As chrismas approach so quick its a good time to gather this first segment of the Darksouls II bossrushmode.

Now we have our first lord soul, be ready for the Huntsman’s Copse… they’re is a bunch of skeletons to draw over there. A quite long path before Iron Keep (the place I hate the most in the game… I ve never been a big fan of volcanic area anyway)

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Speedpaint-3 hours. If you want to see the hourly progress shots I posted them here

Some fan art of Artorias the Abysswalker from Dark souls. I cant rave enough about the pitch perfect design direction of darksouls,  but I also might have a severe soft spot for shade faced, Armour clad, abyss gargling characters. I’m bias, so sue me.

Character © From software, image © me 

By the Firelink Shrine, The Master patiently waits for an unkindled ash to challenge him.

This guy, goddamn. Simple attire, no epic story from his item description, but a great challenge, a great view, a great weapon … something that drives conversation between you and your buddies when you sit down and talk about the game. From Software always does an amazing job at making what would be just another mob into a memorable character.