I swear Alex Hirsch is either possessed or some sort of evil mastermind or both.

Just checked Twitter and the cipherhunters who are putting the puzzle together relocated to a teammembers house to work on it and sleep in shifts. While I applaud their amazing and dedicated work and wish I could help or at least could feed them some sugar-heavy muffins…

The clue is a puzzle. That is both genius and pure evil. I love it.

an older marinette 🐞🐞🐞 !!

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ship what you want and have fun. but please don't get your hopes up for deblanc/fiore angel husbands. it's not canon. it never will be. it never was in the comics either. they aren't gay for each other. that being said. please know that and have fun shipping your ship because that's what shipping is for! I just don't want you to get disappointed over nothing. plus, that one person saying "bury your gays" isn't gonna happen because there's no gays to bury here.

lol so do you just like get off on hiding behind anon so you can be patronizing as shit or something

spoiler alert: I’ve read some of the comics! I know they’re not together in the comics! this isn’t the comics bruh! the MAIN STORYLINE has been so hugely adapted from the comics already that them changing two minor characters who barely even appear in the comics to be in a relationship is a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to the other stuff they’ve changed. no one knows shit about what’s comin’ down the pike except Seth Rogen et al.

spoiler alert #2: I’m the person saying I have concerns over the Masada storyline playing out as a “bury your gays” thing if they do adapt DeBlanc and Fiore to be the parents. last comment, second paragraph. me sayin’ it. still concerned about it. still concerned about it prior to them getting as far as Masada.

don’t need your concern-trolling telling me ~not to get my hopes up about my ships, pal, any more than I needed the asshole telling me not to get my hopes up over Meyer being in s5 of BWE [and look how that panned out. /steeples fingers] I’ve been in fandoms with noncanon queer ships with very little chance of those ships getting made canon for a decade and a half. i’ve known for a very long time i have to look for representation somewhere other than mainstream media created by straight people. do not give a single shit if they actually get together in canon or if they’ve been adapted to be Genesis’ parents in the show, except now I hope they are just to spite all the people like you pushing back so fucking hard against what is a fun little theory in a very small, self-contained segment of the fandom.

Boyd is so pure trying to cook for Hsin I can die happy now

I have a story to tell

I have a crush on this guy in my school. It’s kinda weird because i haven’t really had a crush for quite a long time now because all the guys in my school are usually younger than me and they’re pretty much a bunch of assholes. Well, i’m not saying that this guy is any good. But i must admit that he’s cute, especially when he smiles, haha!

I was totally not aware of his existence last year despite the fact that his class is just one row away from my class every morning assembly until my friend talked about him over lunch one day. My friend likes him (the totally head over heels kind of like, unlike mine) and so i was very curious of him. My friend and i searched his instagram account and we found out that it’s on private. Since my friend was very shy to follow him, i willingly did the job because first, i don’t know him and he probably doesn’t know me too, and second, we probably might not see each other in school (and so i thought it was). So in about 30 seconds, he followed me back. But the thing is, he didn’t accept my follow request at first. It took him about 30 more minutes before he finally accepted. It was kinda weird for me but it’s probably more weird for him because we probably don’t know each other but i followed him and he followed me back out of courtesy, i guess. Now that i think about it, he might think i’m a stalker!

I’m not sure whether he knows me back then but i’m pretty sure that he knows me by now. We walk pass each other too often in school, exchange some glances and i basically see him everywhere i go. Around that time, it was still normal. I was the girl who randomly followed him on instagram and he was the guy my friend likes. Now that night study programme has started, i always see him in the library and that’s how i probably started noticing him. He’s very cute alright. He plays sports too. And before you think of this in a different way, i’m gonna tell you that it’s just a crush (not trying to be defensive here) and he has a girlfriend.

So as i was saying, we always see each other in the library. Sometimes, he will look at our direction whenever we enter the library because my friend talks really loud so we catch other people’s (including his) attention. Usually, whenever we’re in the library he will always sit at the long table where me and my friends always sit. But within two consecutive days last week, he sat at the cubicle part of the library and i accidentally sat around that area too one day, so he might think i’m following him or am i just being paranoid? You see, the other day, i ended school at 12.30PM so i went straight to the library to study. I sat at one of the cubicles because i was alone and occupying the entire long table is a bit selfish and awkward for me. So i went for a break and my 3 hour bio lesson after that, and my friends and i just left our bags in the library. And when i returned…he was freaking there near the place where i’m sitting! I mean, i got there first, but he might not see my bag and thinks that i have a crush on him (well yes) but he might think that i’m trying to get his attention or whatsoever (which i’m not!). I remember whenever i got up to go to the toilet or get some water, he will always look (not that i’m looking at him but i could see his face turning at my direction from my peripheral vision). It was awkward for me, i have no idea why! During that night, he and his friends left the library around 8.40PM and my friends and i left 5 minutes later because the library was already closing. I thought he went home already but once i stepped out of the library, i saw his group of friends. They were about 10 meters away from us and i saw him looked back, twice! I ignored it because maybe he saw someone he knew behind me (which is so not the case because no one’s behind me, but i must chill. CONCEAL DON’T FEEL). But when we were heading out of the school already, THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT ME ASSUMING OR WHATSOEVER, he and his friends looked at our direction a couple of times. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! His friends are probably thinking that i’m the girl who has a crush on their friend and i’m getting his attention and whatnots.

Things are getting really screwed up and i swear, i was not intending it to be. Yesterday, i had economics lecture and my class only has 5 people taking that subject. 2 of my classmates decided not to go so i was left with 2 of my other classmates (whom i’m not close to at all) and they were basically sitting with another friend and their boyfriends. Because i had no idea where to sit and i didn’t want to sit with them because i’m gonna be an awkward potato, i sat with my friend who sat with her own class. And have i told you that my friend’s class is his class? Yes, they are classmates. I was freaking out the moment i sat with their class because he might be sitting there too and he will really think that i’m following him! But luck’s on my side, he sat somewhere else and i swear to God, that was the best feeling ever.

My story doesn’t end here because after that, i headed to the library again with my friend and i sat on the long table because if i sit at the cubicles again, he might be there and he might think that i’m following him. So i did not. Since my seat is basically facing the entrance of the library, i could see everyone who enters the library and guess who arrived after 5 minutes? He and his friend. I thought they would sit at the cubicles again but he sat on the long table behind me! I have no idea if it’s just because the cubicles where they were sitting the previous days were occupied because there’s a lot of empty seats when i last checked them but i’m just gonna assume that it’s just coincidence. But oh my God, he might really think that i like him and we’ll probably see each other every day in the library till A levels. SAVE ME PLEASE.