Leonardo’s “Flower of Life” – c. 1478-1519. Codex Atlanticus Fol 307v

A “flower of life” is a geometrical figure that is made by creating 7 or more superimposed and evenly-spaced circles. The center of each circle is on the circumference of up to six neighboring circles of the same diameter. It’s thought, by some, to be a representation of the “Tree of life” and a symbol of “sacred geometry” that exemplifies a mathematical link to the divine. 


davinci is a pokemon master

i believe in all of your dreams! if you wanna kiss that person, do it! if you wanna learn that skill, do it! if you wanna donate all your belongs to a kids’ charity, do it! under no circumstances should you feel like you pretend to have a “normal” dream or have to hold back, i believe in you!


Don’t Quit Your Day Job by Lauren Panepinto

It’s no secret that Western popular culture (if not world culture at this point) is obsessed with youth. Youthfulness quickly became the beauty standard as well as the power symbol. Add to that our era of internet startups and 20-something millionaires and “_____ Under 30” lists and it suddenly seems like if you haven’t “made it” by 30 you’re a failure. This is not the case in history, and it’s ESPECIALLY not the case in creative fields like art. Child prodigies are impressive but true genius takes time to develop, and more importantly, it takes life experience. DaVinci would have been considered a complete failure until his 40s.

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Hey look, I did the thing!

These are most definitely not the best photographs I have taken, but I still think they’re quite pretty.