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endless list of disney AUs (16/?) [for @othablugrl]

Belle & Adam: modern royalty AU

The crown prince of England in 1946, Adam is a notorious flirt; while he spends his days being charitable and putting on a good face for the flashbulbs of the press, his nights are filled with lavish parties and an endless parade of women, all of which he personally photographs. He’s living the high life and nothing can slow him down.

This is, until his parents inform him that, in a last-ditch effort to make him settle down and calm the ravenous tabloids, he is to be engaged to marry a nice, sensible young lady from a well-established family of horse breeders. Given that things were supposed to be changing in a post-war world, the prince is anything but amused to be forced into something as archaic as an arranged marriage.

Belle Evansby, on the other hand, has vowed to make the best of the situation. It was either she agree to the proposed engagement presented to her father by the palace or she would more than likely have no choice but to marry the Viscount of Hampshire - a pompous, crude young man who had been launching proposals in her direction since she had come of age. After the first war, her family had begun to struggle financially and the second had nearly crippled their estate; if she couldn’t marry for love, then she was determined to marry high enough to save her family and their home.

At first, things are tenuous between the pair of “budding young lovers”, as the newspapers would call them during their courtship, but they eventually come to an arrangement that just might make their complicated marriage work - until their majesties, the King and Queen, both meet tragic ends in a fatal car accident and the young prince suddenly finds the crown being thrust upon his head. That makes things… rather complicated.