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I re-watched this episode 2 days ago for inspiration for this week’s spnhiatuscreations prompt. I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the episode because I was too excited about the Sam and Dean hug after so long. But if you look closely you can see that they hardly look at each other directly through this whole exchange. Like they know they wouldn’t be able to hold it together if they look into each other’s eyes. I just love that almost more than the hug itself because it tells you so much about how they are feeling and their bond without having to say any words.
It’s one of those exchanges that make you forget they are characters on a show and you feel like you witnessed something so real. I don’t know. These two are always so amazing at portraying the emotional stuff. 


Requested by @let-me-entice-you. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Dean is the omega!reader’s alpha, but hasn’t claimed her yet. A run in with a guy in a bar leads to a fight that ends with Dean needing to make a decision.

Warning: smut, a/b/o dynamics, knotting

Word Count: 2700ish

A/N: Been a while since I’ve written a/b/o, and it was so much fun! Hope you enjoy!

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?” The man is a few inches taller than you, with a strong jaw and classic features, but his smile is a little too leering for you to feel comfortable.

“No, thanks,” you answer politely, holding up your beer bottle to indicate that you already have one.

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Steal my Heart

4k words - Destiel AU - based on this Tumblr post - AO3

The prompt just screamed young Dean and Sam as little street rats, gambling, drinking, and stealing to survive, but with big hearts that still can’t resist saving people. This is kind of a warm up to get me back into the writing groove so I can finish up my WIPs.

Castiel drags his exhausted feet as he heads back home, despondent over yet another day of searching for work. He had known being on his own would be hard, but five months of living alone, cut off from everyone he had ever known, with his tiny bit of savings nearly used up and he is beginning to feel panic. The Gas-n-Sip interview at least seemed promising, although it’s always difficult to explain no past work experience and no references at all. And it isn’t like he doesn’t have them. He had worked for his parents for years, planning events, coordinating schedules, organizing travel for big name guests, smiling and shaking hands and being the perfect son.

Angel Ministries had kept him living in the lap of luxury for his entire life. He had grown up in a house that felt like a museum, large and beautiful and cold with no running and no touching the many works of art that adorned the walls and decorated the perfect rooms. They had a live-in chef to prepare their meals and a staff to take care of the house, pool, and grounds. He had never even learned to drive since everywhere he traveled was in the back of a long black luxury car or on the family jet. His parents, Zachariah and Naomi, wore perfect faces that everyone in the country recognized (well, everyone in the south and any Christian that ever watched TV). Their “not for profit” televangelism empire had made them rich.

It had all come crashing down for Castiel, though. He was just a few months into his first year of college, his first experience attending school with other students. Growing up traveling around the world for his parent’s speaking engagements, he had been homeschooled, sheltered from viewpoints outside of his parents’ and free thought, to be honest. He had known practically since puberty that he was gay and had held that secret inside for years, never having met anyone else who would speak out loud about being anything but straight.

Inias was a soft-spoken boy who he met at school. He was sweet, and smart, and offered to show Castiel around and introduce him to the Young Christians Bible study group. Soon, they began studying together and Castiel had invited Inias back to his house for a cram session for a big Calculus test they had coming up. He hadn’t even known Inias was gay too until the other boy put his books down on the bed and leaned forward, smashing his mouth awkwardly into Castiel’s. He didn’t even think he really liked Inias that way, but the excitement and warmth of someone touching him with such affection had him reaching for Inias and deepening the kiss.

And, of course, that’s when Naomi walked in, slamming the door behind her to startle the boys apart. Leave, she ordered Inias in a low, dangerous voice, which he did immediately before she turned a disgusted stare at her son. She made him an offer, go to conversion camp and never speak of this incident again, or be disowned if he wanted to continue his sinful life. When he refused camp, he was given fifteen minutes to pack what he needed with a warning that he needed to leave and disappear. She would tell their adoring public that her son was on a two year missionary trip to Africa and pretty soon people would forget that he existed.

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