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  1. Boys and Girls - Zico (ft. Babylon)
  2. No Role Modelz - J. Cole
  3. Save Me - B.A.P
  4. Alibi - Thirst Seconds To Mars
  5. Paradise - Big Sean
  6. Bonfire - Childish Gambino
  7. Like a Cat - AOA
  8. Youth - Troye Sivan
  9. Charlie Chaplin - BASTARZ
  10. Mountain - Casker

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o quantus tunc illis mentibus ardor concubitus, quae vox saltante libidine, quantus ille meri Veneris per crura madentia torrens! lenonum ancillas posita Saufeia corona provocat et tollit pendentis praemia coxae, ipsa Medullinae fluctum crisantis adorat.

“How great is the eagerness for sex in their minds then, what a voice with the desire for dancing, how abundant a torrent of pure lust runs over their moist thighs! Saufeia, with a reward being offered, challenges the brothel-keeper’s slave girls, and she takes the prize for shaking her ass, then she in turn worships the undulating surges of Medullina.”

Juvenal (c.55 - 127 AD) Satire 6.317-322

Juvenal is describing the celebration of Bona Dea (the Good Goddess), which was a female only ceremony.


Cory Michael Smith: Interview Comic Con 2016

ac pariter toto repetitus clamor ab antro ‘iam fas est, admitte viros.’ dormitat adulter, illa iubet sumpto iuvenem properare cucullo; si nihil est, servis incurritur; abstuleris spem servorum, veniet conductus aquarius; hic si quaeritur et desunt homines, mora nulla per ipsam quo minus inposito clunem summittat asello.

“And a shout is repeated in unison by the whole grotto: ‘Now’s the time, send in the men!’ If her lover is asleep, she orders the youth to hurry with his hood on; If that comes to nothing, there is a rush upon the slaves; If you take away the hope of slaves, a hired water-carrier will come; If he is sought in vain and humans are absent, without delay she offers up her ass to be bred by a donkey.”

Juvenal (c.55 - 127 AD) Satire 6.328-334

Here, again, Juvenal is letting his imagination run wild describing the Bona Dea (Good Goddess) festival, a celebration for women only. As someone stated yesterday about Juvenal’s other quote about the festival, he would have never been allowed to actually see what the women were doing.


And she’s finished … .

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“The Welsh say, “She is casting rain,” not “It is raining,” and in Pwyll’s day men still knew why.  Rain and sun, crops and wombs of beasts and women, all were ruled by that old, mysterious Goddess from whose own womb all things had come in the beginning. The wild places were Hers, and the wild things were Her children.  Men of the New Tribes, Pwyll’s proud golden warrior-kind, left her worship to women, made offerings only to their Man-Gods, who brought them battle and loot.  But now Pwyll began to wonder if those hunters were right who said that all who went in to the woods to slay her horned and furry children should first make offerings to Her, and promise not to kill to many.  So folk of the Old Tribes had always done.”

–excerpted from Prince of Annwn by Evangeline Walton

I’m working on a new piece of Goddess embroidery inspired by Evangeline Walton’s novelizations of The Mabinogian.  I just finished Prince of Annwyn in which the goddess Modron (Mother) is a primary character.

In the design I’m working on right now her head is a sun symbol, her torso is rain fall, and her skirt the sown field motif, symbolizing the fertility of both the fields and women.  From her head sprouts the Tree of Life.