Jake Gyllenhaal attends a photo call for the movie “Everest” at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Beverly Hills, 27 August 2015.
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So, you only use aWT, Darko and Anto's stuff because they are your friends? Why not other things from other CC creators? There are just as much quality things out there to download for your sim. Why limit what you use because they didn't make it?

who said I just use only their stuff? I have my fav creators which are:




whole Sclub



Screaming mustard



And I don’t use their stuff, just because they are my friends, I use their stuff because I love their creations and I consider their stuff high quality. 

Here warning, the fact those are high quality doesn’t mean the others are not. I don’t download many custom content because I simply don’t need it. I make preview pictures usually from shoulders up, which means I don’t really need shoes or clothing, so when I need them I go to those creators I already know. I am sure, there are many amazing creators around which I didn’t have opportunity to see yet.

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Darko, please tell me why this Arianna Grande hair is sooooooo important and popular. I just don't get it.... It's kind of plain and boring (not your hair mesh just talking about hers). It's just a ponytail for christ's sake. People act like they never seen one before...

This best friend of mine is getting married today. Brother, so happy for you and your beautiful bride! Thank you for your faithful friendship, constant support, shared wealth of nerd knowledge, Sigur Ros, One Amazin’ Kid, Donnie Darko and many more. Here’s to an amazing wedding day!

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film asks - all of them! (do it, you know you want to) 😉

(I kinda do :$)

What’s the most depressing movie you’ve ever watched?
Probably Now Is Good. That shit was.. I mean.. IM NOT CRYING

What’s the most disturbing movie you’ve ever watched?
The Voices, no doubt about it.

An actor/actress you’ve seen in more than 8 movies? Name the movies.
More than 8? Pff, I think subconsciously a lot, like Bradley Cooper (American Sniper, The Words, The Hangover ½/3, All About Steve, The Midnight Meat Train, Limitless, Silver Lining’ Playbook, American Hustle and probably more) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Jarhead, End of Watch, Brothers, Nightcrawler, Brokeback Mountain, Bubble Boy (oh god no), Proof (oh god yes), Rendition) but the only one I do on purpose is AK because I have watched literally everything of her xd

A film you could watch on repeat for the rest of your life?
I’ve watched PP2 so many times now, I have no doubts I can.

What’s the very first film you remember watching?
World Trade Center in the movie theatre with my parents lol

A film you wish you hadn’t watched?
Again, The Voices. I can’t erase it out my mind xd

A film you wish had a sequel?
Oh, I think Whiplash for no other reason than that I love films about drumming lol but no it’s a great movie, I’d love another one like that

Which book would you like to see adapted into a film?
The Testing which is coming I hope.

The most aesthetically pleasing movie you’ve ever watched?
Fight Club!

What’s your favourite movie director?
If we’re just talking directing! (because Spielberg is the producing God) I’m gonna go with David Fincher.

Your favourite movie genre?
Horror and thriller.

A movie that holds a special place in your heart?
Probably The Hunger Games.

Your favourite comedy film?
21 and 22 Jump Street.

A music video you would love to see developed into a film?

A film everyone loves but you hate?
The Divergent/Insurgent series thing. I don’t like Shailene, so.

A film you love but everyone else hates?
Idk I kinda liked Twilight back in the day DONT JUDGE OKAY

Which cinematic universe would you like to live in?
Hunger Games, let’s go! Or The Purge. That shit is off the hook!

What’s your favourite biopic?
We Are Marshall, The Conjuring and American Hustle.

Mainstream movies or indie movies?
Mainstream, sorry!

Old movies or contemporary movies?
All of em!

A film with an amazing soundtrack?
Pitch Perfect, come onnn

This was funnnnn thanks haha!