You can save money and potential worry after your dog eats something it isn't supposed to by calling the Pet Poison Hotline. 855-764-7661.


My dog Katie recently got into a bottle of calcium, potassium and vitamin D3 pills. Worried, I rushed her to the vet’s office. They induced vomiting, gave her activated charcoal and a referral to a 24/7-pet hospital–For which they charged me close to $300.

When we arrived at the hospital, the new vet told us about the hotline. It costs $49, but they keep files on all sorts of breeds and incidences of poisoning–the vet told us that the hotline’s advice is gospel. Also, it costs more money if the vet places the phone call, so you should do this on your own.

Luckily, my dog just needed a lot of fluids and the charcoal seemed to absorb most of the nasty stuff, but I could have saved a lot of money by A) calling the hotline in the first place, and B) keeping activated charcoal with my pet supplies.

V3 Theory (Potential D3 Spoilers)

I don’t know how many people follow me haven’t seen the latest Danganronpa 3 episode, so I’ll be keeping it vague. @rwby-mangaka pointed out something interesting in this post (DR3 Spoilers). Along with what they pointed out, It should also be noted that V3′s academy logo has clouds surrounding the school. This resembles a very specific frame of the Hope episode (see image in linked post)

 For reference, SDR2′s logo had palm trees and waves to indicate the setting.