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100 word fic: Shirt

They’re soaked to the bone as they enter Thomas’ bedroom. Guy-Man instantly pulls off his T-shirt and marches over to the wardrobe. Thomas begins undressing too, his gaze flickering between the buttons of his shirt and Guy-Man. For some reason, he just can’t keep his eyes from raking over his friend’s half-naked figure. Something stirs in the pit of his stomach. Guy-Man glances at him from over his shoulder; Thomas quickly looks away, face heating up. Guy-Man chuckles. Finishing putting on one of Thomas’ sweaters, he bundles up his wet clothes into a ball and lobs it at Thomas’ head.


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Canciones que llevan su nombre
Número 4: “Something About Us” Daft Punk 

(Que no me venga con sus mentiras de mierda. Esos ojos contradicen sus palabras cada que se cruzan con mi mirada) 

meet the mun!

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Name/Nickname: july/julie/mochi (the last one is an inside thing with my siblings)

Height: 5 ft 5 inches

Star sign: capricorn

Time now: 11: 26 am

Last thing googled:  “compound interest online calculator” lmao 

Fave music artist: i have a lot, but i’ve always rly liked the strokes, daft punk and the neighbourhood 

Song stuck in head: next time around by little joy

Last movie: logan (i cried way too hard lmao) 

Last tv show: community  

What I’m wearing: (this question omf) long sleeved tee with nike shorts 

When I created this blog: jan 3rd, 2017 (wow, only a few months??)

Do I get asks regularly?: yeet, my inbox usually stays around 50+ (i know i’m shit at answering questions)

Why the Url: well. this is, an ameripan ask blog, 

Gender: she/her/they

Hogwarts House: i joined pottermore just for this gryffindor!

Pokemon team: valor or instinct 

Favourite Colour: yellow, pastel pink

Average hours of sleep: i usually knock out at 11 pm and wake up around 6 am on weekdays, or around 9 on weekends (i hate sleeping in) 

Lucky #: 96,000

Fav character (From Hetalia): ya’ll know i’d ride or die for japan 

Dream job: storyboard artist at disney animation studios, or a historian 

# of blankets: 2+ 

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Nickname: Stef and Stefano

Gender: female

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 5'5

Time Right Now: 12:45 am, just got back from Mexico

Last Thing I Googled: selena mac lipstick, i lost mine while i was in Mexico and im so fucking sad :(

Favorite Bands: my chemical romance, led zeppelin, the red hot chili peppers, no doubt, f(x), exo, shinee, bts, the beatles, dead kennedys, ramones, gorillaz, coldplay, the killers, queen, the clash, the doors, joy division, sigur ros, the smashing pumpkins, daft punk, the xx, the cranberries, fleetwood mac, sonic youth and others

Favorite Solo Artist: Ummmm I have a lot but Christina Aguilera has been my queen ever since I can remember, but I also really love Selena, Michael Jackson, and Utada

Song Stuck In Your Head: Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

Last Movie I Watched: Stars Wars Episode VII in spanish lol

Last TV Show I Watched: its been a while but I think Teen Wolf? (but that was years ago)

When Did You Create Your Blog: My first blog i created about six years ago but I remade I think last week? I already forgot wow

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: anything i like but mostly aesthetic posts, clothes, makeup, kpop, and sometimes anime

When Did Your Blog Reach its Peak: ummm what?

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: no

Do You Get Asks Regularly: nah

Why Did You Chose Your URL: its a mix of two legendary albums, shinee’s odd and f(x)’s pink tape :)))

Following: idk

Posts: idk

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Pokemon Team: as long as I have Meganium and a good water type like Empoleon i’ll be ok

Favorite Colors: any shade of blue, pastel pink, black and mint

Average Hours of Sleep: idk i think 6??

Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, and 9

Favorite Characters: sora from kingdom hearts, rei from evangelion, ed from cowboy bebop and juuzou from tokyo ghoul (there are others too but i cant remember any right now)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: a black and white striped long sleeved shirt, high waisted black skinny jeans, and white adidas

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: one or none

Dream Job: A writer/screen writer/novelist

Dream Trip: Go to Paris or Japan with my family

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One song: Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat. Pharell Williams
Two movies: Beauty and the Beast (2017) and The Guest (2014)
Three series: Misfits, Legion, The Tudors
Four people: Dan “grey Lycra muscle suit” Stevens, Emma “that sausage looks pretty phallic” Watson, Jenna “I’m totally not in love with my co-star (again)” Coleman, Peter “Jenna is amazing” Capaldi
Five foods: soup de jour, hot hors d'oeuers, beef ragout, cheese soufflé, pie and pudding en flambé (lol, see what i did there??)
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