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The Hollingsworths have all suffered from their abusive upbringing and are still affected by it but in quite different ways

Miles, who always took the brunt of it, is very self-destructive and acts out when he’s upset. He’s learned that he will be blamed no matter what and that quiet statements of dissatisfaction will be ignored, so he’s loud and defiant and flaunts his unhealthy behavior for all to see. It feels safer to him to ruin something before the other person can leave him than to wait for the inevitable abandonment.

Frankie, who could do no wrong so long as she did what she was asked, so long as she was obedient, has learned to stay quiet about her emotions and puts a lot of pressure on herself to always be perfect. The minute she starts worrying she’s not good enough, she worries that the people in her life don’t think she is either. A pressure to always be perfect and an emotional distance has left her needing constant validation from her relationships with others.

Hunter, who has never learned to process his emotions properly, finds it difficult to function socially and expresses every emotion with anger and violence, since that’s the only way he really knows how to express anything.

imo Miles and Frankie both have borderline personality disorder, just expressed a bit differently, while Hunter has intermittent explosive disorder.

If you’re not a fan of Tristan, that’s fine, but if you’re making “jokes” pertaining to his disability and comparing him to Stephen Hawking and wishing for another character to break his wheelchair, you’re an asshole. Judge and criticize him all you want but there’s never any right to make jokes about that. He currently represents a disabled person. I know many anti-triles tend to think that people who like them are biphobic and that isn’t true with me and I would hope that none of you would wish negatively upon a student in a wheelchair whether you like them or not or if they suffered from an accident or were born with a certain condition. Not okay. If this applies to you, go fuck yourself and if you’ve been watching Degrassi for a while, you should know better than this. Vilifying a character for being problematic but turning around and giggling/jerking off at the idea of them being hurt is hypocritical imo. I swear some of you just have reached the point where’s it’s vitriol and you talk more about tristan and triles more than some shippers do…

I haven’t seen anyone mention this and I like the kid too, but Miles tends to fetishize lesbians. This was an issue that Imogen and Jack faced when some kid was wanting them to make out in season 14 (?) or 13 (I can’t remember which one.) Miles stood in the doorway staring as Rasha and Zoe were about to kiss and wasn’t planning to interrupt them and in Don’t Look Back when Zoe mentions a threesome, Miles really hopes that she’s genuine about it when it would involve her and Grace and him.