thecahillstoryteller  asked:

sougo d3 (where tamaki hugs him from behind)

Ahh I live to suffer ;;;; I just want those two to bE HAPPY…

Oh man I ended up working way more on this one // I got so invested ;;;; can’t help it I love these two….. But HEY thanks a lot for the lovely request <3 <3

moonfox22  asked:

Yamato - D3? PS Love your art and you!! 💕

I think Sempai noticed him :)

I would have had this done two days ago, but Krita suddenly stopped functioning. So, I had to use another art program. Sorry, the lineart is a bit funky, because my old version of Photoshop doesn’t flow the same way.

I hope you like it anyways! Love you and your wonderful blog and writing! <3 <3

List is here.


Norway por peter spencer
Por Flickr:
Nikon D3s 5 secs f2.8 ISO 1600