Dublin’s Hellfire Club: Ancient tomb uncovered at site known for supernatural

By Ciaran McCauley.

Anyone who’s watched a horror film knows you never build a house over sacred burial ground. But, it’s been confirmed that an infamous 18th-century hangout for rich, young Dublin men with a taste for dark deeds and blasphemy broke that rule big time. The notorious Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains was built on an ancient tomb. The destruction of the tomb, to provide stone for the club’s building, kick-started a local belief that the club was tangled up with the supernatural. Excavators said the “exciting discovery” was made as part of a dig delving into the history of the site.

They believe it was an ancient passage tomb, similar to the 5,000-year-old Newgrange in County Meath. Located on Montpelier Hill, near south Dublin, the site is home to the ruins of the Hellfire Club, a building first built in 1725 by politician William Connolly as a shooting lodge. The lodge was built using stone from two large tombs in the area. It is said locally that the destruction of the tomb enraged a demon who blew the wooden roof off the original building.

^ Archaeologists are excavating the site of the old hellfire club in the Dublin hills

After Connolly died, the lodge became home a group of young aristocrats known as the Hellfire Club or ‘Young Bucks of Dublin’. Jonathan Swift, satirist and writer of Gulliver’s Travels, famously described the group as a “brace of Monsters, Blasphemers and Bacchanalians” - helping to further enhance the site’s reputation for devilish goings on. Recently, archaeologists have turned to the ground in order to discover more secrets of the Hellfire Club’s history and origins - and they have not been disappointed. Neil Jackman, from Aberta Heritage who are running the dig with South Dublin County Council, said the tomb is one of a number found in the Wicklow Mountains but that the remnants discovered here pointed to it being “by far the largest”.

^ Other objects have been discovered in the dig including a polished stone axehead

“We knew one was here as it was recorded that there was two potential passage tombs, but it’s great to say definitively that this here,” he said. "It’s exactly like Newgrange - a large mound of stones, with a stone-lined passage.

“Inside you would find cremated remains. The tomb might have been used for the community, or it might have been hierarchical. But, it would’ve been for a large community. "It’s an extremely rare find. The last one was discovered in County Kilkenny about 20 years ago." According to Neil, the dig represents an opportunity to learn more about the superstition that surrounded the Hellfire Club.

^ Archaeologists at the beginning of the dig at the Hellfire Club

"The original folklore about the site is very interesting. Folklore tends to reflect what society is afraid of. The tomb or cairn being destroyed would have made people fearful. They would have treated it as sacred and it would have made people uneasy." He also said the dig was a great opportunity for the public to come and see archaeology at work. "It’s an open excavation so people can come up to the site and chat to us. They’ve been telling us about their memories and family stories of the Hellfire Club. "It’s a real opportunity to see us digging in the field. "It’s been absolutely brilliant - and the weather has been good, so that’s helped too. We’ve been incredibly lucky.”

Let's talk about the who do you love video

I just watched it and I have some major feelings. In a good way. There’s always been a reason Marianas Trench is my favourite band, and it’s not just because I relate to their music. It is because they are truly beautiful people inside and out. This video showed that, and even though I’ve been having a crappy day it put a giant smile on my face. Between Josh, Sara, their mom, bennie, matt and his wife, Ian and his family, and Mike and his son, I couldn’t stop smiling and in this moment I couldn’t be prouder to call myself a Trencher. To see the pure joy on their faces throughout the video as they performed these kind hearted deeds to the community; that is why Marianas Trench is my favourite band.

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Giorno Giovanna

where is his undershirt?? if he can afford a custom made uniform and those ladybug accessories (why does he even does he need those), im pretty sure he can buy an undershirt

and why did he keep a photo of dio in his wallet?? why did his mom even give him that?? how did she even get that?? did she sneak a picture of him?? does he know of his father’s dirty deeds?? 

im not going to talk about his hair but he really can’t insult josuke’s hair with it looking like that

And when they hear ill speech, they turn away from it and say, “For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. Peace will be upon you; we seek not the ignorant.”

-Surah Al-Qasas | 28:55.

How to make Dua: Tip #10

To have good intentions

All deeds are based upon intention in Islam, including Dua. The intention of the dua can help your dua to be accepted as you are telling Allah what you intend to do with the response.
It is essential that a person making dua has the best of intentions for whatever he is asking for. So, if someone asks for an increase in wealth, he should intend with that, that he spends more on his relatives and on the poor, and increase in reward in this manner. Likewise, if someone asks that Allah bless him with a pious spouse, his intention should be so that he can avoid falling into prohibited acts and begin a pious family.

The proofs for this are obvious, for it is not possible for a Muslim to ask Allah for something in order that he do evil with it. This principle is found in the dua that the Prophet taught us to say when visiting the sick. Abdullah ibn Amr narrated that the Prophet said: When a person comes to visit the sick, then let him say: O Allah! Cure your servant so and so, for he will then inflict a wound on an enemy, or walk for your sake to the prayer. [Abu Dawud #3107. Sahih al-Jami #466]

Secrets. It was something that a lot of people had but not a lot of people enjoyed. Mitchell hated keeping secrets from his friends and family that he had made, some were for the better though…what he had to do with Hydra, accidentally breaking one of Tonys inventions by poking it, his sleepless nights, and the worst of them all, but most important to be kept to himself. His vampirism.

Mitchell had been forced to become some creature, some bloodsucking monster by the hands of Hydra. The injections they had made him take, something had fucked with his DNA, making him be able to stand mostly everything, but what messed his whole body up, made him what he was today was the thing that had been thrown into his room.

It was a memory that haunted him and the deeds he had done with his new found powers…Shield thought that he was just another super soldier..with the similarities. Better strength, speed, sight even, he couldn’t get sick from common diseases. It was a perfect cover for him to use, Mitchell knew that vampires could live without blood…they just became weaker, painful cramps from time to time but he could survive with the lie that he was a super soldier.

So, everyone bought the lie, and Mitchell lived as normally as he could being a vampire hidden away in a group of hero’s, human hero’s. Sure, sometimes surpressing his urge to drink blood was strong but he managed, locked himself away in his room when those days hit. The sun didn’t bother him, he just wore layers of it was too bright out and sunglasses when he could. The only thing that people questioned was how cold he seemed all the time…Mitchell didn’t know a excuss for that, so he simply stated it was a Irish thing before going to leave for his room or lab.

Mitchell was happy keeping this a secret and feared what his friends and family would think.

Silently staring in the mirrior Mitchell frowned, his stomach churning in pain from the lack of red substance. He looked like shit..a bigger hot mess than usual and groaned a bit, holding his stomach as he walked out of the bathroom, wearing a simple tank top, sweats and his usual green wool fingerless gloves, and Steve’s dog tags around his neck. He had been hiding away from everyone saying he was sick and didn’t want to be disturbed so, as to not worry his friends he made himself known as he simply walked to the couch in the common room and flopped down, covering his face from the sun.

“And he lives” Tonys voice exclaimed from the kitchen and Mitchell simply flipped the genius off as he closed his eyes again in pain as another cramp ran through him.

“Yeah..I live, bloody hell…” he mumbled a bit as he grinned a little looking at everyone, “I bet you missed my beautiful face Tony!” He teased a little hearing Stark snort and mumble a you wish.



“Let me make it up to you,” Early insisted, reaching into her purse for her wallet. “Let me buy you two dinner. It’s the least I can do!”

He shook his head immediately, putting his hand out to stop her. “Save it. We don’t need your fuckin’ pity money. You think I haven’t run into wannabe girl scouts like you, who try to make themselves feel all big and puffed up by throwing money at me for their good deed of the day? My sister and I will be just fine, so thanks, but no thanks, Snow White.”

Just as he did last time, he immediately turned on his heels and walked off, leaving Early feeling worse than she had before the conversation had begun.

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The one thing that makes me think Killian isn't directly responsible for Charmings dad's death is the wreckage. When Killian killed people as a pirate, he didn't hide it, he wore their rings as trophy's. But Charming's dad's death was staged to look like a drunken cart accident. It just doesn't seem like something Captain "Ruthless murderer who can escape from port at a moments notice and travel to Neverland" Jones would feel the need to bother doing.

After the train wreck that was the papa Jones story, I honestly wouldn’t put anything past the writers when it comes to Killian’s backstory or previous deeds. But you make a good point.

I’m trying not to think too much about the whole charming/killian/dead father spec in hopes that it doesn’t end up having to do anything with him for sure.

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I'm torn between not wanting them to get interrupted and wanting Joe to walk in so Barry can finally be motivated to move out of Joe's house.

Oh if they are in the West house, I 100000% want them to be interrupted. I’ll take making out on Joe’s couch, even if it’s with the intent to go further, but if they actually do the deed for the FIRST time on a couch, I will be disappointed. 

Excerpt from "A Red Star"

*It had been three weeks since the surprise assault by Homeworld in an attempt to retrieve the Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and lost Rubies that had been lost to failed earth missions. However, they did not retrieve those gems. The Homeworld assault team had captured one of the Crystal Gems. The final remaining piece of the early Rebellion. Pearl.

*Three weeks of pure torture. Being beaten to the point of losing her physical form, but not quite enough to do the deed. Pressing on her gem enough to cause serious pain, but not crack nor shatter. The torture was repetitive. Daily. Hourly. Every day this rogue gem was pushed to the brink of her physical strength, but denied the sweet release of death.

*Once every few days, Yellow Diamond would interrogate the pearl, demanding her to join her ranks. Each time Pearl refused. However as the torture went on, she became more and more hesitant. Eventually on this third week, the tenth interrogation. Something happened.

-“You will talk if you ever want to see Rose Quartz again.”

+“Heh…I’m never going to see her again as it is, Diamond. Rose Quartz is dead. You surely know of the human-gem hybrid that contain’s Rose’s gem by now. She’s gone and he stands in her place.”

-“You are a pearl. You follow orders and do not ask questions. However, I am a compromising gem… Obey my every command and I can bring Rose Quartz back, and forgive her crimes. I know how you have romantic feelings for her. I can give you what you want. Anything. Everything. All you must do is follow my orders. Am I understood, Pearl?”

*At this one moment. Pearl gasped. Everything she ever wanted? She could protect Earth. Protect those she cares for.

*She could have Rose back. But even so, she remained skeptical.

+“How..? How can you bring her back?!”

-“I have my ways. Gems have excelled in technological warfare over the last thousand years. We have heavily advanced as a species. Our researchers are even putting together information about possibly rebuilding shattered gems as if they had never been in battle before.”

+“And you can bring her back?”

-“All you must do is follow my orders. Do we have a deal?”


-“Do we have a deal or not?”


-“I’m sorry. I’m not sure I caught that. Can you repeat?”

+“…Yes, My Diamond.”

-“Good. You will go to Earth and retrieve Rose Quartz’s gem from the human. Whether it kills him or not.”


-“You want your Rose back, do you not? I cannot retrieve her without her gem. Even you surely know this.”

+“…I know, My Diamond. I’ll retrieve her gem for you.”

-“That’s a good Pearl…”


* = Narration
+ = Pearl
- = Yellow Diamond

Enjoy the read I suppose.))

قال الشيخ عبد العزيز ابن باز رحمه الله: فأخبر عز وجل أن من تاب وأتبع توبته بالإيمان الصادق والعمل الصالح فإنه سبحانه يبدل سيئاته حسنات
[مجموع الفتاوى ٣٩١/٦]

Shaykh ‘Abdul-'Azīz Ibn Bāz, may Allāh have mercy upon him, said:

“And He (Allāh), the Mighty and Majestic, has informed that whosoever repents and follows up his repentance with sincere faith and righteous actions, then He, Glorified is He, will change his sins into good deeds.”

[Source: Majmū’ Al-Fatāwā 6/391]

Allāh, Glorified is He, says:
{Except those who repent and believe (in Islamic Monotheism), and do righteous deeds, for those, Allāh will change their sins into good deeds, and Allāh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.} [Sūrah Al-Furqān 25:70]

Translated by 'Abdurrahīm Ibn Muhammad Al-Hadhramī.

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coffee chat: yesterday I was feeling really moody, smiling was not an option. I was reading one of these stupid women's magazines. one of the articles told me to "do one good deed everyday" and I was like: "nah, that's not gonna happen today". later, on the train home, a guy sat across from me, he opened a bottle and the cap fell out of his hands. I handed it back to him, he smiled at me and I knew: "damn, that must've been the good deed I wasn't going to do today." I still felt moody. the end.

You saved a nation 

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Oh! Someone needs to check on teacupdragon. She's the one who had written all those blog entries about Sophie's desperation because she had been kept away from Benedict since August 12th and didn't know where he was. She actually counted each day and created some nefarious deed that Sophie had done every time another week passed by. Sophie was in bed next to Benedict with his hand on her stomach every night.

OMG, that’s right!!! I’ll never ever forget that load of codswallop. I just checked her blog, she hasn’t posted anything for 6 days, and the last thing she posted was a reblog from nuttyarcadestarfish about how she wanted Benedict to shut up about his family while promoting Doctor Strange.

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ooh there isn't enough cassim here!! could you maybe do headcanons for how he'd act and handle things when falling for a royal, aristocrat-type person after seeing them constantly being genuinely kind/charitable to the people of the slums~?

Originally posted by ettoh

Cassim falling for aristocratic s/o

Cassim would kind of despise himself for it, at first. He couldn’t understand his feelings, and would try to push them out of his mind. He would tell himself how much he doesn’t like them, hoping to convince himself of it.

♥ Buuuut, this just puts them on his mind more often. Cassim would try to outweigh their good-doings with all of their bad flaws. He couldn’t even begin to add up any flaws because he couldn’t find anything wrong with them. But the list of good-doings could go on and on.

♥ Every time he saw them doing any good deeds, he would want to steal them. Run away with them. Take them somewhere, where no one knew who they were, and start a new life. He thought about it often, but he knew that they would never want to do something like that with him.

♥ The only way that Cassim would ever talk to them, is if they approached him first. He wouldn’t want to push himself on them. He enjoys seeing how enjoyable they are. It gives him some faith in the upperclass.

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"As I'm sure you're aware, Lord Karr, this uncouth, beast of a 'vampire' by the name of 'Dio' has been causing us quite a bit of trouble lately. He's committed several atrocities against my subordinates as well as attempting to threaten and bribe myself into submission. It is my strong opinion that he be neutralized and I humbly offer my assistance in anything you or the council may need." For once the Seventh is completely sincere. Keep him notified.

“Although your way of referring to that madman is rather…unflattering, I cannot deny your words. I’m quite well aware of what unholy deeds that convict has committed against our brethren, and I can assure you that the council is not in the least bit happy about the situation. In fact, I dare say if it weren’t for Lord Geales, most of the High Progenitors have half the mind to come to Japan on their own to deal with this interloper.”

Lest then gave a mock sigh of disappointment, followed by a bored voice saying, “And I had such high hopes for Dio…that he would prove useful to serve as mere entertainment. He proved to be nothing more but a lust-driven, arrogant, narrow-minded, failure of a living creature. You, Ferid Bathory, have disappointed me more times than I can count, but it seems this hooligan surpasses you in that aspect. Lucky for you it seems he has outlived his welcome here, and now it’s time for him to leave. ”

The fight to end sexism: Lessons from Trump’s woman-hating, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton
The sordid video of Donald Trump’s vulgar sexist remarks has opened up a widespread national conversation on sexism and misogyny in the U.S. and ignited deep outrage.

By Teresa Gutierrez

The progressive movement must fight a Clinton administration tooth and nail. But the struggle must be nuanced and thoughtful. Just as was necessary during the two terms of the first Black president, the struggle against Clinton must be factual and not sexist, pro-worker and not misogynistic. 

Clinton must be attacked for her program, for her deeds and not for what she wears or what she looks like. Woman-hating terms must not be used. Her body parts are off limits, no matter her crimes.

On Jan. 20, thousands will converge in Washington, D.C., to protest the inauguration — likely of the first U.S. female president. But a woman in the White House will mean little as long as decisions coming out of the Oval Office are controlled by the Pentagon and Wall Street.