What's up Kitten?
  • Daddy: *concerned* Kitten, are you okay? You look a little down in the dumps.
  • Little: *shakes head, tears welling up* Nu uh
  • Daddy: *opening arms* Come here Kitten. Come to Daddy.
  • Little: *runs to Daddy and clings*
  • Daddy: *kissing forehead* Good girl. You're all mine Princess. Everything is okay.

Can you guess with what I kept myself occupied after my pc broke?~

So I was drawing my fish/ shark husband from Zelda Botw but then I just had to draw my favorite shark as well. @lonely-shark-beast as a Zora!

So daddy had a blanket over his head and wouldn’t look at me so I got up and went and drank coffee, which is a no-no because of my health. Daddy made me write a few lines and I, of course, had to be smart about it 😋 He told me “go write it” and I wrote “it” on the line haha. Then he had me fill in the blanks and I totally didn’t fill in “gay” for “Daddy is ___” and “I am ___” 😂 Punishments are fun for me and with me 💕