After my quick fanart of Doc Holliday, I also wanted to draw Waverly because she was great in Wynonna Earp! I know it’s a simple image, but I had so much fun drawing it, it just made me smile the whole time while drawing. :D

EDIT: I don’t sell fanart so if you ever see it somewhere being sold, it’s not me.
I would be happy if you would report them and tell me, if you ever see anybody selling this piece. Many thanks to the people who brought this situation to my attention.


I was asked by @natecchi to do expressions 2A and 4B from http://soupery.tumblr.com/post/154335943959/i-never-know-what-to-do-with-the-body-when-i-do expression post thing :’)
And I maaay have gone a little overboard… This ship is soon going to be the death of me haha…

Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy!

I really appreciate all the comments, though I apologize in advance because I can’t reply under this username, as it’s my second account… Thank you so much!!

Thank you again for the request! :’D

Edit: I have no idea why the images are so damn blurry q-q if someone knows the problem, please tell me so I can fix it! Thanks!

cartoonmaniac  asked:

Hi Veronica! So you and JD are heading to college? That's so cool! How are things between you two anyway? How is Martha doing?

//JD and Ronnie are really close now! More updates on their relationship in a bit ;D

Edit: Martha’s taking a gap year in this AU :D


Houdini & Doyle + Masters of Mystery
(and a bonus letter from A Magician Among the Spirits)