When an 8 year old has better presence on floor than basically any elite…

“Daddy, what’s your favorite color?”

“Hmmm… I think my favorite color would be green.”

“Green like the grass and trees?”


“Green like the radioactive pond?”

“Guess again.”

“Green like broccoli?”

“Course not.”

“Then what?”

“Green like my baby girl’s eyes.”

“Pbbbbbbt. Mommy’s right you are a nerd.”

“Just don’t shove me in a locker, baby.”

One day I was approached in a dream by someone who chided me, ‘How long will you drink this brew that destroys human intellect?’ ‘Tis better to be sober!’ I responded, ‘The sages have failed to find a better elixir to drink away the sorrows of the world.’ He said, ‘Never has drunkenness brought peace of mind. Can one who leads people to stupor be called a sage? Seek that which increases intellect and wisdom!’ I asked, ‘Where can I find such a thing?’ He replied, ‘Those who seek shall find.’ And then, pointing in the direction of the qibla, he fell silent. - Khusraw