(Yaaay the Updates are back)

-dan’s icon
-they were on #danandphil
-they had one of the worst jet lags
-cheery blossom
-they’ll talk about Japan in the book!!!!!!!!!
-they’ll put photos of japan in the book!!!!!!!
-cherry blossom selfie
-phil’s cherry blossom selfie was not that good that’s why he didn’t put it up
-maid café
-phil thought that his maid didn’t really like him?
-nick jonas :DD ‘hey buddy’
-the hotel room toilet :D
-it was a heated toilet seat
-japan haul might happen
-advise on final exams
-Pokemon shop
-cherry blossoms again
-the day in the life video
-Japanese food
-the tour
-Louise called them :D
-so well…they are going to New York this week..:D (for 3 days)
-they’ll probably film a haul and a gaming video tonight
-the avengers movie
-smosh babies
-dan has been playing ‘Dance Dance Revolution’
-Mario Kart video
-phil will play shelter 2 after they come back from new york
-they watched ‘Birdman’ on the plain
- no liveshow on tuesday because they are in NY
-a lot of good byes

MENTIONED DAN: (well Dan was in the show the entire time :D)

Let me know if i forgot something :) my stream wasn’t really good…
And you guys can always talk to me..my ask is open

for those of you who missed it: http://youtu.be/sD1iwNKDxl0

A helluva good show, the first installment of the Marvel TV universe has been re-commissioned for a second season, with its debut only launching recently, yet proving an immediate hit with critics and online pirates, being the second most-Torrented show in the world. It’s a dubious badge of honor, but since Hell’s Kitchen is saturated with small-time hoodlums and corrupt officials, even Matt Murdock might allow himself a wry smile if he knows he inspires criminality in the real world. DD is a story of a blind lawyer who, aided by uncanny radar sense, moonlights as a roof-hopping, skull-cracking vigilante. With another season on the horizon, what lessons can be learned from the first? Iron Man is the blueprint for the universe, leaving the washed-out-palette stuff to DC, but DD deliberately goes dark to establish a distinct identity for the show that positions it miles away from the shiny tech of Agents of SHIELD. The cursing also indicates that it’s a more adult take on comics. With merely 13 hours to tell a tale, DD has ample time to set up the protagonist and antagonist with similar ambitions and a comparable stubbornness that destines them to smash into each other. Still, the women feels frustratingly underwritten: Vanessa exerts a greater pull on Wilson than his criminal partners, Madame Gao flattens our hero with one chi-focused punch, Karen is always relegated to the role of damsel in distress, and Claire fits into and then completely out of the story; at least the next series AKA Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, will have a woman at the forefront… Is it Marvel’s best show? In a perfect world, there would be more love for Agent Carter, with a butt-kicking English rose battling HYDRA and sexism, but DD does feel like a genuine evolution and a perfect “Iron Man” to lead into Defenders (”Daredevil: The First Defender”).

Devil, by Johnny Morrow.


Derp Russia is Derp <J>

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