I think if Draco and Harry were secretly dating in OOTP,

  • Draco would still have been in the Inquisitorial Squad because of his father
  • but he would have done all he could to keep Umbridge away from the DA
  • he’d have given her false information so that students could get back to their dorms safely
  • when he found our about Umbridge using the blood quill on Harry
  • he’d have gone absolutely ballistic
  • he almost quit the squad right away but Harry convinces him to stay
  • because Draco’s help was crucial to the success of the DA and he had already helped so much
  • and Harry would have told him not to worry because he was fine now
  • so grudgingly, Draco would  have stayed and after that incident, he would have tried even harder to help Harry
  • but god it was so hard
  • he was getting closer to strangling her each day
  • it was getting harder to keep their relationship a secret
  • it was getting harder to meet everyday
  • but the last straw was when Umbridge finally caught Harry
  • and Draco had to let her because she was getting suspicious
  • that was the day Draco outed the two of them
  • because Umbridge was about to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry
  • and no fucking way in hell was that bitch going to hurt his Harry any more

Kylie Swan Mikaelson, Zac Mikaelson & Angelica Swan Mikaelson

I mentioned not too long ago, that I was playing Sims 4 a little, and recreating the Dahing-Swans. So here is the first view. Before you ask, yes, Kylie’s hair is dyed. 

Angelica is officially my first s4 toddler. She’s just so frigging cute!! >////< ♥♥♥♥

Zac was originally a sims 3 guy who was sent to me by the sweetest @the-shimmering-silwermoon. She entrusted me with this hot piece of man candy, and he now also has a feature amongst the Dahing-Swans. Thank you hun! I love him and always will! Zac means a lot to me because he means a lot to Kylie ♥

@corianderpunch - tagging you because I KNOW you’d never let me hear the end of it, if I didn’t show you my/our precious babies ♥3♥