the funniest thing about doctor who to me is that from the start of the reboot, the time war was built up to be this massive catastrophic cataclysm where both sides lost, but over time the daleks just kept coming back, and then the time lords came back too, so, like……. the whole thing was just one anticlimactic stalemate where both sides just kinda ducked out for a while and the only people that didnt know were the doctor, the master and like one solitary dalek stuck underground in utah

Hey mutuals! You’re officially invited to our wedding!

@riotsquad and I have decided to get married for those tax benefits $$ and we’re inviting you to the wedding! 

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also, that single solitary dalek stuck underground in utah where nobody knows what daleks are retroactively doesnt make any sense, but thats me being petty about continuity i guess