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Naruto: Sasuke… are you done changing?

Sasuke: No dobe. Do we have to go? Can’t we just stay in and watch TV or something?

Naruto: Why are you so antisocial? Come on it will be fun. Everyone is gonna be there! And my fox onesie is super cute once you come out see it.

Sasuke: Naruto how come I have to wear this?

Naruto: Aww it will be cute. Hurry up I want to see.

Sasuke: It’ to small. Just because you got me an extra large… Doesn’t make it bigger, if it’s a dam kids costumer!

Naruto: Ah it will be fine. Hurrryyyy!

Sasuke: *Comes out in a tight fitting yellow fire fighters pants and red suspenders with no shirt, looking embarrassed*
Dobe the shirt didn’t fit.

Naruto: *Nose bleed* Fuck !…. Yer we are definitely not going to make it to the party tonight.

Rob Van Dam explains his 1997 WWF run
[October 20th, 2016]

In 1997, several ECW superstars “invaded” the WWF in order to raise awareness about their impending pay per view, Barely Legal. Rob Van Dam was the spearheader of that operation, and was easily the company’s most popular superstar. Unfortunately, despite some light being shined on Van Dam, he disappeared from WWF TV before he could rise beyond a certain level in the company. RVD was a recent guest on The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed, where he explained why:

I was there for the betterment of ECW, and that is what Sabu and I thought. Vince thought I was there for a different reason, and Paul kept us in the dark about that. He told us the whole time, if there is anything you don’t like, we’ll go, we’ll walk, and it came to a point where we were there to put ECW out there on TV. He wanted us to get heat with WWE so he can keep us. I told Paul that they wanted me to put over Jesse James, and I said, what’s that going to do for ECW? I got to a point and thought, what should I do? He said, you want to go? Just let me know and we’ll go.

He put it all on me. I couldn’t come in and do the J.O.B, it forced a meeting with me and Vince, along with Sabu, perhaps Gerald Brisco was there I think. Bruce Prichard and Paul Heyman were in the corner talking, not even paying attention in the meeting. That is where I learned that Vince wasn’t going to put me on TV if he didn’t think I was going to stay. I was going to be this aggressive babyface, and apparently Paul did know, which is why it blew up. I was there for ECW, and I said, well, we have to go then, so we left. [x]


[CLIP] 161021 2017 S/S HERA Seoul Fashion Week (FLEAMADONNA Collection) - Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Joy

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