  • stefan saved damon from the fire on 1x22, so damon kissed “elena” (it was katherine) so he kissed the real elena on 2x01. 
  • while stefan was sacrificing everything to save damon on 2x22, damon was kissing elena. 
  • stefan saved damon by saving klaus on 3x09 and damon kissed elena on 3x10. 
  • stefan saved damon from klaus on 3x18, so damon kissed elena on 3x19. 
  • damon slept with elena one day after stelena broke up.
  • damon tried to COMPEL elena to kiss him on 1x03 while she was dating stefan.
  • damon blood-shared with elena while she was dating stefan on 4x02.
  • damon is always without shirt, flirting with elena and he showed his penis to elena on 3x01.
  • damon said he would left the city if elena picked stefan. she picked stefan. what he did? he stayed in mystic falls to do anything to elena change her mind, also didn’t set her free when he found out elena was SIRED to him.
  • damon said “i don’t deserve you, but my brother does” (what is true) but then he admitted to stefan “i thought i could win her from you fair and square” while stefan was paying for the cure.

stefan only kissed “elena” (katherine was in her body) when she broke up with damon and flirted with him, but he stopped the kiss saying it was wrong. why? because he loves damon.

 "elena" tecnically asked stefan to kill damon, stefan could live with elena/katherine forever and kill damon when he had a ripper virus in his body, but he only snapped his neck. 

stefan is too good with damon, so doesn’t matter what stefan said to damon feel bad (because he deserves to) it’s not worst than damon kissing elena everytime stefan saved his life and he never said “thank you, brother.”

the only time stefan flirted with elena while she was dating damon (5x04) it was when he HAD NO MEMORYS LOL and no one told him elena was dating damon, so when he got his memorys back, he helped damon+delena the entire season 5 and also season 6. 

stefan never compelled elena, he respects elena and he respects damon (90% of the time, because damon doesn’t deserves not even a hi from stefan) because he is a good brother, good friend and good boyfriend. you can’t say the same thing about damon.


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How would you describe every tvd fandom?

My answer will probably get me in trouble but what the hell, I’m intrigued. These are the TVD fandoms the way  that I’ve experienced them.


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Those are the big ones!

Oh shit, I forgot about Forwood, which coincidentally is:

and Stefonnie is:


#jfc #look at elena testing the name on her lips #realizing that one day #that could be her name too #and then hearing the words fall from damon’s mouth #it sets something in motion she didnt know even existed #and then if not only that #damon seems to realize it too #just look at his face #how he says it #he’s testing the name too #and hes looking at elena #the future holder


I remember that was the first time, I felt it.               
                                                                               – How  s e x y  he was.