It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but every call is an act of courage.

An institution for over 25 years, Kids Help Phone is an invaluable Canadian resource that continues to help generation after generation.

Kids will keep calling, so let’s make sure someone is there to answer. Here’s all the info about donating and supporting this wonderful organization: goo.gl/RwGpye  

anonymous asked:

omg google "Dylan Everett Supernatural" doesn't he look so much like Taron? Especially Taron in Kingsman?! He could play his baby brother or something haha

I can maybe see it. Look at this gif, just imagine him seeing Eggsy at the police station when he himself was just in a similar situation. Imagine that cockiness that we all can imagine comes with being Eggsy’s baby brother

So….whatever happened to Shay’s crush on Dallas? Why isn’t she in any of the episode descriptions? It’s not that I want her to come in between Bhandallas and I’m certainly not condoning Dallas cheating on Alli, especially with an underaged girl. I don’t even like Bhandallas but I don’t want to see them end that way. So, that’s not my point. My point is, where were the writers trying to go with Shay this season? Apparently, nowhere….*rolls eyes* Same shit all the time….why even bother getting upset?

Thoughts on 14b desriptions

1. Way to much Clare and definitely to much Eclare.

2. You mean to tell me they really went a full season without giving Jenna or Connor single plot, they basically were background their entire senior year. Fuck that they deserved better.

3. Yay Huntlene, I was waiting for that.

4. Frankie and Winston are getting a pretty good amount of plots now good for them, that they can get attention.

5. Zig getting serious plots it’s about time Got your money was 3 years ago.
Zig moves in with Vince and Tiny most interesting thing I heard. That could be an amazing depending on how they handle it.

6. I’ve been waiting for Zaya, we all knew it was coming.

7. Why exactly were Shay, Grace and Lola added to the main cast again, they can’t even get stories?