IMAGINE: “…So, we got to the alleyway right, Y/N was gettin’ all scared, so we started making out, so it could get out of Y/N’s head. When I say it was mind blowing, I mean pshhhuuu,” Dinger made an explosion motion, “Mind blowing, had a good looking body too.“ Dinger leaned back onto Bobby with his tongue stuck out playfully. "God, sometimes I wish your Mom would’ve ran over your big head too.” Bobby rolled his eyes at his best friend as they talked about you and Dinger’s relationship. -Jae xx


DARA: “Wassup?!? Sweet DalD (DaraDJ) is back!!! DJ Dara is back!!! #Beat #DJDara #달디”

“Tonight at 6PM on Beat Radio, Sandara Park’s radio channel will open!!! ^.^ This week’s topic is related to our blackjacks so the songs I picked are from old memories as a trainee and behind the scenesㅋㅋ I’m not an old person! I just want to listen with you all~ I’m excited.. Let’s listen together…”