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The positive qualities of Aries are a heart-tugging innocence and wonder, blind faith and raw courage. Expressed in their negative forms, they can become selfish egotism, thoughtlessness, aggressiveness and impulsive action with no regard for the consequences.

Taurus positive qualities are strength of purpose, patience, steadfastness
and conviction. Expressed in their negative form, they become obstinacy, blind
prejudice and lack of reason.

Gemini positive qualities are versatility, mental alertness, quickness of perception, deductive reasoning and flexibility. Expressed in their negative form
they become restlessness, glibness, shallowness, double-talk, unreliability and

Cancer’s positive qualities are imagination, tenacity, tenderness, sensitivity,
care and caution. Expressed in their negative form they become stinginess, irritability, melancholy, clinging and cowardice, possessiveness and moodiness.

Leo’s positive qualities are warmth, generosity, nobility, strength, loyalty,
leadership and a soothing, gentle tenderness - the protective charisma of the
older brother or sister, of the strong toward the weak. Expressed in their negative form they become arrogance, false pride, vanity, tyranny, haughtiness

Virgo’s positive qualities are clarity of thought, discrimination, courtesy,
service to others, practicality and self-honesty. Expressed in their negative form they become criticism, crankiness, timidity, pessimism, inferiority and hairsplitting.

Libra’s positive qualities are justice, intelligence, charm, gentleness and
emotional balance. Expressed in their negative form they become laziness, procrastination, indecision, argumentativeness, pleasure-seeking and temperament.

Scorpio’s positive qualities are loyalty, will power, magnetism, gentleness,
insight and amazing self-control. Expressed in their negative form they become
ruthlessness, fanaticism, revenge, sadism, suspicion and self-hatred.

Sagittarian positive qualities are optimism, candor, cheerfulness, logic, honesty, daring and enthusiasm. Expressed in their negative form they become recklessness, emotional confusion, carelessness, lack of tact, rudeness and fickleness.

Capricorn’s positive qualities are determination, stability, wisdom, dependability, sureness and tranquility. Expressed in their negative form they become selfishness, narrowness, ruthless ambition, rigidity, snobbery, depression and loneliness.

The Aquarian positive qualities are vision, individuality, tolerance, friendliness,
inventiveness, originality and genius. Expressed in their negative form
they become eccentricity, neurosis, detachment, absentmindedness and refusal to cooperate.

The Pisces positive qualities are humility, compassion, sensitivity, spiritual
awareness, psychic comprehension, philosophic insight and a healing potential. Expressed in their negative form they become timidity, apprehension, masochism, idleness, lying and weakness of will.

–Linda Goodman

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Your sheith post about it possibly being canon I did read that the writers wanted to take Tim in building relationships and the story. Which I think is cool since a lot of shows rush into relationships without any build to it. Also I don't think it's queerbaiting since as far as I know the writers never said anything was going to canon I just think they like to show support.

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It’s weird that like, it’s socially acceptable to put leashes on your young children

But understandable, because their stubby legs are very deceptive of how much speed a gremlin can churn out of their young body

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1- Where is your phone? Near.

2- Your hair? Navarro.

3- Your dad? Funny.

4- Your other half? Hawke.

5- Your favourite food? Good.

6- Your dream last night? Sex.

7- Your favourite drink? Water.

8- Fear? Pain.

9- Favourite shoes? Combat.

10- Favourite way to relax? Music.

11- Your mood? Angst.

12- I love? Love.

13- Where were you last night? Cyberspace

14- Something that you aren’t? Confident.

15- Muffins? Yum.

16- Wish list item? House

17- Where you grew up? Places.

18- Last thing you did? Text.

19- What are you wearing right now? Elephants.

20- Something you hate? Deception.

21- Your pets? Assholes.

22- Friends? Cherished.

23- Life? Living.

24- Regrets? Some.

25- Missing someone? Deeply.

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The first 2/3 of the Latch FD didn't seem related to the last 1/3 at all for me. If they had ditched the Sam Smith part of the FD, that program would have been a winner for me.

Charlie White pls leave Tumblr.

I don’t know why ppl don’t understand ‘latch’, it’s so literal:  

You lift my heart up
When the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me, even when you’re not around

Like it fits perfectly the first 2 parts cause after deceptions and conflicts, he’s lifting her up to get like idk some sort of happy ending?

During World War II, there was a large push for recruitment of some of the best art students across the country to join the United States Army.  They formed a “deception unit”, or a “ghost army” that appeared to look like a huge mass of soldiers, tanks, trucks and artillery.  However, it was all smoke and mirrors, consisting of inflatable tanks, sound design, and clever applications of fake tank tracks overnight.  Actors also met in pubs, planting false information.  This distracted the enemy from the real troops who were gathering.

To learn more about this fascinating undertaking, which was only de-classified fairly recently, check out the podcast on the subject from 99% Invisible.  (Photo from Retronaut/Mashable, England, c. 1939) 

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