On phone with my Princess before bedtime
  • Princess:I'm sleepy
  • Princess:Wait no I'm not
  • Daddy:I heard that!
  • Princess:No what you heard was Princess hold tone. Hold while the Princess does the things. Please leave a message after the beep
  • ....
  • Princess:*while giggling* Beeeeeeepp
  • Daddy:I press 0
  • Princess:We're sorry. 0 is not an option in this phone tree. Press 1 for more information
  • Daddy:I press *1
  • Princess:We're sorry. *1 is not an option in this phone menu
  • Daddy:Weird it was a phone tree a moment ago
  • Daddy:I press 1
  • Princess:*Proceeds to inform daddy of all the nerdy things she learned in school today while drifting off to sleep*

I’ve found that rewarding good behavior is much more effective on my Little than punishing bad behavior.

We use an app called Our Home that we used to use awhile ago but fell out of the habit. Recently we started it up again and I remember why I really like it. My Little responds immensely better to being rewarded for good things she does. I reward
her for exercising, for doing basic chores like brushing her teeth and making her bed, but it also rewards her for doing things that are important she remembers but often forgets like taking her meds or telling me when she’s home from work safe. Now she has a tangible reason to want to be the best she can be. Her tasks earn her points and she can redeem them for the reward she chooses.

Of course all these tasks and rewards are tailored to my little girl but try it out with yours and add what works best for them!