Notes on Animation: Cats Don’t Dance (1997) | Marc Hendry

“A look at the design and animation of forgotten 90’s gem Cats Don’t Dance.”

via Cartoon Brew:

“There’s nice insights throughout, but one of the most useful pieces of information comes toward the end of the video when video creator Marc Hendry talks about what compelled him to make this animation analysis video in the first place.

Hendry explains that a while back he posed this question to Disney animators through a Facebook page: What questions should an animator ask when studying another animator’s work? Contemporary master Eric Goldberg wrote him back with this list of things he asks himself when studying animation:

  1. How are the different attitudes expressed using the entire body?
  2. What kind of shape design is used to graphically support the idea of the pose?
  3. How are secondary items like hair and cloth, used to support the overall design and movement?
  4. What kind of shape manipulation is going on, particularly in the face, to better feel the expressions and lip-synch?
  5. What’s a key, what’s a breakdown, and what’s an inbetween?
  6. How are internal and external features defined in the animation? (What’s hard bone, what’s fat, what’s muscle, what’s loose hanging flesh, what’s squishy, what isn’t?)
  7. How is the use of one or two frames of distortion effective in defining the action?

Goldberg is basically explaining the difference between the passive act of watching cartoons and the active task of seeing cartoons. Seeing transforms the viewer into a student; as a student, one analyzes the choices that were made by the artist and tries to understand why a piece of animation looks and feels the way it does.”



New video from Plastic for their PS4 game which combines Modernist Art, polygons and a ballerina protagonist:

Bound is our latest project concentrating on visualizing modern art movements such as Suprematism, Concretism and Neoplasticism in realtime. As a ballerina you travel through abstract environments to uncover the story of young women, who is expecting a baby …

For dacer movements we have motion captured a real contemporary dancer Maria Udod.

The movie contains a song called “The Ocean That I Found” composed by Oleg ‘Heinali’ Shpudeiko and performed by Judy Leuven

Bound is also a Virtual Reality project compatible with PlaystationVR.

You can find out more about the game here

I was super inspired by two certain friends to have my go at this with LuNyx! (My two homies over at @wolfric and @lvnafreya!!!)
God—-I love ships I can feel feels lol They’re great!~  

Draw Your OTP like this Challenge!

anonymous asked:

Could you do Supercat with 43. “Why are we whispering?” please :D

“Shush!” Cat commands, clamping a hand over Kara’s mouth. They’re lying naked on Cat’s dining room table. Cat’s still on top, pressing Kara down on a distinctly rumpled tablecloth that probably cost twice as much as Kara’s laptop (and that laptop has been the one true indulgence of Kara’s adult life; it’s a good one). “Or at least whisper.”

“Why are we whispering?” Kara, well, whispers in response. “I can super speed us right back to your bedroom without Carter getting an eyeful. I promise.”

“He isn’t supposed to be home until tonight,” Cat groans. “This is what I get for bringing you home for a nooner.”

“A nooner?” Kara mocks, breaking her whisper and getting a glare for her trouble. “Are we in Mad Men right now?”

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