Pilot Varsity and water sketch - Daenerys Targaryen

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I'm in the party that imagines Dany and Arya meet up someday - how do you feel about this? And if you agree, do you have any thoughts on how/where/why and what they'd discuss? I personally envision some scenario where Dany launches for Westeros from Bravos and picks up Arya there, with conversations about justice and things. Could lead to a good tie-in fro Arya to pick up Dany's work as you mentioned in a recent ask. Plus, Arya seems like the best one to tame Dany to the idea of Starks as okay.

(TWOW spoilers)

I too imagine that Dany and Arya will intersect (and make an immediate connection that leads Arya to pick up where Dany leaves off), but I don’t think it’ll be in Braavos. That’s far out of Dany’s way, and she’s already got enough on her plate; Pentos makes more sense IMO as her launching pad, given how close it is to King’s Landing and the strong likelihood she’s going to confront Illyrio after learning about Aegon. Moreover, I think that Arya’s ticket home is Justin Massey, who as of Theon I TWOW has been sent to Braavos to recruit sellswords for Stannis with the Iron Bank’s money. As such, I think their meeting will wait for Westeros. 

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Do you believe Drogon burnt that girl in ASOS or that it was a ploy by the Sons of the Harpy, Great/Wise Masters, &/or The Green Grace to get Dany to lock her dragons away so that they could molest Meereen uncontested by Dragon fire?

Why would it not be real? It’s been clear basically since his hatching that Drogon was the wildest of her three dragons, aggressive and unafraid of attacking others (whether it be the Undying of Qarth or the Good Masters of Astapor). Later, in Daznak’s Pit, Drogon readily attacked grown humans. I don’t see why it’s unbelievable that Drogon, hunting around Meereen, would hesitate in burning a child.

And, as @warsofasoiaf already noted, it works too well as a thematic expression. Drogon, more than either of her other dragons, is Daenerys’ more violent nature, her “fire and blood” side. Throughout ADWD we see Daenerys struggle between maintaining her role as the conciliatory, caring Queen of Meereen and “mhysa” and the violent, vengeful “dragon” of House Targaryen. If there’s not a real contrast, and the burning of Hazzea was just a ruse, then the thematic punch of Drogon is dissipated. Daenerys has to be legitimately hesitant to indulge in her draconic side, so that when she finally begins to embrace it in “Daenerys X”, it’s that much more powerful.

- NFriel