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Does Bendy act like a cat? (Sleep in a catloaf pose, lay on keyboards, knock shut off of desks, etc.?)

// If Daddy doesn’t pay attention to him he’ll flop on his lap. (He was also notorious for knocking everything off of desks and moving them around in the studio… there are reasons Joey keeps him out of his office.


Below is the Linny Fanfiction Masterlist. The list will be frequently updated as submissions are received and it is organized in alphabetical order. Enjoy and happy reading!

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NOEL (3rd place) IS RISING FAST, I know we all voted like crazy and Bob is ahead but Noel got TWICE the votes Bob got on the last hour ( noel got 3078 new votes versus 1455 for Bob), so we gotta GO if we want to make it on the next round (we have 5 hours to go and lots of time for him to catch up)


So do you guys remember how I freaked out about that research paper being approved for publishing sometime last October? Well, after extensive review, a few resubmissions with revisions, and essentially 6 months waiting on bated breath for a confirmatory email, I can finally say that our reviewers are satisfied by our revisions. After we email this final revision, it should be given the green-light for publishing.

Now I can feel confident saying that I’ll be a published author :)