With Dark Souls 3 nearing release, I wanted to tribute the inspiring helm designs of Dark Souls. The armor design in Dark Souls is breathtaking, with striking silhouettes and elegant designs that balance between function and design. These helms were originally created for Satellite Soda’s Daily Draw during February in 2016.

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Skeleton Lords (Mr. Short-Arms-Small-Hands), Ruin Sentinels, Belfry Gargoyles, and Lost Sinner

Hey guys, I’ve recently had a couple thefts of my work. It sucks that the actions of a few should affect everyone’s enjoyment of my work, but I see no other way to protect myself and my art. 
I hope you can forgive the lowered resolution of my work. I hope that you continue to support me as you have, and I hope that these measures do not affect your ability to enjoy my art!

I had some catching up to do! Here are all of the bosses I drew during my very first and very successful stream on Twitch yesterday! If you missed it, you can catch the whole thing right HERE.

And make sure to send me a Follow! I plan to stream again on THURSDAY at 6PM EST. (Oops! I have an appointment on Thursday! I’ll do a short one hour quick sketch on Thursday and then a longer stream Friday at the same time!)

BUT! I want you guys to participate as well!

Let’s all draw these bosses together!

You don’t have to run by my schedule, but the idea is we all draw our own unique take on each boss in Dark Souls 2!

To participate, all you have to do is start posting your drawings of the bosses, and tag them #darksouls2bossrush

For reference, here’s a list of ALL THE BOSSES!