Eating Jin out:

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anon asked:  Eat Jin (out) 👀👀👀👀 Would you though 👀 Like what do you think he would be like if someone did?

  • first of all, this k i l led me t o wr i t e and hELL YES I’D DO IT IF I EVER HAD THE CHANCE LOL
  • second of all, lets cry together after you’ve read this
  • he’d be really whiny and fidgety?
  • he’s gonna be sitting there in anticipation and just curiosity for the first few times tbh
  • he might be a little self conscious  because lets face it, it’ll probably make him feel rlly exposed
  • i think he’s gonna like it if you whisper soft + loving things before you do the deed???
  • i feel like jin would be all smiley and less nervous idk it’s be rlly cute omg
  • he’d be blushing beet red as you lean in closer and press your fingers to his hole
  • he’d come so hard the first time tbvh
  • like
  • he’d be panting and a groaning mess as your tongue kept doing it’s thing
  • and he’d be working his hand on his dick and like
  • be’d come with a high pitched moan tbh
  • it’d be cute
  • and he’d be rlly flustered bc he came so hard but you’d be smiling
  • and it’d make him smlie too
  • anyway into more finer details
  • as he gets used to it, he’d love it if you did it as you went to blow him, like take him by surprise
  • jin seems like the guy who will totally submit to you then and he’s gonna engulf in the pleasure for sure!!
  • jin would make sure you know you’re making him feel amazing as well
  • i feel like he’s the type of guy who’s gonna hold his legs up or prefer being on his hands and knees whilst you pleasured him
  • his hands would most likely be scrunching the sheets and his mouth hung open most of the time (for joon’s dick i mean- heheh)
  • probably palming his dick while you’re eating him out tbh
  • going back to my first point, he’s gonna whine
  • when you lick around his hole, but don’t do anything
  • expect a whole lot of inpatient whines from him
  • like rlly impatient
  • he’d want you to get a move on
  • but
  • all that whining will probably gonna earn him a red ass tbh (I’d smack his ass any day just saying)
  • but yeah
  • he’s gonna be rlly loud and whiney and impatient while you’re eating him out
  • and he’d be rlly cute too
  • he’s gonna have red cheeks (both ass and his face lmfao) once you’re done
  • and he will probs kiss you all over
  • and then pleasure the fuck out of you
  • would love it if someone else watches him fall apart from your tongue, just sayin’

SHIPPING INFO     //   answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


I currently do not have an OTP for Arsene, canon nor otherwise. With the Protag stuff, it is dependent on their meta and I often defer to them and discuss prior to anything. For example, the corrupted!Protag has a love hate relationship with Arsene (who literally just torments him). Another Protag just will indulge in a reading of a french book. Several other ones are literally angst pools because Arsene is there to smack their anxieties out of them and tell them they are loved by their friends.

AKA: it’s all in the chemistry.


I would be shocked if someone is willing to ship with Arsene. Like, it would take a bit for this guy to do the deed on a romantic relation. Like, wow. Arsene feels more platonic poly-amorous, where he loves those he cherishes and protects them with all his heart, going so far as to sacrifice his freedom and safety for them. He will treat you properly with all the respect his lover is to be given, he is a gentleman.

But, as the Mun? Well… Be patient with me… ;o; Today was literally the first time in a really long time I literally wrote NSFW stuff. Like… Wow. The last time I can recall that is about 5 ish years. And I get super nervous with it.


Reasonable age gap, he will not fuck the elderly and the children. Nope. 


Yes, but it is because I don’t have a ship for Arsene. I let interaction and chemistry create the ships and connections. It is a slow burn, but I like development. It helps me write the ship as best as I can.


Once it hits the steam it gets tagged.


None thus far, but there are some that are in consideration/maybe plotted.


Not really, but I ask and tell them that my muse is developing a thing, just so they aren’t scared. It isn’t required, but I like hearing it so I can giggle. After all, Arsene and his other form Satanael are definitely fine Personas.


I adore shipping, and not just romance ships. FRIENDSHIPS, BROSHIPS, HATESHIPS! ALL SHIPS ARE AWESOME AS HECKIE! :D


I like shipping, I don’t get supper obsessed. I may fangirl from time to time, because holy crepes the plot bunnies appear. But I am really lenient as a shipper and support all ships.


idk for this blog. I usually default to the “If I get a ship, great. If not, okay.” kinda deal.


Uhhhh…. O^O I am currently in love with no established ships, I currently low-key ship Akechi and Protag because of @the-phantom-crow and @thecafeleblanc / @ourlastlaugh and @betweenmasksandlies . @corruptionxgod for their thought on Arsene and Loki having a hateship going on… There’s a lot, but I am just gonna sit in my corner and just adore each and every single character and pet them.

They need pets and loves.


Arsene takes patience to get him to realize that he sees you more than simply a confidant and ally. His love is familial and platonic, and extends without any care. You’ll need to be aware that what he sees as love is going to be different. And the utter fact that you are CHOOSING TO SHIP WITH A PERSONA IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF! He chose to not hold romantic relations, because he cannot exist the same way as them.

So your best bets are through the AUs and UAs. Sorry. 

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Death Puns and Assassins (James Moriarty x Reader)

James Moriarty smiled.

One would think that it wasn’t a big deal. But, his genuine smiles (not his trademark smirks) were as rare as the instances where Sherlock was, in fact, incorrect regarding his deductions.

His smiles meant one of two things: Either Sherlock had fallen into one of his elaborate mind games or schemes, or Moriarty had just received a text from (y/n).

No one knows when these texts began. (Y/n) was hired as one of Moriarty’s assassins ages ago, and many agree that the texts became a ritual presumably from the first hit.

It goes something like this: Moriarty sends a  name, place, and time. And hour later, a text chime announces a confirmation that everything went well. The part that caused him to smile, though, was the strange method (y/n) used when providing evidence that the deed was done.

(Y/n)’s confirmation text only consisted of two things: A gruesome selfie with the corpse, and a cringe-worthy pun describing the death.

Tonight’s text was a prime example; (y/n) was posed with their arm around the body of a man who had (poorly) attempted to betray Moriarty. Now, the man was turning cold and had his eyes glassing over. And the cause of death? A couple dozen nails hammered into his skull. The hammer (y/n) had used was still bloody, and lying in the back of the photo.

The attached comment had only a simple phrase. “Nailed it.

Why did Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, find these stupid puns and photos amusing? No one has figured it out yet. But everyone agrees on one thing.

His smile is a beautiful, maddening thing. Even if it’s only shown because of death puns and assassins.


Mom needed a specific shirt for her autistic daughter — and the internet delivered

10-year-old Cami Skouson has had a favorite shirt for five years. But as her mom Deborah wrote on Facebook, they’ve gone through 5 of them and it’s now become increasingly harder to find it. After her plea for help went viral, kind citizens of the internet began sending her the shirt — a lot of them.


who thought it was a solid plan to put Anakin in charge of thousands of impressionable 12-year-olds honestly i ask you

“The consistent type is one that must not hate evil, and not even oppose it, acquiesing in the suffering that such a way of life entails. Here one should live entirely in positive feelings and take the side of one’s opponent in word and deed. What is achieved here? The Buddhist type, or the perfect cow. However, this standpoint is possible only when no moral fanaticism prevails, and the concept of sin is lacking.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §342 (edited excerpt).