jackson trying really hard not slap the shit out of bambam

JS: trying to talk but keeps getting interrupted  

BB: teu teu teu. teuteuteu :’D

BB: *making more random sounds* 

MK: bambam (calm down) 

JS: endure..endure 

tagged by: @lunah - tysm!! i had a lot of fun doing this :’Dbb

  • name: starts with an ‘l’ and ends with an ‘e,’ but senyi (森怡) works too 
  • nicknames: sen, gem, bison (thanks ivy), RCC, rice cooker, etc. 
  • zodiac sign: gemini / dragon
  • height: 5′1″
  • orientation: that one NSYNC song that starts with a ‘b’
  • ethnicity: chinese
  • favorite fruit: bananas
  • favorite season: winter
  • favorite book: either a separate peace or a farewell to arms
favourite flower: roses
favourite scent: mint
favourite colour: rose gold
favourite animal: elephants
average sleep hours: 6-7 hours
cat or dog person: both, but i like dogs more (i’m kind of allergic to cats rip)
favourite fictional character: it’s a tie between takashi shirogane and kayo hinazuki
the number of blankets you sleep with: two
dream trip: i wanna go to yellowstone again :v
blog created: october 2014 
number of followers: 472

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