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What're a few things about you we prob don't know?

when i was five, i played soccer. instead of chasing after the ball, i spent entire games and practices laying in the middle of the field picking dandelions.

when i was eleven my grandmother’s house was struck by lightning and their porch burnt. we heard the bang where we lived at the end of the street. i’ve been scared of thunderstorms ever since.

when i was nineteen, i got a tattoo of a compass done on my left wrist. a reminder to always follow my heart. it was my first tattoo and done as part of a fundraising campaign for a local food bank.

I am so afraid that I am going to waste so much of my life being sad when I should be living. And not just living, but living vibrantly and loudly. I want to read more, travel more, learn more and talk to more people without feeling held back by the confines of my body. I no longer want to feel like I am drowning, sinking, falling or being swallowed up whole by something monstrous. I want to feel alive, lovely and brilliant, even for a moment

at some point you have to sit with yourself and learn who you are. you have to take responsibility for the way you’ve been treating yourself and the way you’ve allowed others to break you down. you have to go back to wherever you abandoned your love for self - thinking that someone’s love for you is more important than your own - and pick you back up! you have to ask yourself, “why do I treat others better than I treat my own self?” then you have to accept yourself.. because at the end of the day, the only person who’s forced to deal with the broken pieces of you, is you. don’t fault yourself for any of the past - just accept who you are today. accept your truths, your hurt, and your heart. and finally, you have to love YOU. love every piece of you - and never ever let anyone come in and damage you again. Heal your heart and Protect yourself better.
—  Reyna Biddy

treating everything from a place of self-love. washing my hair. making a meal. changing my sheets. reading a book. calling a friend. taking a nap. making art. cleaning my space. making a cup of tea. moving my body in a way that feels good. taking a bath. making goals. living. loving.