• Little: umm,umm Daddy,I cant slip...
  • Daddy: aww sweetie *goes over and holds little* who's the best little one ever?
  • Little: *looks down shyly* umm,me
  • Daddy: thats right! now,who's my baby?
  • Little: *giggles* me!
  • Daddy: haha,yes your my baby,now im going to go make you a bottle but *hands little their favorite stuffie* only if you promise to watch (insert your favorite stuffies name) while im gone
  • Little: yes Dada! *giggles happily in little space*

Hello it’s postive-little here And I just wanna make an announcement. I’m normally super happy and postive but on this matter I cannot be. I really can’t stress this enough. I HAVE A DADDY. I really wanna make sure I don’t get messages from people with intents of hitting on me. I’ve been getting alot recently and the messages are a point where people have non conspicuously tried to convince me to cheat on my daddy. WHICH IS A BIG FAT NO!
Please message me with a sfw mind. A friendly mind.
Thank you lots!!
Postive-little 🐈

Daddys Rules For Me:
  • 🌹when Daddys says do something,do it
  • 🌹say "thank you" when Daddy is done punishing you
  • 🌹when Daddy says position 1-3,you assume-
  • 1)hands behind your back,laying on your stomach spreading your ass
  • 2)doggie style,spreading your ass
  • 3)missionary
  • 🌹when Daddy wants kisses,he gets kisses
  • 🌹if Daddy ever gets too rough say your safety word or tap Daddy three times