Its so crazy how D9 Greeks are hating on Burning Sands and calling it inaccurate when niggas have been traumatized and/or dying from hazing for YEARS!

I know how much yall love yall brother and sisterhood and legacy but stop being in denial. Yall know damn well that some of these frats be wildin on these campuses. Just because YOU didnt experience some crazy shit doesnt mean your “brother” and “sister” didnt.

Turning a blind eye and treating certain D9 orgs less than cuz they “paper” is whats continuing this fuckshit. P.s. the director is a Que



hope you guys enjoy!!!


1. start off with whatever shape you want for your icon! i chose a circle bc it’s easy peasy
2. paste what image you want on top! let’s use mouse rin. how cute is she? :D
3. next we’re going to make her shiny. start by making a duplicate layer (ctrl+j) and setting it to multiply!
4. now we repeat the last step, but instead of making it a multiply layer, make it into a screen layer! now rin is all bright and happy!
5. next we’re going to merge all three rin layers together. select all 3 layers and right click and hit ‘merge layers’
6. now that rin is merged, we’re going to duplicate her again! :D so many rins~ (I do this so one rin has part of her body poking out of the image. it’s cute!)
7. right click on the first rin layer and click ‘create clipping mask’ we want that rin attached to the circle
8. now on the second layer(the unclipped one) we want to erase all of that extra rin so there’s only what we want! now she’s in the shape of our icon! :D
9.next step is to make a new layer inbetween the clipped rin and the circle! put whatever background you want the icon to have. in this i decided on ccute tiny polka dots! :0
10. now that the background is done, i like to add a white outline around rin. righ click the clipped rin layer and hit ‘blending options’ then make stroke size 3!
11. now we merge all of the layers! almost done :D
12. i like to add thick borders around my icons. so for that, right click and hit ‘blending options’ again, and this time ‘stroke’ 8!
13. now create a new layer with a clipping mask and add some colour! i like to make mine a screen mode at 30-50%! i like how nice and pink rin is now! :D and that’s it! now you just gotta save your image, and you’re all done!!!!! you made an icon!!! woohoo!!! :D

College Advice


I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned in college so far (in no particular order) 

1) Understand the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. Basically, constantly revise your notes or else you’ll forget all of what you learned from the previous day/week/etc. Plus, it’ll be easier come midterms and finals season when you’ll have to review all the material anyway. 

2) Don’t cram. The brain is not built to process a lot of information very quickly. All cramming does is make you overwhelmed and stress, and stress won’t do you any good. Going along with this, used space repetition, and keep revisiting your notes.

3) Use active recall. When reading from a textbook, don’t take notes. Once you finish a section of the chapter, close your book, and write down notes from memory. Then go back and fill in the gaps. Forcing your brain to think this way best consolidates memories. 

4) Don’t overlearn. If you feel like you understand it well, you probably do. Don’t over-revise, that may sometimes make you more confused. This tip is best if you have an exam coming up soon and you’re worried about it. You’re going to do fine :D

5) Figure out your music situation soon. If you like listening to music in the background, listen to instrumental music, but not music you already know. 

6) Take practice tests. I can’t stress this enough. Ask your professors for some. Google some. Do whatever you have to do, but definitely do them. 

7) Study before sleeping. Sleep consolidates memories.

8) Do you have test anxiety? Write your concerns on an index card/post it note/loose leaf paper/etc! If you put your concerns on paper, it clears your mind so you can focus on the test. :D

9) Vary your study locations. Everyone needs a little change and sometimes this can make recall easier. For example, say on a quiz the question is, “What is Hofstadter’s Law?” You can link the information to a specific place, as in you studied that at a library as opposed to your usual studying spot, homeroom.

Speaking of Hofstadter’s Law…

10) Hofstadter’s Law states that things will always take longer than you expect them to. So, make a home-stretch schedule. For example, if you want to do homework from 12-3 thinking it’ll only take three hours, add an extra half hour to one hour. You’ll more than likely find something else to study. (but don’t forget to take breaks!)

11) Find out what study methods work best for you (flashcards, mind maps, concept maps, etc.) but don’t forget to vary them, and tailor them towards the subject(s) you are studying. Also, if something isn’t working for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to fix it, even if you think it’s too late. It’s better to realize something isn’t working and change that before you actually lose any points. This could be applied to note taking as well. :D 

12) Don’t be afraid to use apps! There’s nothing wrong in utilizing sources. Rather, you should take advantage of all resources, that’s how to optimize your learning, whether that’s school related or general life related. 

13) Go to Office Hours. I did an entire post on this. It will save your grade :D

14) Get a planner and organization system down the first week of classes. This will help you to not fall behind. Especially with research projects. (Post coming soon!)

15) Don’t constantly study. Take a break, go out, have a good time with loved ones. You’ve got your whole life to study :D

Prequel Teaser: Uncle Merle

Merle’s full prequel will be released at 4 PM EST on Sunday, April 23rd. Enjoy this teaser in the meantime! :D

9 Years Ago

“Bitch,” Merle muttered under his breath before taking another drag.

He put his arm behind his head as he looked up at the cracks in the paint above him. He knew this type of woman well. She was a prime example of a Sweet Butt, trying her damnedest to get herself a man from the MC to be hers. Merle was extremely popular on nights where both Negan and Simon were already hooking up with their own women for the night. Women only came to Merle when they couldn’t catch the attention of any other man.

Merle rubbed a hand over his scruff before tapping the cigarette against the ashtray that balanced on his chest. He knew he must not have been too unappealing because he got laid fairly regularly. Even with his age he kept in shape and often had women’s hands running over his arms and tracing their fingers along the scars that adorned his chest from the various fights he’d been in.

He thought back to when Daryl chided him about how he’d do better if he could flirt without sounding like a lecherous old perv while doing it. Merle snorted and snubbed out the cigarette. Being blunt and sarcastic was what he was good at. He supposed he’d have to just deal. These women weren’t anything special to him anyways. None of them were worth the effort for him to be anything close to gentlemanly.

He yawned and set the ashtray and lighter back onto the nightstand. He let his head fall back just enough for him to get comfortable and promptly dozed off.

Author: @lucifers-trash-stash